God's Game: I Can Alter My Appearance Book

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God's Game: I Can Alter My Appearance


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"Wow, I never expected my first hickey to be from a used cigarette…" Axle was a thoroughly shut-in loner. His friends compared him to a baby elephant, while his family didn't give a fuck about him. But, one day by a stroke of luck, his life changed when he heard a mysterious voice in his head. Calling itself a god, the voice rewarded Axle with his biggest desire... A system. [You have been chosen as an HEIR to an unknown god.] [You have received MYSTIC CHANGE SYSTEM] [Host chosen, Host; Axle.] [Initializing synchronization…] [System is synchronized. Welcome to the Mystic Change System, Host.] With the ability to alter his appearance, Axle's life changed. But, with great powers, comes great responsibilities... -------------------------------------------------------- The cover is AI generated MC might come off as a little moronic rarely, but that is to make it more 'realistic'. Yeah, thinking of making a bullshit fantasy realistic... I need help... Hope you enjoy my novel! I would appreciate all the support, thank you!


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