17 Done Deal

"I have something to say," Ethan said in a serious tone completely different from how he behaved usually. His voice was firm and filled with undoubted confidence.

At this point, Earlene knew that something was very off about this whole situation but she was still confused. I mean the possibility that a seven-year-old was deliberately acting dumb and fooling everyone never crossed her mind.

She responded somewhat absentmindedly, "Y-yes, What is it?"

Ethan did not speak for a few moments for some reason. Who knew if it was intentional or not but the tension was constantly building up making Earlene nervous.

Suddenly Ethan stepped back with a smile and opened his mouth to speak, "Earlene Farley.... A Noble Lady who aspires to change the system and bring empowerment to women or perhaps you simply wish to protect your interests? You are indeed a true Scholar and a great Teacher, I must admit." Ethan said with a gentle smile as he looked directly at Earlene.

On the other hand, Earlene's mind was in utter chaos as she was very confused about what was happening. 'How did his demeanor suddenly change so drastically? What the hell is this?' She thought in bafflement.

"What are you-" She said timidly but was ONCE AGAIN interrupted by Ethan.

"You are the perfect one! I want you!" He said quite enthusiastically extending his arms forward.

Earlene who was until now simply confused now also became flaggerblasted and flustered. Her cheeks got red in embarrassment as this was the first time she had someone say something like this to her. And by a seven-years-old child nonetheless.

She flared up in anger and embarrassment once again, her face from the neck was completely red.

"WHAT THE HELL AR-" She yelled in anger but was ONCE AGAIN! cut in by Ethan, "Oopsie, As a TUTOR! I meant as a Tutor! Don't misunderstand. Hehe." Ethan said frantically trying to clear up the misunderstanding fearing that Earlene would use her wind power and kill him.

But he also laughed cheekily in the end as he found the whole situation too absurd. Who knew if he was clearing up the misunderstanding or digging his own grave?

Earlene calmed down but she was on the verge of breaking down into a rampage. Her eyebrows twitched in annoyance, frustration, anger, and a mix of a few other emotions. She narrowed her eyes and finally realized that the 'Mentally ill' Ethan in front of her was far from Mentally ill.

"Out with it! What the hell are you?" She blurted out.

"Hey, that's not so nice you know~." Ethan said teasing her some more, "If you don't cut this crap right now then I will kill you!" Earlene said while gritting her teeth. She didn't look like she was joking this time around.

Ethan's demeanor once again changed from a moody, teasing one to a severe and witty in just a second.

"Alright! Let's get to business then." He said, his voice firm and determined once again. His eyes narrowed like a sharp razor and flashed with Intelligence.

Earlene was once again inwardly dumbstruck and even the thought that she was standing before a real monster went through her mind.

"You will teach me from now on, but as far as others are concerned... I'm just a mindless baboon." Ethan finally let loose all pretense and dropped a huge bomb.

Earlene simply could not hide her surprise as her eyes widened and she partially covered her mouth and said, "You mean.. You.."

Ethan smiled and said, "Of course, do I have to spell it out for you?"

Earlene tried to forcefully calm herself and took some deep breaths and said, "Why? Why do all this? And how is this even possible?"

"Oh? How narcissistic of you, Dear tutor. Do you think only you can be a genius and others can't?" Ethan said with a mocking smile.

"But why do all this?" She asked dumbfoundedly, the shock was simply too huge.

Ethan did not speak and simply thought for a second. A few moments passed and he said calmly "That's none of your Business."

Earlene's eyebrows twitched again and she closed her fist.

"Then why should I help you?" Earlene asked.

Ethan scoffed and then walked toward her with a mocking smile. When he got close to her he said, "Then don't, you're the one who needs this Job. Imagine being the tutor of one of the greatest minds on Akarxia... Woah! Fancy Title Ain't It?"

"How do you know all this?" She asked genuinely.

"That's not important. Are you in or not?" Ethan dodged the topic swiftly and stared into Earlene's eyes creating an invisible pressure.

When Earlene looked at his face she found herself in a cold sweat and a chill in her spine, it was as if she had no choice but to say yes and if she said no then there was an invisible sword just hovering over her head waiting for the chance to strike.

Earlene gulped and thought, 'What a terrifying monster. He shouldn't be able to make me feel threatened like this.'

"Well?" Ethan stepped forward getting closer and said with a tone that was impatient and felt as if not at the same time.

Earlene sighed and felt as if all the strength was leaving her body. She felt like a total fool recalling the time when she had become arrogant and thought how genius and superior she was to others.

This was undoubtedly a tight slap to her ego but she felt relieved at the same time knowing that there was a far greater freak than her alive in the same world.

"I'm in! But with one condition." She said, all the previous confusion was gone from her eyes and only calmness remained.

Ethan's eyes glimmered and he said, "Oh? Let's hear it!"

"Well... You must treat me respectfully while I'm your Tutor!" She said poutingly.

Ethan smiled, gently closed his eyes to make a final judgment, and shortly opened them. He was back to his sluggish, lazy self once again. "Alright Miss Earlene, I'm in your care."

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