Class Promotion Tournament, Part 2

2 weeks later, it was finally time for Class 5 to battle Class 1, as they had managed to climb their way up from the bottom the whole way!

As for the reason why it took so long for the day of the match to arrive, it was because a typhoon had suddenly broken out and caused the match to be delayed.

At this moment, Gloxinia and his teammates were in Teacher Ye's office, discussing who they would send out as they were only sending 3 out instead of their original 4, to match Class 5 in numbers.

While they were discussing who would sit out, Gloxinia spoke for the first time since entering the office and gave his opinion, "Teacher Ye, I think it would be better to just let me fight them on my own."

After a few seconds of silence, Wei Xiaofeng angrily said, "Huh? No way! Even if you're stronger than us we also wanna fight!"

"Yeah, although I hate Xiaofeng's guts I have to agree with him this time! There's no way!" echoing Wei Xiaofeng, Zhang Yangzi also expressed his distaste.

"Xiaofeng, Yangzi be quiet!" Yelling at the two to quiet down, Ye Yingluo began to seriously consider his question, as he has proved to not only be able to take down all 3 of them by himself, he could do it with seemingly no effort.

Ye Yingluo also started thinking about how Wu Zhangkong's reputation would go down the drain if his 3 best students were trashed by only one of hers!

Yes, that's a good idea! That bastard Wu Zhangkong dared to reject her so he will now need to go through humiliation!

"Alright Gloxinia, you will fight on your own against all 3 of them in an hour! You're all dismissed, meet at the arena in 50 minutes!" Having said that, everyone went straight to the classroom to talk about the upcoming match. Well, everyone except Gloxinia, as he simply walked back to his dorm to get something that he had prepared specially for this day.

Whilst walking back, Gloxinia brought up a sudden mission he had obtained the moment the day started today.

Sudden Mission: The Ultimate Genius

Objective: Absolutely demolish Gu Yue, Xie Xie, and Tang Wulin in the upcoming Class Promotion Tournament all on your own!

Requirements: Use both martial souls and allow them to try to beat you, giving them hope then crushing it!

Rewards: Commandment of Repose, Stage 1.

This mission, in all honesty is too easy for the current him. After all, he was already a Soul Elder and he was pretty good at his current skills.

But, his true confidence lay in the Innate Skill he obtained from the reward of his Soul Elder mission, Nature Connection! Although it was currently not strong enough to do something like the Wood-Style from naruto, it is still pretty easy to control plants and elements of nature that aren't too big or small.

Unfortunately, he still hasn't good enough to create his own plants or elements so he can only control already existing ones, which is pretty good for now since this means he is basically immune to Gu Yue's Elementalist martial soul and Tang Wulins Blue Silver Grass!

Finally reaching his dorms, Gloxinia took off all his clothes except his underwear and grabbed a pair of comfy white sweats that he had bought before for when he uses his second martial soul.

After all, he doesn't really want to have his clothes broken every time he uses it.

Thus, with no shirt and only pants and shoes, Gloxinia headed down to the arena, making it just in time to overhear some teachers speaking.

The teacher in charge of the first grade's class four, Kong Hanwen, had his gaze stuck to the crowd the whole time, searching for something with a grim expression.

"Teacher Kong, what are you looking for?" The teacher in charge of class three, Ye Yingrong, suspiciously asked him.

Kong Hanwen answered, "I'm looking for that bastard, Wu Zhangkong. Isn't he just too arrogant? I want to see if his students can truly prevail today." Kong Hanwen held back a sigh within his heart. After all, his class had been beaten by Tang Wulin's trio, meaning that he was now in charge of the lowest class of the grade.

Ye Yingrong let out a gentle sigh. "That's right! This year's class one is simply too powerful. I don't think anyone in the second grade can face them either. Even the second grade's class one only has two Soul Grandmasters right now. I think this year's class one will definitely be able to battle all the way until the third grade in this tournament."

Kong Hanwen sneered but remained silent. His purpose for coming today was to see how that Icily Arrogant Prince Charming's face would look after his students lost.

"They're here," Ye Yingrong said in a hushed tone.

Kong Hanwen followed her gaze and sure enough, Wu Zhangkong stood with the rest of class five, looking towards the stage. Behind him were two of his impressive disciples, Xie Xie and Gu Yue.

What astonished Kong Hanwen, however, was that the pretty boy was nowhere to be found. He seemed to recall that the student's name was Tang Wulin.

Right when Wu Zhangkong appeared with his class, an uproar began on the other side.

