25 Obtaining an A-grade Skill for the First Time with Divine Extraction

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Liu Yan gripped his dagger tightly, and hit the beast's weak spot with all his strength accurately.

However, with a "bang", the dagger was repelled, and the fire Kylin was unharmed.

He immediately used his Swiftsteps to pull away.

Only now did he notice that the fire Kylin's scales were extremely thick.

Even with his currently terrifyingly strong strength attribute as well as the three-times Strenght Enhancement effect, he was still unable to cause any damage to it.

Liu Yan glanced at the dagger in his hand. It was the Federation Special Dagger that he had upgraded to E-grade by using Divine Extraction on it. Yet now, it was obviously not sharp enough to be of use.

To think he couldn't penetrate the scales of the fire Kylin and was unable to cause any damage to it even with his strength.

With this, his weakness was revealed.


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