3 Ethan White

The baby that was sleeping like a baby (duh) was brought out for everyone to see. Lady Aisha who was also the baby's mother was resting after a difficult childbirth. Fortunately, she was safe but simply exhausted.

Everyone in the main hall was very anxious as a lot of time had passed but there was still no news. Two old grandpas were walking in the hallway in circles wearing worried expressions on their faces. An old grandma was also sitting on the comfort chair with a cute little girl on her lap.

Behind the grandma, a tanned, dignified young man with broad shoulders was standing solemnly while looking at the hallway. The boy was very handsome with white hair and green eyes, and his demeanor was that of a warrior prince.

Learning onto the wall, there was also another man with white hair, green eyes, tall height, a small nose, and handsome features. He was looking down with an expression of extreme worry.

Besides him, there was also another young boy who looked to be of similar age as the girl in the grandma's lap. Judging by his appearance, he looked very similar to the man leaning on the wall so presumably, he was the son of that man.

The boy had no particular emotion on his face and it looked like he was just there for the sake of it. The different thing about him was that he had blond hair unlike the other kids in the hall.

All of these people seemed to be waiting for the news.

"What could be taking so much time..." The man leaning on the wall said worriedly. "I hope nothing uneventful happened." He continued.

The grandma sitting on the chair frowned and glared at the man and roared, "You brat! Don't say such jinxed things!"

"Of course, forgive me... Mother. I'm sure everything is fine." He said apologetically. One would assume that he was such a filial son and a kind person from his behavior.

Just then, a flurry of footsteps sounded coming from the hallway.

Albaer White, the head of the White Family who was also the Duke of the Atrana Kingdom came with the head midwife behind him who was holding little Ethan. He was beaming with joy and that was quite evident from his face full of smiles.

"We have a new member in our Family! A Son!" Albaer said calmly. Nothing else was needed to say as everyone in the hall cheered and clapped to welcome the new baby.

The girl who was sitting on the grandma's lap jumped in excitement and ran up to Albaer.

"Careful Dear," The grandma said from behind as she got up from the chair.

The two grandpas who were strolling around the hall looked at each other and pleasant smiles appeared on their faces as they also began making their way over to Albaer.

The man who was leaning on the wall was Albaer's brother seeing how both of them shared their mother's features. His name was Eliar White.

Eliar seemed surprised for just a fraction of a second when he heard Albaer but then his face changed to someone who could be the happiest man alive.

He laughed happily and ran toward the hallway with delight and great enthusiasm, "Oh my nephew! Let uncle have a good look at you!" He said with a compassionate and satisfied smile.

The Little girl who was running to her father suddenly seemed to remember something and turned back, "Brother! It's our baby brother who was in mommy's tummy! See See! Come with me!" She said with sparkling eyes as she grabbed the hand of two of her brothers, one with blond hair and the other one who was tanned-skinned, and dragged them both with her.

The blond kid seemed a bit annoyed and unwilling but the tanned young man who was the eldest of them revealed a mature brotherly smile and let himself get dragged by his cute sister.

All of them reached the hallway at once and were making a lot of noise which woke Ethan up. He opened his eyes and saw the people around him. He really wanted to cry to show that he was a normal baby but he wasn't a good actor and if he tried doing a fake cry it would surely turn into a disaster. Like, imagine a newborn baby crying like a demon. That would surely be awkward.

And not like he had any experience in crying anyways, so he just decided to act cutely.

Ethan spontaneously started giggling and throwing his arms and legs around. He was wrapped in a cloth so he looked even cuter this way.

Ethan suddenly found his vision shift from the face of the beautiful midwife and her peaky chest to the wrinkled and hairy old man and he immediately felt his mood dampened. He was about to cry for real.

Seeing his grumpy expression, Albear's father means Ethan's grandfather laughed wholeheartedly and looked at him with a kind gaze and a goofy gaze.

"So you don't like to see this old man's face eey? Hahaha! Smart boy! What a player you are... I will be sure to find you a beautiful wife when you grow up! Whahahaha!

"Let's not talk about that dear, he was just born today you know." The grandma said as she lightly pinched the gramps.

"Hey, give him here! I wanna see how my grandson looks!" The other gramps said. He was Ethan's Maternal Grandpa.

He wore traditional clothing that was similar to kimono from Japan on earth. He had a well-kept beard and despite his old age, a fairly good-looking face.

"So calm! You're certainly no crybaby, boy!" He said in a deep voice. Unlike his gentle face, his voice was deep and hoarse as if he was used to shouting and yelling a lot.

"Show us! Show us!" The little girl said as she hopped around in an adorable manner trying to take a look at her little brother.

"Oh, this child... Here let me show you." The Grandma said and Ethan's view changed to a wrinkled, kind but also stern looking, Old Lady. She seemed to be the type that is strict with you but also loves you the most.

Then Ethan saw his three siblings. His sister was very cute, she also had white hair and fair, smooth skin with a very innocent face and pink and chubby cheeks.

The older brother did not speak much but his gaze was the most gentle and adoring among everyone else. He was a handsome young boy who looked to be 7-8 years old.

The blond one appeared to be bored and uninterested for the most part so Ethan ignored him completely.

The little girl was called Naenna White, the eldest brother was called Shirin White and the Blond one was called Luceryc White.

Naenna extended her finger toward Ethan curiously expecting to hold his hand, "He is delicate right now dear, you can hold his hand however you want once he grows a bit stronger." Grandma said.

Naenna was very unwilling and pouted, just as she was about to bring back her finger, Ethan grabbed her finger softly and thought, "Hehe, I will grant your wish, don't forget to favor me in the future so I may sleep later to my heart's content."

Naenna's eyes shone and even sparkling stars appeared in his eyes, "Woaaaa! Grandma! He likes me! See? he grabbed my hand!" Naenna said in a soft and hush voice as if not to spook Ethan off.

The old lady smiled warily and sighed. Just then, the midwife exclaimed, "My Lady! What are you doing here? You should rest!" Everyone's attention turned toward the hallway and they saw Aisha walking rather limply toward them.

"Oh, I'm fine... I woke up and thought that I shouldn't miss such a happy moment with everyone." She said and peeked at Ethan.

Everyone nodded inwardly understanding that she probably hadn't seen her baby yet and was eager and worried. The Grandma gave Ethan to her.

Ethan and Aisha both looked into the eyes of each other. Ethan however felt a bit awkward but did not want to ruin his this life's mother's mood and so he smiled and giggled and extended his arms toward her.

Aisha showed a profound and motherly smile and embraced her son lovingly. Their cheeks rubbed together which truly created an amazing scene. Everyone looked at them with loving smiles. That's when the Grandma asked, "So what name have you decided for him?"

Aisha looked at the baby for quite a while sizing him up in her gaze. She suddenly thought of something and opened her mouth to speak.

"He is rather mature and hasn't even cried once. His gaze looks very wise to me and I believe that he will be a very intelligent person when he grows up. And that is why... I want to name his... " Aisha said and stopped for just a moment to think. After reaffirming her choice, she said, "Ethan"

"Good name!" Both the Grandpas exclaimed

"Ethan!" Naenna cheered.

While Ethan was totally flabbergasted when he heard his same name from his previous life. "Holy Fu*k! What a coincidence." (PS - or is it? Keke.)

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