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This is my second review and I´ve currently released about 100 chapters before I even realized it. Time passed so fast, I want to clarify a few things that might have annoyed some readers or caused them to cringe :3 The following list might also help new readers to decide whether to read the story or not. 1. My native language is not English and unfortunately, my grammar and vocabulary are not perfect [Sorry for that] It might happen that the chapters from 1-60~ have some minor plot-holes/slightly weird character development and the reason for this is quite simple. I started to write this novel without any prior writing experience and in a foreign language at that. If you can´t bear to read a few grammar mistakes and minor overall mistakes it will be quite difficult for you to binge read or follow me on my journey. 2. There were some readers that couldn´t help but lament about the MC´s cringe-worthy behavior because he is emotional… Jason is a youth, barely 14 years old, and had to endure a tuff past… character development shouldn´t be over in a single chapter, right? Furthermore, due to his young age, he might act childish sometimes, even though he is used to behave like he already matured. 3. I’m sure that the MC will not have a Harem, but most likely a future romance sub-plot. 4. My Novel´s name is [God´s Eyes] but in the end, there are also other aspects, helping him to grow stronger. 5. The world our MC lives in is labeled “High-Fantasy” for a reason, please don’t try to use normal physical laws, even though I´m trying to make it a little bit realistic. 6. The story is unique, yet slow-paced and I did my best to improve my writing quality/style and every critique previously stated, but in the end, I´m just doing it as a hobby, because it´s exciting and interesting. I gave myself 4 stars because I see that I can improve myself further and I hope everyone will give it a try :3 Thanks for reading the review <3

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I find this novel fun to read and entertaining too! Currently read 100 chapters. Good points are the world building which is amazing, the skills and cultivation itself and the position beasts occupy in the world too without being just tiered walking resources. I would criticize the main character though as being too much of an idealist even after all his shtty past, which is kind of weird. He cares too much about world peace and living conditions of people he doesn't know nor should he care about. Imo it would be better if he were just cold and consider only his self gain and the safety of the people arround him. There are some minor spelling mistakes but not too relevant here and there. To sum it up, it is a great novel so if you like the genre you definitely should give it a try!


I've never wrote a review before but this one definitely deserves it. I have read 300+ chapters and just want to say what an absolute BANGER of a story. I was skeptical about it at first, and I didn't really like the info dumps that would happen constantly in the beginning. I took me a while to warm up to the story because of this. And I thought I was just going to drop the story because of how much I just didn't like the beginning. BOY, WAS I WRONG!! I can't get enough of this story. Seriously, if you are debating reading it, you need to. The writing grows so much from the beginning. The characters aren't just background but have actual personalities, which I find very rare nowadays with stories like these. There are a few arcs in here that I read in every story I find like this. Which is another reason I tend to drop these kinds of stories. But the writer does them so RIGHT I don't even care. Everything is so unique and out of the box. It's a nice breath of fresh air, this story. I know this is a long review, but I just feel like this is a hidden gem on the app. I went ahead and started reading the other stories from this author and let's just say I found a new favorite.


This is less of a review, more of a first impression as I have read 20+ chapters while writing it. So my opinion might be incomplete. I apologize if something like that happens and would like others to correct me. I would like to start by thanking the author for his hard work and for such an amazing story. It has been quite a long time since I have read a web/light novel with a grounded and realistic MC as well as a well-built world setting. The story started with brief background information on how it all started and necessary information about different levels. It was a nice touch and magnificently done. I liked the temperament of MC. He is intelligent yet has the thought process of 13 years old. He is responsible but doesn't give the feeling of an old man in a young boy's body. His reaction to gaining his sight back, his way to deal with money, or his reaction to his current situation is all realistic, at least as realistic as it can be in a fantasy world. He is not like a typical LN/WN MC who thinks "I am gonna murder this guy's three-generation because he disrespected me by making fun of me" not is he a pushover. He handled his situation like a mature person with a hint of teenage flair (talking about that Middle-finger scene). Overall he is a pretty likable character. The magic system seems pretty simple and easy to follow. I don't have to check again and again which level is after what. The world setting is good so far, not too confusing. The pacing of the story is good so far. It is not going too slow or too fast. But I think there is some space to improve regarding these topics. So far I have talked about the good things of the story. Now let's talk about the things that can be improved. First thing, Proofreading. The story is mostly well written. But there are quite a few mistakes in grammar and sentence making that could have been avoided with a more round of checking. The number and frequency are not that high but still, it hinders the immersion. Next, supporting character development. If first 22 chapter is any indication, I think the author should spend a bit more time developing supporting/minor characters. We have only 1 noticeable supporting character till chapter 23 and it's Greg. He is hinted to be a main supporting cast and good friend of MC. But do we know anything about him other than he is rich and talented? We don't know anything about Greg as a person or feel connected to him. If it is solved in the latter part of the story then it's ok. However, I think it should have been much sooner. The world-building and background description are also much to be desired. For example, it helps the readers to visualize if you give a brief description of the Room MC is living in or the market and its shops when he went out shopping. Maybe a bit more description about people and environment when he went out for the first time after his sight was back. this would have helped us feel connected to the MC more. This part is some selfish request as a reader. Please keep the MC realistic and relatable like this. Don't make him like a thousand other MC whose improvement doesn't follow any logic or common sense. I am still miffed about that 120 points in the practical exam. MC has been blind and malnourished throughout his all life. Moreover, He doesn't exercise or haven't practiced the practical part at all. Suddenly 5 days after getting his sight back, He is using martial arts routine accurately and smoothly. And in these 5 days, he had to gather mana for the exam, learn how to read and write, prepare for the theoretical part of the exam and go out sightseeing. It is almost physically impossible for him to do this properly, no matter how easy the routine was. The craziest part is he got more points than Greg who is practicing longer than MC, has better development, and seems like a genius in martial arts. Please don't do things like this. Don't throw logic out of the window to bring sudden growth to MC or sudden character development. Please introduce a romantic interest but not a harem please. we have more than enough harem plot on this site. what we are lacking is a meaningful, non-harem romance. Please fill that void.


