Class Promotion Tournament, Part 3

Copying the blindfolded man from his past life, Gloxinia made a small mocking smile and said, "Haha, It'll be fine. After all... You're weak."

The moment this sentence entered the ears of the audience, they couldn't help but think that he was a bit too arrogant.

When it entered the ears of Xie Xie, not only did he think he was arrogant, he also couldn't wait for the match to start and wanted nothing more than to tear that irritating smile off Gloxinia's face!

As for Gu Yue and Tang Wulin, Gu Yue was just indifferent to it and Tang Wulin already knew Gloxinia would do something unexpected from having been with him throughout elementary school.

Long Hengxu observed both teams. There seemed to be a powerful smell of gunpowder even when the match had yet to begin. He scowled as he emphasized again, "Let me make myself clear once more. This is a school tournament. In this tournament, there will only be winning and losing, nothing else. No participant shall harm the competitor. If they do so, they will be punished severely by the Academy."

"Understood!" All of the participants shouted in unison.

"Good. Prepare yourselves; both sides please step back." Under Long Hengxu's supervision, both teams moved back and opened up the distance between one another.


The crowd hollered out loud in companion to the director's command, signifying the start of the first grade's final match in the tournament.

From both sides of class one and class five, multi-colored lights lit up as martial souls were summoned.

As three white rings rose from Gloxinia's feet, he flew into the sky using his Fairy King Wings and looked down at the opposite team from above.

As soon as the audience saw three spirit rings floating around Gloxinia, they couldn't help but exclaim with shock! If a 9 year old with two spirit rings is already considered a monster, what would Gloxinia be called? The Devil?

Out of all those in the audience, the most shocked was undoubtedly Wu Zhangkong as he was the only one who truly knew what was outside of the well and how talented true monsters were. And, in all honesty, Wu Zhangkong thought that even those monsters may not be comparable to the one in front of him!

Although Tang Wulin and the others were also shocked, they quickly recovered and started working on a move to knock Gloxinia out of the sky.

"Gu Yue, aid me with your wind element." Tang Wulin said this to Gu Yue as a blue light bloomed in his hand. Bluesilver Grass shot towards Xie Xie and wrapping around his waist. Without waiting for Xie Xie's retort, he immediately pulled Xie Xie close, wrapping a hand around his waist.

A green light flashed over, causing Xie Xie's body to lighten. It seemed as though his body weight had been lightened by quite a bit. In that instant, he was sent flying like soaring clouds through mist.

Offstage, Ye Yingrluo saw Tang Wulin holding onto Xie Xie. He then twirled a few times before launching Xie Xie into the air. He was tossed directly at the sky!

The green light lingered on Xie Xie's body, causing him to unexpectedly rocket straight towards Gloxinia.

'How is he able to throw someone so high up?' Ye Yingluo was given a fright, but she quickly collected herself.

Even if they managed to get up in the sky, it doesn't matter, as without a flying martial soul it would be impossible to be as nimble as Gloxinia in the sky. Not only that, but, Gloxinia was powerful enough to defeat them even without flying!

"I'm going up too," whispered Gu Yue, informing Tang Wulin.

Tang Wulin looked at her with shock, but Gu Yue had already positioned herself in front of him. Tang Wulin used both hands to hold Gu Yue's waist, lifted her up and began to spin.

Compared with Xie Xie, Gu Yue was much lighter. Her waist was so tiny that it seemed like he could lift her up with a single hand and throw her without requiring the aid of her wind element.

Gu Yue flew up in hot pursuit after Xie Xie.

Up in the sky, Gloxinia calmly gave a hand signal. Towards the oncoming Xie Xie, he avoided direct combat with him. With a flap of his wings, he curbed his forward momentum and stopped violently in the air.

At the same time, Basquias who was signaled, flew towards Xie Xie in its blanket form and directly rebounded him downwards towards the floor.

