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Go Home a Like Turtle


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WPC #304 (...) Go home at a snail's pace. It seems to be the watchword of the X-Monk survivors. Go home. It is the before and after of a tripolar life: Plant-Animal-Human. You will know how the characters live or lived at home. With or without their spirits or demons. With gifts and kindnesses that help them to continue. And Bierny opens her heart to listen to her friends and give timely advice and help. They are short stories of the intermediate places between the lost home and the new conquered home. Patience and Hope. Soon you will arrive at a firm and safe place appropriate to your circumstances. The third novel: (WPC #308) Academy Artesan ProCreation, belongs to the saga: GenX2022 along with the novels: https://www.webnovel.com/book/academy-artesan-procreation_23934150405486205 Second novel: Go Home a Like Turtle: (Two 1,500-word Chapters twice a week: Thursday and Monday) (WPC #304) https://www.webnovel.com/book/go-home-at-pace-turtle_23822104806738905 Third novel: XMonk Apocalypse Primate: (A 1,500-word Chapter once a week: Wednesday) (WPC #302) https://www.webnovel.com/book/x-monky-apocalypse-x-primate_23770584306263105 The edition/update of the 2021 novels, between Saturday and Sunday. BitLove, DarkMan, X Prays... And if you like the characters and their characterized stories, there are a series of illustrations of all the novels on the Instagram account: @genxprays. Discord: #9340 Fanpage: facebook.com/genxprays WhatsApp Business: +51 933 123 278 Patreon / PayPal: genxconectados Thank you for your reviews, votes, collections and comments on the WPC #304.


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