Story is well written with few fillers, but its weakness is MC who is hypocrite , guillable , patsy and tbh dumb. He saves random youths even without knowing if he would be able to kill those beasts( he has been mistreated his whole life and bullied so his feelings in a dog eat dog world make no sense), ends up trusting a family enough to show his eyes , even after being warned by someone few minutes ago , which he known for no more than for few minutes . He knows he is an extra but still thinks them of as family, naively tells his discovery to his teacher which he should not and tries some experiment on his second soul bond while he could have waited to find one with better potential.... Taking undue risk. At the end , someone like him wouldn't survive in real world, and his actions scream plot armour Author says it again and again that he is mature but in reality he is emotional mess without much rationality to back his actions. Read but don't waste your spirit stones or pass on it as his character growth stops at chapter 10.


From the start to the recent chapters the story has flowed quite well with no jarring plots, its been written brilliantly, the world building has been done well as well but has to have a qualitative upgrade once more worlds are introduced, the human cultivation system while it might draw in readers because of the new beast system but is actually quite limiting, with barely the good soul world bearers having a chance at a high level and the rest having to accept mediocrity, body refining cultivation has now been introduced which is a good start already and with the mc being of a stronger race im guessing he'll also cultivate with that races system and bloodline which again would be a stronger system, when his bloodline awakens i hope the bloodline itself grants him a way to cultivate the way the celestia race does atleast For a book which the author says will only have about 1000 chapters we're alraedy almost 30% through with only about a year gone and no actual personality change in the mc, but just teenage growth, if the mc doesnt change much this story will somehow end up with an mc with a teenagers personality, no special personalities like being a sadist, womanizer, cold, evil,lazy, chilled out,and the chaotic good ones etc What we have is a person who nice and at best hot blooded for battle which is too basic for an mc hes basically got aside characters personality THe side charactets dont pose much attachment and are disposable in the sense the mc will leave them behind, hopefully that changes when he reaches a stronger race and makes friends Completing this story in 700 chapters kinda feels jarring, i expect multiple time skips to achieve that which i dont want to see in quick succesion, hopefully the author decides to keep taking it at a slow pace and extend the novel to about 1500 chapters atleast THe time flow needs a revamp, with the soul powers issue dealt with, and body refining being a long term thing, we dont need a day to day story, time can flow faster, if i ignore everything and just look at how at almost 300 chapters we've only had almost 1 year passing i must say its one of the world time passage sequences written, with there being no reason to have the mc start growing to the top in just a few years, and with him potentially having a long life span, the time definitely has to flow faster In essence except these minor issues to be dealt with the story itself is quite nice and has good potential the only thing to avoid i guess is an over fixation on the human race and making it reach the top, too many books have done that, and frankly books that dont focus on races to take up and focus on the mc and his companions and stuff as people more have a better plot


Simple is better! Do not use big words and verbs in tenses that don't make sense! Even a comma can stop the flow of the story, and here it does. Please stop using big words just to show your vocabulary! It makes the story so hard to read. Cut the words that are put there to fill the page. It is a wonderful story with amazing potential but the writer has to realize that a phrase has rhythm. You block that rhythm with complicated words, commas that are missplaced or verbs in tenses that make no sense. A story is like a river. It has parts where it rages - that is where the reader gets to read faster, action is at the peak and you just want to know more! At the same time the river has parts where it is calm. Here the reader feels like wrapped in a cocoon of fluffy words. The immersion in the story happens here because this leads to the action! so please try harder.


