15 A Stunt That Could Have Cost Lives

I find myself recalling the information about Duke White's son, Ethan. I remember hearing about his birth nearly seven years ago. I was just eight years old and couldn't bother to care about some Duke's son back then and I certainly wouldn't have thought that I would be walking into his mansion like this just on my way to tutor him.

I remember that people were talking about him back then and saying that he would turn out to be a genius but then nothing happened. Talk about disappointment.

Instead nasty rumors like him being mentally ill began spreading and people felt stupid to even suggest that he would be special.

As far as all this is concerned, it's going to be extremely difficult to tutor a mentally unstable person. I understand why would the others refuse to teach him in this case... After all, who would want to have a badge for tutoring an incompetent student? And the Duke's son on top of that too.

And if I'm not wrong... they approached me because no other option was available. But nonetheless... If they even thought of me as an option then there's still some hope to change this system.

I suddenly jolted as I was about to bump into the maid. I realized that I was very lost in my thoughts and did not notice that the destination was already here.

The maid stopped in front of a room that I can only assume belongs to Ethan White. She did not knock on the door immediately and seem to be fidgeting with her fingers and hesitant to speak out. I just watched her and waited as my speaking could very well spook her.

As I was slowly losing my patience, she finally opened her mouth to speak.

"M- Mis- I mean.. M'Lady! Please don't quit on our Young Master like others! I know that he isn't like what others say!" The maid said in a pleading manner.

'How interesting. Is a simple maid having enough courage to plead for her Master to a Noblewoman like me? Very strange...' I thought and nodded to the maid. She heaved a sigh of relief and finally knocked on the door.

A few seconds passed and no reply came. The maid knocked again visibly awkward as she tried not to meet my gaze.

After a few more rounds of knocking the sound of a few things stumbling and falling over rang, "Yes...come in please."

The maid then opened the door, shot me a meaningful glance, and left hastily.

'So rude of him... What a brat! He made me wait for so long! Is this why all of those other scholars refused?

My impression of him fell a few points as I finally entered the room.

As I entered, the sight of him sitting sluggishly on the gold-coated, ornamented chair in a cross-locked-legged position fell on my eyes.

'I don't know about intelligence but he sure looks devilishly handsome.' The silly thought entered my mind and I cursed myself for it.

I once again regained my composure and walked up to the chair in front of me and sat down.


POV Shift:-

Ethan had been recently informed that one more tutor was going to come to see him. He behaved the same way with every tutor that came and he was also going to do the same with the new one that was coming.

Of course, he obviously had a reason for doing so otherwise he wouldn't bother with so much trouble.

But Ethan was truly shocked when he saw a beautiful girl walk in. She looked to be in her mid-teenage years but she was considered an adult in the world of Akarxia.

The girl had long brownish-blond hair and a truly beautiful face that was full of maturity and resilience. Her eyes were blue and looked like sea pearls. Her body was like a wave, it just felt very flexible, in shape, and had all the right curves in the right places.

Ethan may be a lazy bum but he definitely wasn't gay and was immediately charmed by the girl's beauty, but he soon calmed his mind and focused on his plan.

Ethan did not move neither he said anything to the girl and simply stared at her with a straight face.

Now, this would disturb anyone but Earlene did not even flinch and instead smiled brightly.

"Ethan White, from now on you are my student and you will do as I instruct during this course. You should have knowledge of this world for your own good.. so do not cut corners." Earlene said with the same sweet smile on her face but her words were rather... threatening.

'Oh finally someone interesting.... Now let's see if you pass the test." Ethan thought to himself and broke out in a slight chuckle.

Earlene's eyebrows twitched when she saw this. Next thing Ethan knew, Earlene was somehow in front of him, and a hue of Emerald Green and the Shade of Light Blue mixed colored Elemental Particles that looked like tiny Spirits were hovering around her.

Ethan also felt the presence of wind near his face and the sense of immense danger as if someone had put a sword on his neck. But he did not even flinch.

'So this is the power of a Blessing?' Ethan thought completely charmed by the Mysterious, he did not even realize Earlene's face full of bewilderment.

'Is he courageous or really just a retard?' Earlene thought.

"You know... I can have your head for this..." Ethan suddenly moved forward toward where he felt the presence of wind and danger. Earlene flusteredly backed off in a panic as Ethan would have really cut off his own head if she hadn't moved back.

Earlene landed beside the chair she was sitting in and looked at Ethan as if she had seen a ghost as she muttered, "What a freak. He truly is out of his mind."

Earlene inhaled-exhaled and calmed her mind. The thought of giving up crossed her mind as tutoring this maniac truly seemed like a dangerous task now.

'The Duke would have killed me and my entire family if something had happened to this brat.' Earlene thought and imagined a horrifying image where her home was in flames.

Despite all this, she calmed down and decided to stick with the job as she was not the one to give up so easily. She felt like she just needed to be more careful not to pull off more such stunts.

She smiled once again and acted as if nothing had happened and brought out the book of Geography as well as a few maps from her bag.

"Anyway, let me introduce myself first. I am Earlene Farley, your new tutor." She said with a gentle smile.

"let's begin the lesson... Pay close attention so that I won't have to use other measures." She threatened once again hoping that it would work because she didn't dare to try a stunt like that one once again.

Ethan smiled cheekily as he could read her like an open book. He thought that this new tutor of his was quite interesting and amusing.

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