Global Transmigration: I Received an X Ranked Talent

Please leave a review and a comment. I always enjoy constructive criticism, or just someone saying they enjoy reading my book. However, I just want to let you all know that I do write this in my free time, so there isn't a consistent update schedule. Chapter 1 WHAT THE FUCK Crystal’s (Pov) ‘Ahh, there is nothing better than a hot shower after a monotonous day of school work’ I thought while washing my hair with pomegranate shampoo. Turning off the water I stepped out of the shower and reached for the towel, and just as I was about to grab it a bright light flashed in front of me. |Congratulations! You and 4 million other humans have been selected from Earth to participate in King/Queen building Games!| |Notice: You will be given a random Talent and Subjects to help you build your empire. It will depend on your leadership, intelligence, and Luck to survive this world of magical beasts, other Kings or Queens, and any other dangers you may face through your journey.| “WHAT THE FUCK!!!” I screamed in surprise as a screen popped up in front of me and a disembodied voice rang out around me. Looking around me I noticed that 1, I was standing outside what appeared to be a cave with a small house nearby and a forest in front of me with a river running through it, and 2, I was still completely naked. Authors Note: This will be one of the most op-bullshit stories I have ever written down, ill try to give it some actual plot but it's pretty much just something fun for me to write in my downtime. I will take any helpful criticisms, suggestions, or reviews. However, if you're just gonna spam smartass bullshit I’ll just delete it. #OP, #System, #Yuri, #Kingdom Building, #Nonhuman MC, #Female Protaganist, #Transmigration, #Etc.

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Terra Sphere

A few seconds later a sphere of darkness appeared in front of me.

'Oh yeah…I can't actually see the planet through my Shadow Magic, damn."

|Notice: You have fused A-ranked planet Aurorium, B-ranked planet Ferrosis, a Micro Blue Star, two Micro moons, MAX Level Darkness Magic, and one B-ranked Town Creation Tablet to create one SS-ranked Terra Sphere: Information: The Terra Sphere is a giant Micro Planet, about the size of a beach ball, it is surrounded by your Shadow Magic to simulate space for the planet's inhabitants. It has one star and two moons, the planet is 60% water, 25% forest, 10% desert, and 5% plains. Its size in relation to you is the size of a beach ball, however, if you are on the planet it is 50x larger than the size of Earth. There are no sentient beings inhabiting this planet, however, the planet is rich in a diverse ecosystem of flora and fauna. There are also new metals and gems that can not be found on any other planet in this galaxy. As you have fused a town creation tablet into this planet, a town was created and placed next to a large forest and ocean coast. A dimensional doorway has been placed in your palace that connects to the town. Once you go through it your size will be reduced down to the Terra Spheres, you will feel just like you do on this planet and experience no adverse side effects. If you require more information about this planet, please ask.|

|Notice: Please name your new Planet|

|Notice: Please name your new Town|

|Notice: Congratulations! You are the 3rd person in this galaxy to create a planet with a functional ecosystem that can support sentient beings. You have been rewarded one White Gold Treasure Chest, two new race barracks' of your choice, one Max Level Magic of your choice, and one Max Level life skill of your choice.|

"HOLY FUCK MOTHERING FUCK!!!!" I screamed out as my voice echoed around the mountains. 

"Um…I guess I'll just name the planet Terra, and the town can be called uhh… Shorewood Town." I stuttered out, as I stared at the sphere of darkness in front of me. Slowly, I grabbed the dark sphere and walked into my own shadow. Once again I exited next to the Tree of Immortality.

"Selene, I will be placing this in another alcove, this sphere is almost as important as the tree, understood?" I said, glancing at Cerberi in front of me. I received a large triple "Wooof!" that reverberated throughout the cavern in response, which I took as a yes before walking to one of the spare caves and placing the hovering sphere of darkness inside.

As I walked out of the Temple towards my palace I glanced at the rewards I received from the Terra Sphere creation.

|Notice: You have received one White Gold Treasure Chest, two new race barracks' of your choice, one Max Level Magic of your choice, and one Max Level life skill of your choice.|

'Damn those are some good rewards,' I thought as I walked to the throne room.

"Scarlet, please get me some Tea from Kiri, whatever she thinks would be good today, as well as something from the kitchens. It's been a very long day." 

"Yes, Empress." I heard faintly as part of my shadow broke off and slid underneath the door.

