21 Albaer's Strength

The clouds were roaring and it was raining heavily. It was daytime but darkness had engulfed everything. Only the flashes of raging thunder created glimpses of glare amid the darkness.

Suddenly an ear-piercing screech rang as a shadow flew over in the sky and disappeared far into the distance as quickly as it had appeared.

"Hooch! Faster... Go faster!!" Albaer who was gallantly sitting on Hooch's back said as he stroked the Falcon's back.

"Keeeek!" Hooch screeched once again and increased its speed several folds.

The air pressure created by such incredible speed was nothing to scoff at. It was a miracle that a human such as Albaer was able to handle such air pressure and G-force.

Perhaps it was the full body armor that was protecting his body or perhaps something else but Albaer was valiantly journeying on Falcon-back in the middle of a fierce storm with raindrops shooting from the sky like bullets and thunder raging as if conveying the wrath of the heavens.

A few hours passed but the storm was still raging mad; on the contrary, it had become even fiercer with thunder flashing considerably more often.

Albaer looked up sensing a chill in his spine and saw a huge black cloud slowly converging and cooking up a hot, lethal thunderbolt.

"FUCK FUCK FUCK!!! THIS HAD TO HAPPEN NOW OF ALL TIMES!!" Albaer roared as his eyes became bloodshot.

He narrowed his eyes glaring at the thundercloud and smirked mockingly, "Tch, You. Can't. Fuc*ing. Stop. ME!"

As if sensing that the puny human was challenging its might, the thundercloud roared even louder than usual while lightning sparked around it creating a sizzling sound.

"Ice that Freezes the Seven Hells! Descent The Cold Fury of Thee. Lend me Thy Water, Lend me Thy Power! For I Am Descendant of The White Mystic, HEAD MY COMMAND...!"

Albaer clasped his hands together; closed his eyes and said in a domineering manner as if he was the owner of the entire world at that point. It was thrilling, to say the least.

The dark cloud stopped converging and it didn't even look dark anymore—as it was full of lightning and thunder which was gathering into a strong thunderbolt.

Abruptly a thunderous clap sounded and the thunderbolt that was as strong as a missile strike and as bright as a sun left the cloud and shot straight at Albaer.

Albaer who was reciting the incantation was finished with it at this point when the thunderbolt descended on him. Just as it was about to slam into him—Albaer opened his eyes which were as icy as a glacier and muttered under his breath, "Elemental - Ice"

A strange phenomenon suddenly took place where the air and even the raindrops around Albaer froze. Several feet above Albaer everything was icy. It was as if a barrier had formed around him which made everything turn into ice and snow upon entering.

In a blink of an eye, the water that was falling around a distance of one Kilometer from Albaer suddenly started began absorbing above his head as if there was a black hole there.

All that water in just a fraction of a second became hard ice and crested multiple layers of ice walls above Albaer and Hooch.

The thunderbolt finally struck the uppermost ice wall and pierced through it easily. Then the second, third, fourth, and finally it disintegrated along with all the ice just above Albaer's head. The clash was very loud but fortunately, it was a barren area so no one heard. The extreme temperatures also created a gust of white steam.

Just as it looked as if everything was over—Albaer once again spoke under his breath, "Elemental - Ice Beam."

A bluish-white-colored frigid beam that seemed to be made of some sort of light particles rather than actual ice shot out in the sky from just above Albaer's head toward the thundercloud.

Upon impact, no big sound rang this time but the whole cloud itself froze into ice. All the thunder and lightning were gone and only the extreme cold temperature remained over that particular area.

"Let's go! We've wasted enough time!"

Hooch let out a happy chirp as if to show how pleased he was with his master's strength and once again shot forward with the speed of a rocket.


While all that was happening with Albaer, in Adenberd, The White Family's Mansion.

Ethan was still inside the weird cocoon without any activity and Aisha was still watching over him silently.

She hadn't eaten anything for days and thus, was very weak. Her eyes were baggy and sunken, her face was pale and her eyes were worried, teary, and lifeless.

She needed much rest but she just wouldn't listen. She was too stubborn for her own good.

Alier slowly stepped inside the room with an apathetic expression. When he saw Aisha in such a state his eyes flashed with pity and sympathy. He walked forward in front of Aisha.

"Sister-in-Law! You must eat and sleep now. I cannot have you hurt yourself any longer in my brother's absence." He said.

"Go... Away..." Aisha muttered limply devoid of any strength as she continued to look at the cocoon.

Alier was surprised at first but then he smiled softly and said, "Please, I cannot abide by this request. You must rest." He said and stepped forward.

"GO AWAY!" Aisha yelled with some of the strength she had left as she glared at Alier knitting her brows. Her gaze was strangely dangerous and created an air of intimidation.

Alier ignored her completely and stepped forward in a large stride and without saying anything, he gently but with precision jabbed at her neck which made her unconscious.

Alier clapped and Aisha's personal maids came in, "Take her to her chambers." he ordered.

The maids heaved a sigh of relief seeing that their Lady would at least get some rest now. They entered the room further and carried Aisha with them and left.

Now Alier was alone in the room—Alier who wanted to kill Ethan—in Ethan's room—with Ethan who was unconscious—inside a cocoon.

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