39 The End of the Rebellion!

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As the youth dissipated into the sky, Tang Wulin went up to Gloxinia and asked, "Do you need to rest?"

Shaking his head, Gloxinia responded, "No need! Wouldn't be able to even if I wanted to, look there."

Pointing a finger at the woods, Tang Wulin looked and was left confused, what was there to see? It's just trees.

Actually, this is normal. After all, Gloxinia only managed to notice the soul beasts hidden behind the trees due to his Nature Connection skill, that allowed him to "sense" nature, and soul beasts are part of nature, no?

At that moment, a series of roars sounded out as numerous red figures rushed at them from behind the trees Gloxinia pointed at.

Soul Masters weren't the only ones who could absorb spirit energy; soul beasts could too. It was precisely due to the powerful waves of spirit energy emanating from their bodies that had attracted the soul beasts. Blazing Demon Lions were one of the strongest soul beast races and could easily sense the student's spirit energy fluctuations, spurring their rapid pursuit.

Their only option was to run, even for Gloxinia! This pride contained not 1, not 2, but 3 thousand year old Blazing Demon Lions! Which is why unless Gloxinia uses his Demon Form and commandment, there's no way he could kill all of them while staying alive.

The Blazing Demon Lions had surrounded them despite their best efforts to avoid them.

Gritting his teeth, Gloxinia turned Basquias into it's blanket form and expanded it to surround his classmates, planning to use it to fly away.

Unfortunately, while they were flying up, a few Blazing Demon Lions jumped up the trees and knocked them back down.

Sprawled out on the ground, Tang Wulin unluckily landed right between two Blazing Demon Lions and was directly burned to death by their fearsome control of the fire element.

Quickly getting up, Gloxinia looked at Xie Xie and Gu Yue, who were being attacked from all sides by fire balls and streams of fire.

At that moment, a stream of fire also headed his way, which was redirected by Nature Connection.

'This is a tricky situation.. I don't want to show off my demon form yet.. Then there's only one thing left to do!'

As determination gathered in his eyes, Gloxinia activated Nature Connection to the max and forced all fire element attacks nearby to be redirected and formed a huge spear-head of fire, which was shot at the three thousand year old Blazing Demon Lions assumed to be the heads of the pride.

While the spear head of fire shot towards them, Gloxinia also activated his third spirit ring and directly hit all other Blazing Demon Lions.

By the end of the entire combo, most of the pride had been taken down. But, the three Blazing Demon Lions presumed to be the heads managed to dodge the spear-head of fire and attacked Gloxinia with their claws directly, afraid he would use that fire control once more.

Thus, despite his best efforts, Gloxinia was slaughtered, followed by Xie Xie and Gu Yue who had barely held on for a few more seconds after Gloxinia's death. For the rest of that day, they were plagued by the sensation of being burned alive.

This pride of Blazing Demon Lions was definitely an existence that stood at the very apex of the elementary spirit ascension platform. Though the Man-Faced Demon Spider was extremely powerful as an individual, even it wouldn't be able to survive an onslaught from a pride of wild lions. In such a scenario, its only choice would have been to flee.

The head lion of a pride of Blazing Demon Lions was equivalent to a thousand-year soul beast. As for the remaining lionesses, every one of them had the cultivation of a hundred-year soul beast at least, if not a thousand-year level. They were able to become so powerful simply because they had very few natural predators in this forest. Regardless of whether it was an individual Soul Master or a group of them, it was practically impossible to defeat the Blazing Demon Lions with only three soul rings.

This was the reason why Gloxinia had immediately tried to flee the moment he found out that they were being chased by Blazing Demon Lions. The only thing they could do now was to run until they either lost the lions or perished.


"Hurry! Quickly go save them! Do these children not recognize the Blazing Demon Lions? Why didn't they hit the ejection button!"

An anxious voice echoed in Gloxinia's mind as he gradually regained consciousness, the icy numbness fading from his body at the same time.

A metallic friction sound rang out and in the next moment, light filled his eyes.

'I'm back. I'm fine.' Those were Gloxinias first thoughts, but then he noticed something strange about his state. 'Why do I feel fine?'

His body had been shredded into pieces so he should be experiencing strong residual effects, and yet, he didn't feel anything in particular.

"How are you doing?" Wu Zhangkong's face appeared above the metal box.

Staff members also came over, prodding Gloxinia's body with a sort of popsicle-looking thing. "Are you conscious? Do you feel cold?"

"Yes," Gloxinia answered.

"He's awake and has feeling. This is odd! He recovered this quickly?"

Gloxinia grabbed the edge of the metal box and slowly pulled himself up.

"Teacher, I'm fine." After confirming that his body had no abnormalities, Gloxinia got out of the metal box.

Tang Wulin was standing by the side while Xie Xie and Gu Yue were in similar situations as him. Tang Wulin let out a sigh of relief as he saw his classmates come out fine.

Wu Zhangkong walked over to Tang Wulin while motioning the others to follow him aswell.

When they were all grouped up in front of Wu Zhangkong, he coldly started speaking, "You guys cheated."

He was holding a vest, undoubtedly on of theirs that was taken off while being checked up.

Tang Wulin immediately blushed with embarrassment and awkwardness. "Teacher Wu, that shouldn't be considered cheating, right? I only made it because I was afraid everyone would suffer."

Wu Zhangkong handed the vest to Tang Wulin and indifferently commented, "The craftsmanship is not bad. You can already Thousand Refine?"

"Ah?" Tang Wulin was stunned.


Wu Zhangkong said, "For the first part of your final exam, everyone gets full marks except for you, the captain. You get points deducted because you cheated and encouraged your teammates to cheat. Your final exam score is…"

Tang Wulin listened anxiously for the final verdict, his heart racing.

"Just 99 points."


Ninety-nine points? That's not a huge difference from one hundred though? At that moment, Tang Wulin was at a loss as to how to react. Xie Xie at the side had already started yelling, "Long live Teacher Wu!"

Wu Zhangkong coldly responded, "Don't get so excited just yet. There's still one more section to your final exam. You will need to pass this section too in order to pass your exams."

As he finished talking, Xie Xie attempted to divert everyones attention from the stress-induce second part of the final test by talking about how energy they absorbed.

Just as Xie Xie was about to continue speaking, Wu Zhangkong's hand shot out and covered his mouth. Wu Zhangkong's eyes shifted to the nearby Spirit Pagoda staff members then whispered, "We'll discuss this when we get back."

Xie Xie realized his error. That's right! We had absorbed so much spirit energy this time that we must have surpassed the average. I really shouldn't talk about this in front of the Spirit Pagoda members.

At this time, they walked back to the Academy and arrived pretty quickly, just under 30 minutes of travelling time.

"Go back and rest properly. We'll be summarizing your experiences tomorrow. Xie Xie, come to my quarters." Wu Zhangkong immediately issued out these commands the moment they arrived at the academy.


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