'System, what type of new magic would best help my Empire at this time?' I thought silently.

|Notice: You currently possess Max Level Earth, Water, Air, and Darkness Magic. The magic that would help you and your empire the most at this moment is either Rune Magic, Communication Magic, or Nature Magic. Information: Rune Magic is a written form of magic that is inscribed onto surfaces or objects, and allows you to write power and alter the fundamental properties of materials. Enhancing durability or imbuing them with unique properties. Additionally, when arranged in specific combinations, runes can unlock concealed knowledge or open mystical gateways to hidden realms. Communication magic revolves around the manipulation of magical energies to facilitate communication between individuals or across distances. Nature Magic is a connection to the world's essence. It grants control over plant growth and communication with animals. With power drawn from the planet, it shapes the environment, heals plants, and maintains balance in the delicate ecosystem.|

'Well, I don't need Communication Magic, I already have Shadow Mice as well as Scarlet and Kira, plus my Ravens. Nature Magic sounds kinda fun, but Rune Magic is definitely what I need right now, especially with the shield falling soon.'

|Notice: You have gained Max Level Rune Magic.|

I immediately gained a headache as a library's worth of knowledge flowed into my brain. Groaning slightly at the influx of information, I looked inwards at my 'memories' of the rune languages and uses. I was slightly surprised to note that the shield encompassing my kingdoms was actually a giant rune scheme. However, when looking at the power requirements I immediately gave up on creating one.

|God-Rank Intrusion Ward: A ward that can prevent even gods from entering a location is an immensely complex and powerful magical feat. The amount of MP required to sustain such a ward for a month is astronomical. It is also impossible to sustain such a ward with only MP. You also need Divine Essence or Presence to keep such a ward powered.|

|Notice: A Ward can be created using rune schemes.|

'Well, there goes my idea of keeping my kingdoms protected forever.' 

"Sigh…System, using the knowledge I just gained, compile a list of rune schemes and rune techniques that I am able to create and place on my kingdoms."

|Notice: Calculating, please hold.|

|Notice: There are 75,392,445,020 various rune schemes and rune techniques that you are capable of using for your kingdoms.|

'Yeah… that tracks, um… for now list the various rune techniques that I can… you know what, never mind, I'll do this myself later. I had another magic or life skill right? Well, I choose painter.|

|Notice: Life Skill Painter Level Max has been gained.|

'Cool, now I just need to find a way to get canvas and the right pigments and binders to make paint….fuck, that is gonna take a while.'

Before I could think further on it though, Kiri and another beautiful 9-Tailed Fox Woman walked into the throne room.

"Empress, Melissa and I have brought you your lunch. It includes a pot of Hellspring Tea and a Stew made from the various meats and fish our kingdom can provide." Kiri said while holding a beautiful pot of what I assumed was the hellspring tea.

"Thank you Kiri, follow me to one of the tables outside, and then you may leave if you wish," I said, trying not to salivate at the smell of the stew that Melissa was holding as we walked.

As soon as I sat down, Melissa placed a bowl in front of me and Kiri placed a cup of tea before me, then they both bowed and left. As soon as they were out of sight I dug into the stew, leaving behind all of the etiquette that I had learned when meeting Lilith.

"Mmmmmm, so good," moaning into my next bite.

(3 Minutes Later)

"Burrrp… damn that was good. I'll have to get Melissa to prepare more of that later." I said out loud, unaware that one of the shadow mice had already left, and told the chefs how much I liked it.

'Well, back to work I guess.' Standing up I walked towards the large room that held all of the dimensional gateways and, without hesitation, began to walk towards the newly formed one. Just as I was about to cross the threshold something in the corner of my eye caught my attention. There was another gateway that I'm sure I hadn't been through glowing a few feet next to it. 

'System, where does this gate lead to?'

|Notice: This dimensional gate leads to the third deal/trade you made with King Bi Fay a few days ago, it leads to an A-ranked Magic Crystal Mine.|

'Damn, I completely forgot about that after I almost killed Lilith…I wonder how she is doing right now, huuuh, I guess I can summon her later. Well, I should probably deal with this before the shield goes down.'

"Miya, can you please grab 2 Abyssal Mining Spiders and 5, no let's do 10 Amazons, we have an A-ranked Magic Crystal Mine to claim."

"Yes, your majesty." A quiet voice whispered before part of my shadow disappeared. 

A few moments later my shadow grew to enormous proportions as Lilly and 10 more Amazons as well as 2 large metal-plated spiders appeared before me.

"Thank you for coming so quickly, we are going to go claim an A-ranked Magic Crystal Mine, however, it is in another King's territory, much like the Sapphire forest was in King Lucas' territory. However, the shield around it will be falling in a few days. When that happens, I want a wall and a guard tower already surrounding it, understood." I said with the etiquette I had previously forgotten when eating my lunch.

"Yes, Empress!"

"Good, then let's go," I said before walking into the dimensional doorway with Lilly by my side.

You don't know how much it means to me that people are still reading this even when I haven't updated in so long. I will try to update more when I can and hopefully, it won't be such a long wait for you all. Again, thank you all for sticking with my stories.

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