Global Symbiotes: My Symbiote Is A Slime

"Waking up from sleep, Ye Feng realized that he had transmigrated to a world where the cities had awakened and the whole world lived in symbiotic relations. Every young person of age would choose a symbiote that was compatible with them. Some people built a symbiotic relationship with the Ancient Great Dragon of the Origins. After they matured, they could shatter the earth with their dragon breaths. Some people built a symbiotic relationship with the Twelve Winged Flaming Angel. After they matured, their sacred light shone upon the world. Some people built a root-level symbiotic relationship with Succubuses. After they matured, they became insanely attractive and charmed the world. However, Ye Feng’s symbiote was the most unremarkable creature, a Slime?! Fortunately, he activated the system and awakened the six great sequences at the beginning! [Perception]: Your ability to sense danger and opportunities is amplified significantly. [Devour]: You can devour any living being that is smaller than yourself to increase the size of your own body. [Split]: You can split your body into smaller parts. Each part will retain part of the initial body’s abilities. [Regenerate]: The recovery capabilities of your various stats are amplified significantly, at the same time your adaptability is increased rapidly as well. [Mimic]: Your symbiote will evolve at an accelerated pace. Every time it evolves, there is a chance that it can awaken a new ability. Watch how Ye Feng’s Slime grows to rule the world in the end...

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Strengthening and Stabilizing Mixture, The Divine Medicine For Rejection

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Seeing this result, Ye Feng was instantly overjoyed.

Putting everything else aside, with this 100% compatibility, this Slime was simply a perfect match for him!

He still did not know what this species was like, nor did he know what it looked like.

Ye Feng was filled with intense curiosity. With a thought, he checked the information of the Slime.

In the next moment, a semi-fluid, semi-transparent species appeared in front of him.

It was in the shape of a ball of jelly, and its lines were extremely perfect.

Its entire body was crystal clear, and even the weeds that it was eating in its abdomen could be seen clearly.

Ye Feng could not help but reach out to touch it. A cold feeling slowly spread from his fingertips to all parts of his body.

"So magical..." Ye Feng's heart was filled with great shock. He did not know what was the use of being cute and adorable at the same time.

[Although the Slime's level is relatively low, its plasticity is extremely strong. Through acquired cultivation, its potential is extremely huge!]

At this moment, the system suddenly prompted.

Ye Feng nodded. With the system's support, he thought that there would definitely be a different evolution space in the future.


[Congratulations, you have successfully completed symbiosis!]

[I wish you an endless path of evolution!]

Under the cycle of consciousness, Ye Feng opened his eyes once again and realized that he had already left the symbiotic pool.

Ye Feng returned to his teacher's side and discovered that most of his classmates had already completed symbiosis.

At this moment, they were discussing their respective species of symbiosis.

There was a voice that was especially obvious, and his words were filled with pride.

Ye Feng looked over. It was the second generation of the rich, Zhang Hao. He was used to being arrogant and domineering, and many of his classmates hated him.

"Haha, I've gotten a Spirit-Sucking Monster. Are you envious?!"

"Big Brother, you're good. The name of Spirit-Sucking Monster sounds awesome. I wonder what abilities it has?"

When Zhang Hao's little brothers heard that it was a Spirit-Sucking Monster, they immediately swarmed over.

"You guys don't know this. Spirit-Sucking Monsters are super awesome. Not only can they absorb other people's souls, but the souls can also be used for their own purposes."

"Just this ability alone is enough to instantly kill most of today's symbiotes."

"When I truly master this ability, won't I be able to toy with women in the future? I can toy with whoever I want!"

Zhang Hao's face was full of arrogance and he did not put anyone in his eyes.

When he saw Ye Feng walk over with a frown, he asked disdainfully, "Hey, Ye Feng! What's with your expression!"

"Do you think your symbiote is very awesome? Say it out and see what trash it is. Let our brothers have fun!"


As soon as Ye Feng finished speaking, everyone immediately burst into laughter.

"What's that? Slime? Hahaha, I'm laughing so hard. What trash!" When Zhang Hao heard this result, he became even more arrogant.

