72 Starting classes

His eyes were pretty obvious because of their color and the golden luster around them. It wasn't that much of a challenge to conclude that his eyes weren't normal.

"Yes" and with the single worded answer which came out of Jason`s mouth, the students began to murmur among themselves. Their teacher silenced them yet again with another finger snap but this time he didn't use mana.

The students were already scared about him snapping and they immediately fell silent.

Traits were already extremely rare and probably only roughly 1 in a million had one.

Traits could be inherited with a certain possibility and the ratio of trait holders increased at a slow rate, but having mana eyes among these trait holders was especially rare.

"Stage?" The teacher asked calmly.

"What?" Jason was confused… What did his teacher want to know? Jason wasn't sure what to answer and he gave him a blank look.


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