9 Harvest! Three Brand New Fruits!

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After the successful transaction,


a pink fruit appeared on the grass in front of Enoch.


He picked up the Heart-to-Heart fruit.


Enoch looked at it carefully. The shape of the fruit was similar to a peach, and it seemed to taste pretty good.


Although it was useless to obtain the Heart-to-Heart skill now, Enoch was ready to taste the fruit first.


The fruit produced by the Divine Tree had a very unique taste. So far, he had not felt that any of the fruits tasted bad.


After the Heart-to-Heart fruit entered his mouth, he felt it soft and had a hint of sticky texture.


It was not bad, but this kind of fruit was not very watery and did not give a feeling of full enough. The taste was also slightly inferior to the primary energy fruit.


"HMM... it should be similar to pudding. The taste is more unique."


Enoch commented. If he got tired of eating energy fruits in the future, he could exchange some fruits with other Divine Tree Masters for a change of taste!


Just as Enoch was tasting the Heart-to-Heart fruit, the transaction application popped up again on the trading platform.


[Ding! You received a new request for a transaction.]


"Oh? Someone came to exchange for energy fruits so soon?"


Enoch was a little surprised.


In his opinion, tools that could promote the growth of the Divine Tree should be very rare. There should not be many Divine Tree Masters who could obtain such tools.


Even if they were lucky enough to obtain it, they would keep it for their own use.


With this doubt in mind.


Enoch decided to accept the transaction request.


[Divine Tree Master: Alice has made a transaction request.]


[Opponent's trade item: primary chemical fertilizer * 1]


"Alice? Didn't you say that there was no more chemical fertilizer?"


Although Enoch also knew that after Alice obtained the chemical fertilizer, there should be some stocks left for her own use.


But she didn't choose to trade before, and now she was doing it again?


What did this mean?


However, the chemical fertilizer was just what Enoch needed, so he didn't ask further and directly agreed to the trade request.


On the other side,


After Alice finished eating the two energy fruits, she couldn't forget the wondrous taste of the energy fruits.


She looked at the energy fruits that Enoch had put on the shelves on the trading platform.


She wanted to request a trade several times, but it was as if she had a hard time deciding.


The importance of the fertilizer to the Divine Tree Master at the early stages was self-evident.


In addition to Enoch's primary energy fruits, there was no way to feel anything special without the Source-Heart Physique.


Removing the feeling of fatigue was enough to fill a bag of fertilizer!


Alice finally used this reason to convince herself. After all, it was impossible to admit that she was greedy!


Thus, after much consideration, Alice decided to buy the energy fruits from Enoch.


If Enoch still had the fruits in stock, then the talent rating of Enoch would be even more accurate!


Yes! Everything was for recruiting teammates!


Alice thought.




Enoch looked at the fertilizer in his hand and was thinking about whether to use it now or not.


So far.


The trees in Enoch's hand were [Divine Tree (obtained the status of absorbing fertilizer)], and also a [primary energy fruit tree] that was currently in the process of producing the next batch of fruits.


There was still an empty slot left.


Enoch did not choose to plant the heart reflection fruit previously because the effect of the heart reflection fruit was too limited. It had no usage other than being eaten.


So far, according to the chat on the world channel, every Divine Tree Master has unique talents. Even the lowest class-E talent didn't seem to be duplicated.


If Enoch planted the heart reflection fruit and put it on the slot, it might cause some unnecessary trouble.


At that time, Enoch's talents might be exposed. He did not have the habit of assuming others as fools.


Enoch was prepared to leave this empty slot for the Fruit of Life.


He did not forget his plan to build a pet army.


Looking at the time of the production of the Divine Tree, Enoch felt a little tormented.


He actually had to wait until tomorrow morning to harvest the Fruit of Life!


If other players knew Enoch's plan, they would definitely give him their middle fingers.


Advanced show-off!


As for the bag of fertilizer, it was naturally left for the Fruit of Life tree.


Although he didn't know how much time was left before the first invasion of the Netherworld, it was naturally better to explore the Black Fog as soon as possible.


Enoch took out three energy fruits from the warehouse. After hesitating for a moment, he didn't put them on the trading platform.


He didn't want to attract too much attention.


Didn't it seem better if he grew steadily?


I want to work hard secretly before surprising everyone!


Thinking of this, Enoch decided to eat the three energy fruits.


The familiar burning sensation came to him again.


"Ding! Congratulations, Divine Tree Master, Source-Heart Physique has reached LV. 4!"


Enoch, who had broken through again, felt a different aura.


He could faintly feel that the Divine Tree beside him establishing some kind of soul connection with him!


In this connection, he seemed to be able to feel the status of the Divine Tree. This feeling was so wonderful that Enoch did not know how to describe it.


He opened the character panel.


[Divine Tree Master: Enoch]


[Ability: Heart-to-Heart]


[Source-Heart Physique: LV. 4]


[Talent: 100 times amplification (SSS), Myriad World Fruit (SSS), spring recovery (SSS)]


[Luck value: E]


[Spiritual power: E +]


[Number of Divine Trees: 1]


As expected, after Enoch's Source-Heart Physique broke through to LV. 4, his spiritual power column changed.


From the original E-class to class E+!


As his Source-Heart Physique continued to improve, Enoch witnessed too many surprises!


This time, not only was his physical body strengthened, but his spiritual power was also increasing!


Wasn't the obstruction of sight the most obvious danger in the Black Fog?


The increase in Enoch's eyesight, coupled with the increase in his spiritual power, gave him a natural advantage in the face of the Black Fog!


Even if Enoch did not plan to personally explore the Black Fog, this kind of improvement could still be of use when the Netherworld invaded.




When he opened his eyes again, it was already the second day.


Enoch, who was waiting for the Fruit of Life to ripen, couldn't wait any longer.


Opening his eyes from the bed, he rushed straight towards the Divine Tree!


As expected, three unfamiliar fruits had already grown on the Divine Tree!


"Ding! Congratulations, Divine Tree Master, you have obtained an intermediate energy fruit!"


"Ding! Congratulations, Divine Tree Master, you have obtained a thunder ability fruit!"


'Ding! Congratulations, Divine Tree Master, you have obtained a Fruit of Life -- a berserk rat!'


Three powerful fruits appeared in Enoch's warehouse at the same time. This made Enoch extremely happy!


As expected, all the waiting was worth it!

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