"Alright, when you're done, go to the hall and register your symbiotes."

At this moment, a sweet voice came from behind Ye Feng.

When everyone heard this, they tactfully left the place.

Ye Feng turned around and saw a very graceful figure standing beside him.

"Don't be discouraged. After entering the symbiosis pool, it doesn't matter what level of symbiote you have. What's important is the degree of adaptability."

Li Ruyan rubbed Ye Feng's hair and comforted him.

As a form teacher, Li Ruyan had always been very concerned about the growth of her students, especially Ye Feng. His academic results had always been at the top and had always been the focus of the teachers' attention.

"Teacher, don't worry. I know what I'm doing. I won't be discouraged because of this." Ye Feng knew that the teacher was worried about him, so he answered with a serious face.

Ye Feng naturally wouldn't be discouraged. After all, he had a system and could deduce everything.

In addition, his Slime was extremely malleable. In addition to that, he guided his cultivation in the later stages.

It was actually not completely impossible to become a powerful existence!

Li Ruyan looked at Ye Feng and was still a little worried. She continued, "One of the five great human ceilings, Andy Pudicombe. You should still remember him, right?"

Ye Feng nodded.

Of course, he knew that the existence of the Five Great Humans had become the dream of countless people, the hero in their hearts.

The Great Meditation Teacher, Andy Pudicombe, had symbiosis with air.

Logically speaking, as the most basic human need, air should become an extraordinary existence if it was his symbiote.

The concept of air was too huge. For humans, symbiotic substances that were too huge were generally unable to display their abilities.

In other words, it was basically a useless symbiote because ordinary people could not control it!

Li Ruyan paused. "But he took the opportunity to create a wind-type spell and became one of the top combat strengths of the current era."

"Moreover, three days after the symbiosis state, it is the period of rejection. Many students will have different degrees of rejection reactions and will be devoured by the symbiosis state. It is very dangerous."

Before she finished her sentence, a heart-wrenching voice sounded not far away.

"Ah, save me!"

Ye Feng turned his head and looked over.

Zhang Hao, who was feeling proud just a moment ago, suddenly had his body burned and was rolling on the ground in pain.

Rays of light shot out from his body as if he was being torn apart.

"This is... backlash!"

Ye Feng was extremely shocked when he saw this scene.

This was the first time he had seen a backlash.

To be honest, this scene was far more terrifying than he had imagined.

The person who was hit by the backlash wailed incessantly. He also knew the pain in his body the best.

It was a shocking sight!

Almost at the same time, Ye Feng realized that Li Ruyan had disappeared. He turned around and found that she had already appeared beside Zhang Hao.

The other teachers present also rushed over to help when they saw this.

They used special methods to forcefully suppress the backlash.

Then, Zhang Hao was sent to the school's treatment room for further observation.

If he was lucky and the symbiote body was successfully removed, then Zhang Hao could become an ordinary person again. At the very least, he could still survive.

If he was slightly unlucky, then he would basically be cold.

After settling it, Li Ruyan returned to Ye Feng's side.

"Almost every year, there will be people who think that they are the chosen one. There are also many people who seek death and forcefully fuse with a powerful symbiote body."

"But reality is often very cruel..."

As she spoke, Li Ruyan paused for a moment and said, "There is a medicine that is suitable for the first three days of the rejection period. It is called the Strengthening and Stabilizing Mixture. Taking it can greatly reduce the side effects of the rejection period."

"However, the price can be very expensive..."

The market price of this medicine was not cheap.

Even the cheapest one was more than 100,000 to 200,000 yuan.

Li Ruyan naturally knew Ye Feng's family situation.

A bottle of medicine that was more than 100,000 yuan was not something an ordinary family could afford.

Looking at Ye Feng who was hesitating, she thought for a moment and said, "If you are not feeling well these few days, remember to contact me immediately."

He did not expect that after transmigrating, his beautiful teacher would still treat him so well.

Looking at the back of Li Ruyan in the distance...

Ye Feng was also very touched.