As Xie Xie was rebounded too strongly, Tang Wulin didn't have a chance to try and stop him from falling, causing Xie Xie to directly smash into the floor, his condition unknown.

Ye Yingluo glanced at the side and gave Wu Zhangkong a look. The scene before them was simply a reckless charge by the students of class five. They had flown up when they didn't have the ability to fly, eliminating any advantages they might have had on the ground.

She had observed their matches before. Out of the three from class five, Tang Wulin's martial soul was merely Bluesilver Grass. Although his strength was considerable, it was merely that and nothing more. Gu Yue seemed to have control over the earth, so why was she up in the air? The only participant that seemed to be a threat to them was Xie Xie as an Agility System Battle Soul Master, yet he too didn't have the ability to fly.

The natural thing to do when competing against a Flying Soul Master was to stay on the ground and wait for the right moment to strike. This was because a Soul Master, upon releasing their martial soul, would continuously deplete their soul power. A Flying Soul Master's soul power depletion was far greater than that of a normal Soul Master. With sufficient patience, class five's team would have had some chance of winning the match. Yet, they seemed to have become reckless at this moment.

In Ye Yingluo's eyes, however, Wu Zhangkong seemed as cool as usual. It wasn't possible to read his thoughts from his unchanged expression. Was he not at all concerned with the match's result?

Gu Yue was currently halfway up the air, and although she didn't really like Xie Xie, how could she accept such a brutal way of stopping someone?

Lifting up her hands, she formed two icicles and launched them at Gloxinia, mixing them with wind element to speed them up.

This move, would most likely be hard to dodge or counter against anyone but Gloxinia.

Using the Innate Skill, Nature Connection he had obtained before, Gloxinia controlled the icicle to simply stop and turn around, launching them towards Gu Yue instead.

Gu Yue, for the first time in the match, no longer had an indifferent expression. How is it possible that someone in this world is able to take over the elements she was controlling? After all, even if she is currently reincarnated as a human, she was still the Silver Dragon King in the past, making her affinity one of the highest, if not the highest!

Using the calm mind she gained as thee Silver Dragon King, Gu Yue dodged the icicles using the wind element on herself and descending from the skies, landing next to Tang Wulin.

"Out, Xie Xie." Long Hengxu was positioned on the ground and had a clear view of the match. And even though what had just happened took a long time to explain, it was actually only a few seconds in the eyes of others. The dust cloud from Xie Xie's fall was only now diminishing.

As Gloxinia heard that, a slight sadistic smile formed on his face as he provoked his opponents, "Haha, seems like I was right, you are weak!"

This was the first time Tang Wulin had ever had "true" friends, as in Glorybound City, he was mostly bullied for his trash martial soul. So, how can Tang Wulin who just saw both his friends being supressed, and one of them almost die, stay calm? The answer is, he can't.

As a crazed look appeared in Wulin's eyes, golden dragon scales formed on his right arm, all the way up to the elbow.

Seeing this, Gloxinia finally became a little excited. He gets to see a shonen protagonist power-up in person!

"Hahahaha, what a great power-up, Wulin! Show me more!" Saying so, Gloxinia used his third spirit skill, Increase, and turned Basquias into many small daggers.

Controlling those daggers, Gloxinia made them shoot towards Wulin and continously make surface-wounds that wouldn't be fatal but would definitely knock him out in time and cause him some pain.

"AAHHHH" With a great scream, Wulin used his new golden scaled arm and swiped at the incoming daggers.

Unfortunately, how could a small dragon arm compare to the Sacred Spear? All that ended up happening is his arm getting even more scratches!

As Gu Yue witnessed this, her usually indifferent eyes finally revealed an intense emotion! It was anger and killing intent!

Using her martial soul to summon ice elements and wind elements, Gu Yue coldly muttered, "Die." and created a huge blizzard-like tornado, with Gloxinia in the center!


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Author's Note: Next part will be the ending of the Class Promotion Tournament.

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