78 Second soulbond

A few minutes passed until Jason arrived at the floor where beasts gave birth to their offspring or laid their eggs.

He was growing impatient right now, and it took him another 10 minutes until they reached their final destination. 

In his mind, it took an eternity until he reached the breeding grounds of his future newborn soulbond as he activated his mana eyes.

Jason saw that there was no color radiating from the beasts but he had already accepted that fact. 

A rough plan was already shaping up in his mind and he would tweak it according to the new soulbond he would pick while the theory about purity was the main point Jason wanted to use. 

If the theory wouldn't work, Jason had to think of something else and his mind was rattled while thinking carefully about the options he had as he neared the enclosure of the small newborn beasts. 

The attendant next to him noticed Jason's impatience and said,


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