Global Transmigration: I Received an X Ranked Talent

Please leave a review and a comment. I always enjoy constructive criticism, or just someone saying they enjoy reading my book. However, I just want to let you all know that I do write this in my free time, so there isn't a consistent update schedule. Chapter 1 WHAT THE FUCK Crystal’s (Pov) ‘Ahh, there is nothing better than a hot shower after a monotonous day of school work’ I thought while washing my hair with pomegranate shampoo. Turning off the water I stepped out of the shower and reached for the towel, and just as I was about to grab it a bright light flashed in front of me. |Congratulations! You and 4 million other humans have been selected from Earth to participate in King/Queen building Games!| |Notice: You will be given a random Talent and Subjects to help you build your empire. It will depend on your leadership, intelligence, and Luck to survive this world of magical beasts, other Kings or Queens, and any other dangers you may face through your journey.| “WHAT THE FUCK!!!” I screamed in surprise as a screen popped up in front of me and a disembodied voice rang out around me. Looking around me I noticed that 1, I was standing outside what appeared to be a cave with a small house nearby and a forest in front of me with a river running through it, and 2, I was still completely naked. Authors Note: This will be one of the most op-bullshit stories I have ever written down, ill try to give it some actual plot but it's pretty much just something fun for me to write in my downtime. I will take any helpful criticisms, suggestions, or reviews. However, if you're just gonna spam smartass bullshit I’ll just delete it. #OP, #System, #Yuri, #Kingdom Building, #Nonhuman MC, #Female Protaganist, #Transmigration, #Etc.

RavenGoddess · Fantasy
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'Well, let's go to the Ash Kingdom, set up the winery, and see about summoning and fusing some dragons.' I thought as I walked to the Kindom of Ash's Dimensional Door.

As I exited the shimmering doorway I was greeted by the large snout of the Inferno Dragon. He gave me a sniff and immediately reeled back and crouched to the ground as if to apologize. I just grinned at him before walking to the palace.

I was greeted at the entrance by two guards who saluted me as they opened the gates.

"Greetings Empress," they both said while putting a fist over their rather large left breast, it almost looked like they were groping themselves.

Nodding to them both I was led by a maid to the throne room where I met Queen Blaze.

"Greetings Empress, to what do we owe the pleasure of your visit?" She questioned while getting out of her throne and walking up to me.

"Hello Queen Blaze, how are you settling in with your new duties?"

"I am doing well you highness, although it has only been a few days. Queen Sky lent some of her people to help out and I lent her one of my Pure Dragons to keep an eye on the skies and hunt." I just nodded, it is rather fantastic that there is a gateway to all my kingdoms. Although I might have to start charging them for using it.

"Im glad everything is going well, I actually came here because I would like your Kingdom to specialize in the Winemaking business, I already have a winery blueprint and a vineyard that I can place. I also have something very important that must be guarded at all times if you agree to me putting it in your Kingdom.

As I'm sure you are aware, wine has to age before it is ready for consumption, I have a warehouse that allows you to control the time in it by a magnitude of 1000. If you were to put something in the warehouse for one month, 83 years would have passed on the inside if you set it to the max settings." Her eyes got very wide at that, and her jaw dropped.

"I…I would be honored your Majesty, I will have five…no 10 dragons surrounding the warehouse at all times," she stuttered out.

"Good, then where would you like me to place the winery, vineyard, and warehouse?" She lead me out of the palace to a large valley opening to the right of her palace.

"Yes, this will do nicely, I just have one more question for you. Will you have a problem working with vampires?" After all, that was the race I was planning on summoning for winemakers, and they could stay in the Time Warehouse as long as they liked to keep an eye on the wine and experiment with no repercussions.

"No your majesty, I don't believe I would have a problem working with vampires, as long as they feed with the consent and don't turn anyone unless approved by me or if it is a life or death situation and the person dying wishes to be turned." She said straightforwardly, straightening her shoulders as she spoke. Damn, I didn't even think about them turning anyone, and she, in less than a second thought about how it could save someone's life if necessary. Lilly definitely chose correctly to appoint Blaze as Queen.

"Glad to hear it, let's get down to business then."

|Notice: Would you like to place the winery, time dilation warehouse, and vineyard in this location?|


"Yes." Oh, shit.

"Blaze, close your eyes quickly!"

"Wha…ahhhh," Blaze questioned before the bright light blinded her as she whimpered while turning around.

"I'm sorry Blaze I should have warned you, whenever you place a building with a blueprint or summon new subjects there is a very bright flash of light. It hurts quite a bit for those of us with sensitive eyes." She just nodded while looking down and rubbing the spots out of her eyes.

"Thank you for letting me know," she said while looking up and quickly taking a sharp breath as she looked at the large vineyard and the beautiful winery in front of us.

"Ok, I'm going to summon the Vampires and then I'll let you get back to work."

'System, before I do summon vampires for the vineyard workers. Are there any types of vampires or is there just a single race?'

|Notice: There is one type of vampire, the Immortal Vampire, however, they can evolve just like any other race.|

'Good to know. Ok um, I can summon 10 Sommelière and 100 Vineyard Workers right?'

|Notice: Correct.|

'Ok then, combine and summon 50 Vinyard Workers and two Sommelière'

|Notice: Summoning workers now.|

|Notice: 100 SS-Rank Immortal Vampire Vinyard Workers have been combined into SSS-Rank 50 Druid Class Immortal Vampires Workers, Information: Druid Class Vampires have evolved to grow all plant life 100 times faster than normal.|

|Notice: 10 SS-Rank Immortal Vampire Sommelières have been combined into two SSS-Rank Celestial Vampire Alchahol Brew Masters, Information: Celestial Brew Masters can make any alcohol imaginable from the barest ingredients and it will taste just as they intend.|

|Notice: Congratulations! You are the first person in this solar system to create two Celestial beings in less than 500 years. You have been rewarded with 2,000,000 Xp, 100,000 F-Rank Grape Seeds, and five Demigod Chests.|

I didn't even blink an eye at the awesomeness of the text in front of me.

'System, please combine the Grape Seeds until I only have 10,000 left, and before you ask, yes I do want to do that.'

|Notice: You have combined 100,000 F-Rank Grape Seeds into 10,000 S-Rank Purple Amber Grape Seeds.|

"Blaze, close your eyes. Actually, turn around." I said as I also turned around while our shadows elongated from the flash of light behind us.

As the light dimmed down I turned around and came face to face with 52 beautiful women and five large bags of amber-like grape seeds next to them. They all looked human except for their strikingly golden eyes.

"Greetings Empress Crystal and Queen Blaze," they all softly whispered. Though I was able to hear them clearly as if their voices were carried through the wind.

I just grinned as I turned around and walked back to the Pure Dragons Barracks, letting Blaze handle the rest of the introductions; after all, this was her kingdom.

After a nice stroll, I was finally standing before a huge building that had dragons carved everywhere around it.

'System, summon one Time Dragon and one Space Dragon as well as one Dark Steel Dragon.'

|Notice: Summoning Dragons now.|