Global Transmigration: I Received an X Ranked Talent

Please leave a review and a comment. I always enjoy constructive criticism, or just someone saying they enjoy reading my book. However, I just want to let you all know that I do write this in my free time, so there isn't a consistent update schedule. Chapter 1 WHAT THE FUCK Crystal’s (Pov) ‘Ahh, there is nothing better than a hot shower after a monotonous day of school work’ I thought while washing my hair with pomegranate shampoo. Turning off the water I stepped out of the shower and reached for the towel, and just as I was about to grab it a bright light flashed in front of me. |Congratulations! You and 4 million other humans have been selected from Earth to participate in King/Queen building Games!| |Notice: You will be given a random Talent and Subjects to help you build your empire. It will depend on your leadership, intelligence, and Luck to survive this world of magical beasts, other Kings or Queens, and any other dangers you may face through your journey.| “WHAT THE FUCK!!!” I screamed in surprise as a screen popped up in front of me and a disembodied voice rang out around me. Looking around me I noticed that 1, I was standing outside what appeared to be a cave with a small house nearby and a forest in front of me with a river running through it, and 2, I was still completely naked. Authors Note: This will be one of the most op-bullshit stories I have ever written down, ill try to give it some actual plot but it's pretty much just something fun for me to write in my downtime. I will take any helpful criticisms, suggestions, or reviews. However, if you're just gonna spam smartass bullshit I’ll just delete it. #OP, #System, #Yuri, #Kingdom Building, #Nonhuman MC, #Female Protaganist, #Transmigration, #Etc.

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Big Breasted Chickens

|Notice: You have fused 50 B-rank Lynx Girls to produce one SSS-rank Blood Lynx. Information: The Blood Lynx is usually a ferocious beast that will try and kill anything in its path. Good luck to anyone that might encounter such a beast.|

'Wait, what?' I thought everything I fused together was loyal to me, or at least wouldn't attack me. The bright flash of light ended and a giant-looking lynx with blood-red spots lept at me with a ferocious snarl. Without thinking I used my bloodline martial art and within minutes of fighting, the lynx had died choking on its own blood when I crushed its windpipe.

"Fuck, System, are you telling me that anything I summon and then fuse has the potential to attack me?"

|Notice: Yes, remeber Crystal that all things still have free will. You do not take that away from them when they are fused together, they still make their own decisions.|

|Notice: Congratulations on your first kill, because you are the first person to kill an SSS-ranked beast you will be given a random SSS-ranked weapon.|

|Notice: From your memories, a weapon has been chosen. You have been given the SSS-ranked Transforming Sniper Katana, Widow Maker. Information: From your memories, a weapon based on the show 'RWBY' was generated for you. It uses your magic as ammunition.|

|Notice: You have killed a Level 30 SSS-rank Blood Lynx and gained 100,000 Exp.|

|Notice: You have gained one pelt of a Blood Lynx, and two Diamond Chests.|

"Holy fuck," I discarded all the other notifications as I glanced at the sniper rifle in my hands. It was black with red highlights and it was awesome as I flipped it around until I was holding a beautiful katana that radiated dark energy as I pictured using my Dark magic.

"This is fucking awesome, I bet I'm the only person in the world that has a gun. I need to get this to Titania, maybe she can reverse engineer this and my army can be more OP than ever." My smile was radiant as I looked at the marvel of ingenuity in my hands, before reluctantly putting it into my inventory. I had one more thing to do before going back to my Kingdom.

Walking for a bit, I arrived at the shipyard where the Amazons had already begun fishing, as did some of the shark girls. I greeted all of them as I got closer to the edge of the pier. Focusing on a large amount of water before me I pictured lots of Painted Crayfish coming towards me. Sure enough, the water began to churn before a little over 100 blue, red, purple, and green-painted crayfish were floating in an orb of water before me.

|Talent, Fusion has been activated. Would you to fuse 128 B-rank Painted Crayfish together?


"Yes, but I want four of them."

|Notice: You have fused together 128 B-ranked Painted Crayfish to produce four S-ranked Rainbow Crayfish. Information: The Rainbow Crayfish is a multicolored crustacean that is 8ft in length and weighs a little over one ton. When killed it can produce some of the best meat in the world and would pair well with a good S-rank wine if you could find one. The Rainbow Crayfish also mates every month and hatches 700 eggs which reach maturity in two weeks. They can live in freshwater or saltwater habitats.|

"I need some help over here," I said as a few shark girls and some amazons came to inspect the large crayfish floating before me. I did notice that they were wearing some makeshift clothes, so that was good.

"Here are two Rainbow Crayfish, you will want to keep them in a contained water source, they will mate and give birth within the month. They are S-ranked so be careful, do you understand?" They all just stared at me in awe before nodding as one of the amazons grabbed two from the floating water ball and started walking inland. I nodded before heading back to the palace with the other two crayfish floating behind me.

"System, I still have seven more Onyx River Restaurants I can summon, correct? Will they come with chefs too?" I remember fusing a lot of people together so maybe I'll have to borrow some of the chefs from the other restaurants.

|Notice: You do indeed, have seven more restaurants you can summon. However, you fused all the chefs you were given. Though, if you want more you can pay 100 gold for 10 Chefs and 100 Staff of whatever race you wish.|

"Well, that works for me, I have more than enough. Speaking of which I should probably make a treasury and put all this money into circulation. Whatever, I'll do that later."

|Notice: As soon as you built your restaurants your money was put into circulation, and you have made a profit of 3,000 gold coins and 56 Superior magic crystals.|

"Sweet, less work for me." Not even bothering to question that logic.

|Notice: What race would you like to summon?|

"How about 10 Chicken Chef Women and 100 Chicken Staff, but can I just fuse them now?"

|Talent, Fusion has activated, would you like to fuse 10 C-rank Chicken Chef Women and 100 C-rank Chicken Staff Women together?|



|Notice: You have fused 10 C-rank Chicken Chef Women together to produce one A-rank Scarlet Chicken Master Chef Woman. Information: The Scarlet Chicken Master Chef Woman can not only cook anything they can imagine, but it will also taste exactly as they expect it to. The Scarlet Chicken Woman Chef Woman is special in that she will use her eggs in her cooking, everything is an ingredient to her. She can produce up to 20 eggs a day.|

|Notice: You have fused 100 C-rank Chicken Staff Women together to produce 10 A-rank Big Breasted Chicken Staff Women. Information: Big Breasted Chicken Staff Women use their gigantic tits to lure customers to their store once inside they make sure the customers stay by letting customers drink milk right from the tap, so to speak. The Women do not do this for pleasure although it does cause it, they do it for the benefit of the restaurant and its chef. One Big Breasted Chicken Staff Women can produce enough milk to feed ten 20ft tall Amazons with a little milk to spare if necessary.|

I almost faceplanted at the lude acts this particular restaurant would be operating under, also why the fuck is my Kingdom producing so much god damn breast milk?!

"Greetings everyone, I am Empress Crystal White of the Onyx Kingdom. You are located on the island of the Jade Kingdom ruled by Queen Sky. You all will be working in the restaurant behind you, inside it you will find all the ingredients that all of my other restaurants have access to. Some of the Shark girls are also taking care of some Rainbow Crayfish which I'm sure will be delicious if cooked right. If you have any more questions bring them to Queen Sky, it has been a delight to meet you." I said while turning around quickly, damn those breasts were no joke. I would have been suckling on them within seconds if I didn't have such good control over my body. I thought as I walked to the palace and, for the first time, used the dimensional doorway that connected my two Kingdoms.