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Good ideas, but saddy the author love drama, mc geta friend -> chapters later friend will get slaved by op family/clan, mc is op-> chapters later the author will nerf him, mc gets an op teacher -> chapters later he found out that the teacher is a street mouse hunted by everyone. Ohh also it took 300 chapters to describe what our MC did in 1 year of his life (he's 14 yrs old). So ull have to read inmature desicions and retard choices all the time.


Hello hideous. I was struggling with my schedule but now, I tried this novel. And I'm glad to have found such a good read! The characters are really cool and amazing! Story development is filled with awesomeness! World background creates a beautiful sketched out visual in your imagination. There are a few faults in the writing quality in the early chapters, but it improves soon. I recommend this one!


Good novel, I’m just not a big fan of nieve protagonists. its not as bad as some novels i’ve read it just feels like he is intelligent but not wise


I used to enjoy this novel, but lately, it's like the author isn't even trying. He stopped showing a story and began to summarize a story. It reads like a book report. Also, he abandons things as quickly as they are introduced: Reincarnator Anna sound interesting. Nope, abandoned. Basalisk pet, nope. forgotten about. Emily, abandoned. Elvyr, immediately ignored. Adopted family, killed. Descriptions of actual cultivation or battles. only in the past tense. Is this really even a novel anymore?


This book has a very unusual storyline, and definitely will catch your attention. It is a very "out of this world" type of story. I find it very interesting and catchy as a reader. I also loved how the author was descriptive at some points throughout the novel, especially where you needed the information. I can't wait to read more when I have free time, and leave another review after I finished the book completely. Hands down to the author for creating such an amazing and captivating storyline. I do want to add I am the user from the forum known as the BellsandlexShow!!!


180+ chapters in and here is my review starting with mc who is extremely stupid sometimes arrogant and sometimes he thinks everything should be according to his will and he is also somewhat ungrateful . even though author emphasized many time that I lost count that he is mature in the story believe me he is not and if u say that he is only 14 yrs old and he has to be naive than stop calling him mature every other chapter bcz the life he had led should have made our mc mature but it only made him stupid. even though the mc has determination and he is hard-working I really dislike his thought process in many situations be it regarding his second soul bond be it regarding the time he had to endure pain while creating sub space or be it while taking others advice which he never takes bcz he is smart than others I guess this is what he thinks it looks like that to me don't know about others but yeah his thought process makes me think of him not as mc but your typical young masters. the only thing mc ever did not so stupid would be choosing artemis and i like that owl 🦉 more than mc. the way the MC character s developing I really don't know what it will be like and I don't think it will be any good the mc had already pushed me to edge an d if it keeps going on like this I will really drop this book. and yeah revenge is not something our mc thinks about its not like he has strength to do that and it's ok not to think about it untill he gets strong. well other than mc the everything in this novel is pretty good be it world backgroud or story or cultivation system and all. that's all for my review 🙂


Reveal spoiler


just gonna say that the novel would be better if you could lessen the drama a bit. like the story is good but it's kind of revolving around drama first his eyes part good and i like it then the family love was ok ii accepted it but when the part comes that his teacher is being all emotional with him and i kind of disliked it . i know he is a kid but i still think you should lessen the drama.


i don't like the book. maybe because of my preference of stories but the author trying too much like classic Chinese novel where MC have tragedies background, growing up don't have talent and weak, suddenly found have hidden Talents yet still too weak too slow of growth, too much info dump even though the info not relevant in couple hundreds chapter, no sense of growth (as in even though it shows MC growing can already kill 5 star beast from initial 2 star but theres no sense of how much different because the author just want the reader to accept blatantly if he said this is stronger than it is. last but not least too naive


The story at the beginning is very good but over time it gets lost and becomes monotonous and boring, the protagonist loses all his personality, after he separates from Greeg's family, he becomes a robot, he just does everything perfectly, he studies, cultivates, trains, sleeps, eats, etc., in a perfect way. And all the "problems" and "difficulties" he might face will be solved by his heavenly power. He just has eyes that can see everything, he has the best and fastest cultivation, he thinks faster, he learns faster to the point where everything his hundreds of years old masters can teach is learned in 3 years. he does all the other stuff. Basically the development in the novel is not automatic. And although the author tries to sell the protagonist as a VERY SMART guy, he can be pretty dumb, like when he didn't go to his father to train with him and save humanity after 1 year of training.


great story just wish there where more chapters to read but the author has great upload speed its just me being greedy there is a little gramer problems here and there but you get whats supost to be written absolutely love this book


I don't know what to say. It's my first time reviewing a story. It's really really goooooooddddd novel for me[img=recommend][img=recommend][img=recommend][img=recommend][img=recommend]