74 Crude and Cowardly?

Jason dashed through the forest with his highest possible speed while scanning himself.

Never had Jason thought that he could breakthrough in a single hour and consolidate his mana core in the remaining two hours, which was extremely fast.

The mana around the lake was like a paradise to him and Jason hoped he could return to the lake, sometime in the future.

After entering the 6th Novice rank, his mana core size broke through the 7th rank easily, while his physical strength was at the 6th rank and was inching towards the 7th rank.

Artemis was more of a mana beast than a physical contributor to Jason and his mana felt vigorous while swirling inside his body.

When he had landed inside the water, Jason had entered his soul world for a second in order to check how much his soul energy had improved by ranking up.


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