Global Transmigration: I Received an X Ranked Talent

Please leave a review and a comment. I always enjoy constructive criticism, or just someone saying they enjoy reading my book. However, I just want to let you all know that I do write this in my free time, so there isn't a consistent update schedule. Chapter 1 WHAT THE FUCK Crystal’s (Pov) ‘Ahh, there is nothing better than a hot shower after a monotonous day of school work’ I thought while washing my hair with pomegranate shampoo. Turning off the water I stepped out of the shower and reached for the towel, and just as I was about to grab it a bright light flashed in front of me. |Congratulations! You and 4 million other humans have been selected from Earth to participate in King/Queen building Games!| |Notice: You will be given a random Talent and Subjects to help you build your empire. It will depend on your leadership, intelligence, and Luck to survive this world of magical beasts, other Kings or Queens, and any other dangers you may face through your journey.| “WHAT THE FUCK!!!” I screamed in surprise as a screen popped up in front of me and a disembodied voice rang out around me. Looking around me I noticed that 1, I was standing outside what appeared to be a cave with a small house nearby and a forest in front of me with a river running through it, and 2, I was still completely naked. Authors Note: This will be one of the most op-bullshit stories I have ever written down, ill try to give it some actual plot but it's pretty much just something fun for me to write in my downtime. I will take any helpful criticisms, suggestions, or reviews. However, if you're just gonna spam smartass bullshit I’ll just delete it. #OP, #System, #Yuri, #Kingdom Building, #Nonhuman MC, #Female Protaganist, #Transmigration, #Etc.

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The Luck Stat is OP

(Pov Chris)

I couldn't fucking believe it, an actual honest to god Demigod Chest. No wonder Empress Crystal was so fucking powerful already. Just with the starting chests alone or whatever she found, she could fuse, and probably get an S-rank or higher of anything; especially because it was no cost to herself. I kept staring at the chest until my wife elbowed me in the ribs.

"Ok, here it goes," I whispered to myself.

|Notice: Would you like to open a Demigod Chest?|


"Yes, god yes."

|Notice: You have received one portable S-rank spring. Information: You are able to move this spring water to any location you want, you can only move it twice. You have received three Magic/Skills: Sand Magic Level Max, Undead Pharoh Transformation, and Vaginal Growth. Information: You can receive a fully functioning vagina and carry a child to term to carry on your Royal line.|

My smile was permanently on my face until I read the last line, then I just froze, barely breathing at all.

"Yeah, that happen to me too when I opened my first Demigod Chest, I think the System just wants us to be able to carry on our Royal line, no matter what," Crystal said across from me as she noticed my twitching face. I could only nod, my face still spasming with happiness and the feeling of 'what the fuck?!'

(Pov Empress Crystal White)

I felt slightly bad for Chris, this is probably the first time he has had to deal with the Systems sick twist of Royal line business. I tried not to think about how the Amazons could technically reproduce with me moving on to my treasure chests. After all, I now had four Mythril chests, and if two make a Demigod Chest then it stands to reason that four would make a God Chest or something like that.

'Actually, System before the fusion, can you tell me all the ranks of Treasure Chests?' I probably should have asked this sooner.

|Notice: Treasure Chest Ranking: Silver, Gold, Platinum, Diamond, Obsidian, Mythril, Demigod, Immortal: Ranks: Bronze, Crimson Bronze, Silver, Astral Silver, Gold, White Gold, God, Primordial, and Universal|

'Holy fuck, ok fuse them,' I hurriedly thought.

|Talent, Fusion has activated, would you like to fuse four Mythril Treasure Chests together?|


"Yes," I said in breathless anticipation, before shutting my eyes tightly.

|Notice: You have fused four Mythril Treasure Chests to produce one Silver rank Immortal Chest. Would you like to open it?|


I could only nod in excitement.

|Notice: You have received 20,000,000 Xp, all of your Kingdom's territories have grown 3x their original size, one Adventurers Guild Blueprint. Information: Once you build an Adventures Guild people from across the land will start to come to your Kingdoms to carry out missions and live at your Kingdoms (Note, if you build the Adventurers Guild now, you will lose the remaining time on the protective shield that you still have.) one Tavern Blueprint, one Winery Blueprint, one 5 acre Vinyard that you may place anywhere you wish +100 S-rank Vinyard Workers and 10 SS-rank Master Sommelières, and one 1 to 1000 Time dilation/simulation warehouse. Information: If you put something in the warehouse for one hour, 1000 hours will have passed on the inside, it can also simulate any climate you wish. Be it the bottom of the ocean or the vacuum of space, be careful you are not in the warehouse when you activate these settings to the max.|

|Notice: You have reached Level 29| |Xp 1,455,000/2,900,000|

|Notice: You have reached sufficient Level to open up your Level 25 Skill book, would you like to open it?|

"Su…sure," The amount of information was incredible.

|Notice: You have received the Skill Sky walker: ERROR ERROR ERROR, you already have the evolved path of Sky Walker, Flight Magic. Locating new Skill… New Skill found you have received, Unbreathing. Information: You no longer have the need to breathe oxygen, you could walk on the moon or the seabed floor without the need to breathe.|

'I mean, that's kind of cool, but I could have already done that with my air and water magic.' Whatever one extra skill is always handy. Looking back up at Chris who was still frozen in shock I glanced at his wife Lola who was still blinking the spots out of her eyes from the blinding light of my Chest; no pun intended.

"Lola, Chris, it was a pleasure meeting you both, unfortunately, I have pressing matters to attend to. If you wish to wander my grounds you are more than willing to, when you wish to go back home tell Emma, who will be escorting you." I said, gesturing to one of the Amazons who was surrounding us.

"Please try some of the dishes at the Onyx River Restaurant, free of charge." Standing up I made my way back to my throne room.

"Scarlet, Miya, get Lilly we have much to discuss. Also, Miya, if you could have Tea Mistress Kiri brew some more tea for this meeting that would be perfect," Sitting down on my comfortable throne I closed my eyes and looked at the rewards that I had received. Still not believing what some of them were.

'System, can you confirm that I received a time dilation warehouse from a Silver-rank Immortal chest?'

|Notice: That is correct.|

'But System why did I get a Silver-ranked chest in the first place? It's my understanding that with two Mytheril Chests, I can get a Demigod Chest. So with four, shouldn't I only get a Bronze rank Immortal chest, maybe a Crimzon Bronze?'

|Notice: Your Luck also favors the probability of what you receive when you fuse items and people together, your luck was at 422 plus the 300 Luck you received when you drank your own breast milk bringing you to 722. Then you received 20,000,000 Xp and leveled up five times bringing your luck to 2622. That was all calculated as you were being rewarded.|

"Damn, I'm not sure if you had anything to do with me getting my Talent System, but I will thank you all the same, so thank you," I whispered as I heard steps coming toward the throne room.