10 The Divine Tree Evolved Again! Two Extra Fruit Trees!

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At the same time, Enoch's spirit tree also completed its transformation for the second time!


[Divine Tree]


[Stage: High-class Spirit Tree]


[Sun Harvest: 460/day (4.6 * 100)]


[Aura: 400/day (2.0 * 100)]


[Currently additional fruit trees available to plant: 1/4]


[Current products: energy fruit, psionic fruit, Fruit of Life, unknown (under the combined blessing of three SSS class talents, there is a chance of giving birth to mysterious fruits)]


[Production cycle: 3 Days (already increased by 100 times)]


[Growth points: 604]


[Next Stage: Special Grade Spirit Tree (completed evolution with 18,800 growth points)]


This time, there is a huge change in the Divine Tree.


Not only did the Divine Tree's attributes increase.


But also two extra fruit tree slots were added.


What Enoch paid the most attention to,


Was that in the Divine Tree's output column, there was an unknown sign.


It also indicated that this mysterious fruit was produced by Enoch's three SSS-class talents. As for what kind of mysterious fruit would appear, it was still unknown.


There was no point in investigating further.


As for the next evolution of the Divine Tree, it would be a long time away. The next evolution of the Divine Tree would require close to 20,000 growth points!


It was estimated that there was not much hope in the short term unless Enoch could find a tool to promote the growth of the Divine Tree during the process of exploring the Black Fog.


The most important thing now was, of course, the three brand-new fruits!


The first one was the [Intermediate energy fruit]. It did not look much different from the primary energy fruit in outlook, except that its color was a little darker.


However, under Enoch's perception, he could clearly sense that the energy contained within the intermediate energy fruit had increased by a lot!


"This... the intermediate energy fruit is much better than the primary energy fruit."


Enoch's gaze turned towards the elementary energy fruit tree.


How about... cutting it down?


Anyway, there were gardening tools in the cabin.


But Enoch quickly dismissed this idea.


The intermediate energy fruit tree definitely had to be planted, but so far Enoch hadn't tasted the intermediate energy fruit.


If the taste wasn't as good as the elementary energy fruit, the elementary energy fruit tree could be kept as a portion of reserve food.


Moreover, it wasn't far from the next primary energy fruit tree to bear fruit. It wasn't worth cutting it down now.


If he wanted to cut it down, he would wait for the next fruit to bear.


Next was the lightning power fruit.


Enoch took out the bright yellow fruit and looked at it.


The surface of the lightning power fruit was covered with tiny lightning symbols. Just holding it in his hand, he could feel a slight numbness.


"It doesn't look very delicious."


Enoch looked at it for a while and gave his evaluation. Naturally, he would plant the lightning power fruit as well.


The lightning power fruit was not only edible for the Divine Tree Master. The pets of the Divine Tree Masters could also eat this fruit and obtain their abilities.


Therefore, Enoch was preparing to create a pet army with all the abilities!


Finally, there was the Fruit of Life -- berserk rat.


This was a dark purple fruit, and one could clearly feel the aura of life contained within.


After holding it in his hand, a line of notifications appeared in Enoch's eyes.


[Notification: after the Fruit of Life matures, it will naturally hatch when placed in the outside world. The incubation time will depend on the fruit!]


[Do you want to start the incubation? Yes/No]


[Fruit of Life -- berserk rat (incubation time: 2 hours, already over 100 times enhanced by talent)]


Enoch naturally chose No.


This fruit was to be used to plant the Fruit of Life tree.


After checking all three types of fruits, Enoch began to plant.


To avoid overcrowding, Enoch placed a distance of 10 meters between each seed.


Just like the energy fruit trees before, after the fruit was planted, it didn't take long for it to grow at a speed visible to the naked eye.


Three fruit trees with different shapes appeared.


[Additional fruit tree: 4/4]


[Currently planted fruit trees: elementary energy fruit tree * 1, intermediate energy fruit tree * 1, thunder special ability fruit tree * 1, Fruit of Life -- berserk rat fruit tree * 1]


Primary energy fruit tree


[Output cycle: 2.5 days]


Intermediate energy fruit tree


[Output cycle: 2.5 days]


The Thunder Tree


[Output cycle: 1 day]


[Harvest times 1/1]


Rabid mouse fruit tree


[Output cycle: 1 day]


[Harvest times 1/1]


[The above stats are buffed by a 100-fold increase in talent]


Overall, there was no change in the production cycle of the intermediate and primary energy fruit trees.


Both were 2.5 days.


However, the thunder fruit tree and the berserk rat fruit tree only needed one day to produce.


The difference was that the thunder fruit tree and the berserk rat fruit tree had a harvest cycle.


"This should mean that after one harvest, the fruit tree will not be able to produce the next batch of fruit."


Enoch observed for a while and came to a conclusion.


This kind of question was not a big deal to Enoch.


At the very most, he could just leave a fruit in the warehouse and keep it for safekeeping. 


Then, he could plant it again when he needed it!


Now, an idea appeared in Enoch's mind.


Could he split the primary fertilizer he had obtained previously into two portions?


He would do it as soon as he thought of it.


Enoch came to the bottom of the berserk rat fruit tree. 


This fruit tree with dark purple leaves was extremely beautiful.


Just looking at it made people feel relaxed and happy.


Enoch opened the fertilizer bag in his hand and carefully shook the common fertilizer into the soil near the roots of the berserk rat fruit tree.


[Berserk rat fruit tree]


[Yield cycle: 12 hours (in the process of fertilizer nourishment, duration: 12 hours)]


"As expected!"


Enoch's face lit up. As expected, he could split the fertilizer into two portions!


However, after splitting it into two portions, the duration of the fertilizer was also reduced by half.


However, this did not matter. After all, 12 hours was enough for the berserk rat fruit tree to mature!


Following the law, Enoch poured the remaining half of the bag of fertilizer under the thunder fruit tree.


Now, they only needed to wait for 12 hours. They would probably harvest it later today!


By then, as long as they waited for the berserk rats to hatch, they could form a pet army and march into the Black Fog!

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