22 Reputation Ranked First, Unlock the Class Template with Speed

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Liu Yan hurriedly changed into the newly obtained Wind Rider Set.

After putting it on, he immediately felt that his various attributes had obtained a huge increase, and his body had become much lighter and stronger.

At the same time, he had also obtained two powerful skills.

At this point in time, the rest of the Awakened were basically still wearing F-grade equipment. Occasionally, some would have one or two pieces of E-grade equipment, but almost none of them had D-grade equipment.

Yet Liu Yan was already fully equipped with D-grade equipment that was also a set compatible with his hunter class.

The gap between Liu Yan and the other Awakened was once again widened.

Liu Yan looked at the remaining equipment.

The equipment with the lowest grades had directly turned into materials.

Those with higher grades had turned into parts of the Wind Rider Set after Divine Extraction.


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