Gloom Series 2: Tears Of Proxy Wife

Author: Lyn_Hadjiri
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What is Gloom Series 2: Tears Of Proxy Wife

Read ‘Gloom Series 2: Tears Of Proxy Wife’ Online for Free, written by the author Lyn_Hadjiri, This book is a Teen Novel, covering Fiction, Light Novel, Internet Novel, and the synopsis is: Marshin V. Escalante, the girl from Sta. Maria Province. A simple girl and a loving granddaughter of lola Inding. She's ...


Marshin V. Escalante, the girl from Sta. Maria Province. A simple girl and a loving granddaughter of lola Inding. She's a dreamer but she's a poor and her lola Inding can't afford her tuition for her college. She choose to help her lola at the supermarket, then, doctor Cervin Raeson Vesalius came into her life. Cervin thought at first, she's his wife because they are exactly looks alike. Except her set of dimples. Then he offered Marshin to pretend or the right terms is to be his proxy wife. Then, Marshin accepted his offer. "No strings attached," said Cervin but Marshin can't help it. She fell for Cervin but she knew better that he's still in love with his wife. What if Cashren's came back? What would be happen for Marshin, after that? Besides, Marshin has a sick. Would Cervin love her back?

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In the shadows of the seemingly ordinary human realm, a clandestine organization with roots reaching back through the ages unveils a harrowing secret—a truth so bitter it shatters the very foundations of reality itself. What appeared as a mundane existence is but a fragile illusion, carefully woven to mask an underlying horror. For eons, the demon realm has borne witness to a grim saga of bloodshed and turmoil. Stretching back as far as time itself, its history is marred by relentless wars, a relentless cycle of massacre, chaos, and destruction. Forces of justice and malevolence, eternally locked in a dance of opposition, have ignited the fires of countless conflicts, leaving a scarred tapestry of suffering in their wake. Yet, amid this eternal struggle, a glimmer of hope emerged when the rulers of the two demon factions united in an unprecedented alliance, offering a tantalizing promise of renewal. But just as the dawn of a new era seemed imminent, tragedy materialized with a cruel precision. As if fate itself reveled in cruelty, a cataclysmic event shattered the newfound peace. A resounding blow echoed through the heart of the demon realm, casting a pall of despair over its denizens, extinguishing the flame of hope before it could truly ignite. In the present epoch, the underbelly of existence—the criminal underbelly—finds itself under the dominion of a malevolent figure known only as Devel, the erstwhile "King of Criminals." With the enigmatic disappearance of their former ruler, the unholy demons are compelled into servitude under a being of unimaginable power, the dreaded "Dark Lord." This malevolent entity, possessing abilities akin to those of a deity, unilaterally decrees a war that transcends dimensions—an all-encompassing conflict that propels the universe toward an ominous precipice. The very fabric of existence quivers with the imminence of what some dub "The Final Order." In this cataclysmic maelstrom, the key to supremacy, the fabled "Holy Blade of Gizel," emerges as the ultimate prize. Every faction, every entity, converges on this legendary artifact, a weapon with the potential to tip the scales of power in favor of its possessor. Unbeknownst to the unsuspecting human populace, teetering on the brink of annihilation, a storm of cosmic proportions gathers. Their ignorance shields them from the looming chaos, a respite destined to be short-lived. Amid the grand designs of beings beyond their understanding, the pieces of a chilling puzzle align. And so, as the threads of destiny intertwine, the tale unfolds—only a fraction of which has been unveiled here.

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Sultan's Pet: Bride From The Future

[WARNING: MATURE CONTENTS AHEAD!] Archeologist Clara Kosema accomplished her life goal when she discovered, along with her research team, the missing burial site of Sultan Suleiman’s heart. However, the burial site did not show the rotten flesh of the Sultan, but rather a corpse of a woman. It turns out that the corpse contains memories of 465 years ago, Clara’s past life’s memories. - - - - - - - - Dr. Clara Kosuma, a Jewish archeologist, struggles to be accepted in a society wherein people like her are discriminated against. With nothing to offer but her intelligence, Dr. Clara pours all her efforts into her research, the golden century of the Ottoman Empire, hoping that if she can accomplish such a feat, she will be finally accepted no matter where she came from or what her religion is. Her research brings her and her team to Hungary, once part of the great Ottoman Empire, in search of the missing heart of Sultan Suleiman ‘The Magnificent’. But when she sees the burial site, no golden casket welcomes her. Instead, a mummified young woman lays before her. It only takes one touch for the young archeologist, and the next thing she knows, she traveled to the Ottoman Empire 460 years ago. Turns out, the mummy she discovered is her from her past life. She was once called Kosem, betrothed to Sultan Suleiman. Dr. Clara remembers how she died before the Second Great War against the Austrian Empire. She recalled that she was Sultan Suleiman’s long-lost heart. Dr. Clara remembers who she loved the most. She remembers how she died with Sultan Suleiman. And hell will freeze over before she lets history repeat itself once more. “Killing you is the easiest route to secure my seat as the Sultan,” said Sultan Suleiman in a deep voice. He pressed his body to hers, leaving no gap between them as his fingers lingered around her neck. “But I don’t know why… the thought of losing you is enough to drive me insane.” - - - -

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