Reviews of God's Apostle: Rebirth of a Lazy Genius


God's Apostle: Rebirth of a Lazy Genius


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Me halfway through ch 1: "The aliens are coming* Me after ch 2 : great isekai. toss in the library.

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This novel will have some comedy. Well, I will at least try. Politics, royalty, nobility, magic, and much more! The MC is also interesting in my opinion and I can only say that I will do my best. Thanks to anyone who will be supporting me.


I'm only up to chapter 32. So far, and I'm enjoying the story; the main character appears smart, intelligent, and decisive, all of which are characteristics of a great MC. The story appears to be well-planned, and the character designs are solid, but there is a good amount of room for growth through better descriptions and more engaging character behaviors. To truly elevate this story, I believe the author must establish compelling relationships between the MC and the other characters through genuine and engaging interactions. Also, there need to be numerous situations in which our MC showcases his supremacy, hehe. (I am not a huge fan of hiding in the shadows forever) Nevertheless, the story is heading in the right direction. Even though author-chan doesn't need it (haha), I'm sending my best his or her way.


Its a story about a lazy genius, who rebirthed into a fantasy world. He’s still a genius, but he doesn’t act like it because *spoiler*. The writing quality is quite good, and there’s only a few minor mistakes that won’t affect your reading experience. There seems to be a lot of potential within this story, but whether the author can pull create another piece of garbage, or make a masterpiece is in the air for now. Overall, seems like a decent story.


This could turn out to be something really great added to my collections


If you have not added this book to your library, then you should. Author - Nim is amazing with words. The storyline is well-developed. The book is smooth and easy to read. His grammar is excellent, but best of all, he made me laugh.


Overall its good novel and updated are frequent and you can try it and mc is the intelligent until now and just request to author san I want mc is not be low key and strong acting weak.


Pretty good, the 1st chapter especially explains everything well, keep it up. i look forward to seeing how great the other chapters will be, the world building and character develops, i am sure you will execute them well.


Great just as expected! First chapter shows mc clearly and sets up a foundation for the rest of the novel. good luck!


well mc is as lazy as i am but he has talent to back it up but i don't:( so we got a mc who is lazy, unmotivated, and has no ambition and well this type of character almost always makes the story boring but in the latest chapter it can be seen that mc in future maybe begin to realise that if he wants lazy time then he has to earn it buy working hard and fighting back. i hope there will be good fighting scenes.


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The plot is actually really good, The Story telling, character Design, and emotions have also been described perfectly, Let's see what future Chapters have in hold for us .


Nice book author, i am impressed with your writing and creativity.. I hope you keep writing and don't get tired. above all, everything about the books is notable, starting from the characters down to the plot. Five stars to you!


I stumbled upon this ongoing WebNovel and I'm so glad I did! The author's updates are consistent and I always look forward to the next chapter. The world-building is incredibly detailed and immersive, and the characters are complex and multifaceted. With each chapter, the plot thickens and leaves me on the edge of my seat, eagerly anticipating what's to come. Even though the story isn't finished yet, I'm already invested in the outcome and can't wait to see how it all ends. I highly recommend this WebNovel to anyone looking for a thrilling ongoing read!


Review at ch 40: Firstly I highly dislike the cliche of intelligent but lazy. Even if someone is intelligent, he can't become top of the world, do phd really fast, without any hard work. Lazy people can't do so. Intelligent but lazy is just a fantasy, and so I dislike it. Secondly I dislike how ethan (mc) didn't told anyone about his uncle's schemes, and could have been killed when he fainted for days. Even after waking up, he didn't told anyone, given that he could fall into such defenseless state again. So I dislike that part. Apart from that, the story is alright, just average.


It is one of the best story i have ever read Story development not so fast and not slow i am loving it 😍😍🥰💞🥰


I am enjoying this story and excited about what is to happen. [img=update]


Love it love it love it love it It got everything all set out


Okay, I like the general idea of the story and I could see this turning into a decent story with some good editing. Namely the punctuation and the grammar. There is a lot of things I caught just reading though it, I would go through and read it aloud to yourself tk help catch writing mistakes and issues with the flow of the story. Other than that? I would add more detail. For example, the ruins that were found in the begining. Its a small thing, but it proves my point. You mentioned how the ruins were a big deal and how everyone was excited, but you didnt really show that with the characters which makes them seem very 2d. Not only that but as a reader I’m left with questions, like what do the ruins look like? Is it in the desert? Where are the ruins located? I am not saying you need to do a info dump by any means, but adding bits of information to help paint the picture of the story you are telling. Overall I liked what I read so far, I would just really go through and add more detail. World building is one of the most important things you can do for your book. Keep up the good work!


the book so far is great, people say the start isn't that good but I didn't mind it much