The students quickly parted to make a path.

A female teacher in her late twenties lead the way enthusiastically. She looked exceptionally similar to Ye Yingrong, with at least sixty percent of their features being the same. She was even a bit prettier than Ye Yingrong, but had an air of arrogance to her.

Following behind her were the highly acclaimed, most powerful new students of class one in recent history. Leading the class was a trio of three boys.

Recognizing these three boys, Gloxinia started jogging over to them with a slight playful smile and started waving his head "Yoo! How come you're walking over in such a domineering manner? You're not even fighting!"

As a blood vessel threatened to burst in his forehead, Wei Xiaofeng responded through gritted teeth, "Hey.. think you can keep it down, huh?! It's called intimidation!"

"Oh haha oopsies!" Covering his mouth with 1 hand, Gloxinia giggled a little bit then started walking towards the arena with both hands behind his head, "Anyways wish me luck, haha!"

Murmuring out a good luck, Wei Xiaofeng and the rest went to find a place to sit down.

In the meantime, watching all this proceeding, Ye Yingluo sighed and shook her head, she really couldn't control her new students...

At this moment, Gu Yue, Xie Xie, and Wu Zhangkong went to the other side and prepared to get ready for the match.

Director Long Hengxu walked up the stage at this point in time. He first nodded his head to both classes' teachers in acknowledgement before he began to speak in a deep voice, "This ranking tournament had previously been postponed because of the typhoon. Today will be the fourth match; first grade's class five will be competing against first grade's class one. First grade class five's Teacher Wu, how many participants from your side will compete today?"

Long Hengxu's mood was very complicated at this point in time. He had wanted first grade class five to be defeated quickly to prevent those black horses from climbing up. Class sorting was a duty of his, so if these participants from class five were still undefeated, he would be very ashamed of his decisions!

The academy would then question him on his class sorting decisions. In particular, their audit would be on the possibility of first grade class five remaining undefeated. This would include some leads into the investigation of Wu Zhangkong's methods of teaching, but would ultimately cover his error in the sorting of students into classes.

"Our class will have…" Wu Zhangkong was about to mention that two would be competing from his class when a voice traveled to him from behind first grade class five.

"Teacher Wu, please wait."

Upon hearing this familiar voice, Xie Xie and Gu Yue, who were standing behind Wu Zhangkong, broke out into surprised grins.

The crowd parted, and a worn and weary Tang Wulin rushed to the front.

His current appearance starved him from others' compliments as his hair was unkempt and a pale pallor painted the whole of his face. He appeared to be breathing erratically.

"Where did you run off to? Why did you only come now?" Xie Xie snapped at him.

Tang Wulin grimaced as he answered. "It's a long story. Let's compete first. Teacher Wu, I'm able to battle."

Wu Zhangkong looked towards him with an expressionless face and nodded his head before speaking to Long Hengxu again, "We have three participants from our class."

Long Hengxu replied, "First grade's class one may select three students to compete as well."

Ye Yingluo tilted her head upward, "There's no need. Only one person will compete."

"Huh? Are you sure?" Long Hengxu confusedly replied, there was no rule of sending less people than the other team but most people chose to send the same amount.

"Yes, we're sure! Just get this started!" irritatingly, Ye Yingluo gave a quick reply. Everytime she's near Wu Zhangkong she just gets into a terrible mood.

Long Hengxu spoke again, "Very well, participants from both classes, please enter."

Tang Wulin moved to occupy the center position. Xie Xie and Gu Yue were positioned behind him as the trio walked together up towards the stage.

On the other side, Gloxinia entered the stage as well.

As soon as he walked up, Xie Xie started talking, seemingly a bit angry about something. "Hey, how come its only you huh? Were the rest too scared?"

Gloxinia in response simply giggled a bit and simply said, "My name's Gloxinia, how about yours!"

"Xie Xie" Xie Xie spat out.

"Gu Yue"

"Tang Wulin, we went to the same elementary school, are you sure you'll be fine by yourself? We're pretty strong.." Introducing himself and then speaking a bit concernedly, Tang Wulin asked his childhood sort-of friend.

Gloxinia, at this moment suddenly remembered a moment from his past life.

It was a man who wore a blindfold and had spiky white hair, he was speaking to someone else with a small mocking smile.

Copying the blindfolded man from his past life, Gloxinia made a small mocking smile and said, "Haha, It'll be fine. After all... You're weak."


Words: 1800

Author's Note: Aye bruh i know that last line is cringe but like i just wanted to do it so yeah.

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