5 Let Go of Me, You Rascal!

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The crowd beside Chu Feng was furious.

Sun Jian's provocation was a great humiliation to this group of young and impetuous students.

They looked toward Chu Feng with eyes full of hope.

They wanted to see how Chu Feng would respond.

However, Chu Feng merely smiled. He was only amused.

After having experienced countless life-and-death battles with abyssal demonic creatures in his previous life, now the supposed Taekwondo competition was no different from a child's play, more so when the opponents were a group of children.

Chu Feng simply could not open his mouth to reject the challenge.

However, Chu Feng's silence was interpreted by the crowd as his acceptance that he was no match for Sun Jian, and therefore he dared not respond.

Immediately, several people from Chu Feng's team could not contain themselves and spoke out.

"Brother Feng, what are you afraid of!"

"That's right. If you don't dare to go up, I'll go! At most, I'll just be beaten up!"

Seeing this, Zhang Chao scolded them angrily, "What do you guys know? Can't you tell that this Sun Jian is taking advantage of Brother Feng when he is down? He dares to challenge Brother Feng only when he is not in optimum form. If Brother Feng has recovered, do you think he dares?!"

The few people who had just spoken shut up.

Even if this was the case, they still felt indignant.

They were being taunted in front of everyone, but their own captain did not even dare to respond. The team members felt their faces burning.

In the ring, Sun Jian saw the situation and laughed wildly.

"Haha, what a coward. How boring!"

His lackeys also joined in.

"Haha, Brother Jian is invincible!"

"At least that brat Chu Feng is being sensible. Otherwise, he would have been brutally thrashed in the ring. That would have been even more humiliating."


Suddenly, an icy female voice came from the spectator stand.

Everyone looked over.

A beautiful young girl with a ponytail had stood up.

"It's the school Belle Xia Qingwan!"

"So beautiful!"

"Too bad, she's just too cold. Like an iceberg."

"By the way, the school belle is apparently a 7th-rank black belt in Taekwondo, with a strength one rank higher than Sun Jian and Chu Feng."

"Is she standing up for Chu Feng?"

Xia Qingwan ignored the gossip around her and looked coldly at Sun Jian in the ring.

"Get down or I'll go up and fight you."

Sun Jian was stunned for a moment, and then he became furious.

"Qingwan, are you standing up for that kid?"

Xia Qingwan's expression remained cold.

"You're openly interrupting the proceedings of a competition, and I'm one of the judges of the match. I've the obligation to stop you."

Sun Jian frowned and said slowly after a long while,

"Qingwan, I'll give you face."

With that said, he jumped down from the ring.

Chu Feng rubbed his chin and looked at Xia Qingwan.

Another familiar face.

And in the previous life, Xia Qingwan had made quite a name for herself. She was known as the Frost Fairy. In fact, she had helped Chu Feng a lot when he was seeking revenge.

Sensing that someone was looking at her, Xia Qingwan frowned slightly.

Upon seeing that it was Chu Feng, disappointment flashed across her eyes.

Originally, she had quite a good impression of Chu Feng.

However, what had just happened had greatly reduced her impression of Chu Feng.

Even if he is not a match for him, he should not shy away from a fight!

A man can be weak, but he must not lose his pride!

After pondering for a moment, she said, "I know you're not feeling well today, but you shouldn't have remained silent. This will only undermine your confidence. The next time you fight him, you won't be able to win."

Chu Feng grinned.

This ice beauty has a unique way of comforting people. No wonder she did not have many friends in her previous life.

Chu Feng had wanted to say something, but suddenly, he sensed the vague waves of spiritual energy coming from beneath the ground.

His face immediately turned grim.

"The Abyssal Passage is about to open!"

Xia Qingwan had originally hoped that Chu Feng would be able to rise to the occasion and work harder from the provocation of her words.

However, seeing that Chu Feng had remained silent, she shook her head in disappointment.

"That's all I have to say. Take care."

Then, she turned around and left, intending not to pay further attention to Chu Feng anymore.

"Continue the competition. The next contestants, please get ready."

Xia Qingwan's icy voice echoed in the gymnasium.

At this moment, Chu Feng no longer had time to pay attention to Xia Qingwan's words.

He concentrated on sensing the wave of spiritual energy which was getting closer.

It's here! Under the feet of Xia Qingwan!!

He instantly caught the exact location.

Crap! Xia Qingwan is in danger!

The next moment, Chu Feng suddenly moved. His figure was like a beam of light. His powerful thighs burst forth with unparalleled speed.

Bursts of spiritual energy gathered around him.

Chu Feng's sudden movement gave everyone a shock.

"What's wrong with him?"

Sun Jian looked toward Chu Feng in astonishment.

"Brother Jian, look! Chu Feng is pouncing toward Xia Qingwan. Could it be that he's angry from embarrassment and wants to take advantage of the school Belle?"

"Damn! Kill him!"

Sun Jian immediately stood up, wanting to save the damsel in distress.

On the other side, Xia Qingwan had also felt the strong gust of air behind her.

She hurriedly turned around and saw Chu Feng charging at her.

She also thought that Chu Feng had gone mad and was going to take advantage of her. Thus, she immediately assumed a fighting posture.

A swift and fierce kick!

With the strength of her 7th-rank black belt, she intended to teach this lecherous fellow a good lesson.

But the next moment made her doubt life!


With a simple movement, Chu Feng incredulously dodged her kick. It was next followed by a sway of his body which had seemed so effortless.

With disbelief, Xia Qingwan discovered that Chu Feng had disappeared from her line of sight.

"Where… is he?"

Before Xia Qingwan could think more, Chu Feng had already appeared behind Xia Qingwan.

He gently stretched out a hand and countered Xia Qingwan easily like a pair of iron pincers.

The entire process had happened in a flash.

No matter how Xia Qingwan struggled, she could not break free.

This scene shocked everyone present.

"Oh my god, what just happened?"

"When did Chu Feng become so strong?!"

"This is probably the strength of a 8th or 9th-rank black-belt!"

"The school Belle can't fight back at all!"

"From the looks of it, Sun Jian and the others can't even survive one strike from him. Why didn't he dare to accept the challenge just now?"

Sun Jian himself was dumbfounded. He was not able to even see Chu Feng's moves clearly,

let alone fight him.

Everyone was silent.

Only Xia Qingwan snorted coldly, "Let go of me! You rascal!"

Chu Feng was still frowning. He grunted coldly, "Don't move! They're coming!

Before Xia Qingwan could react, she felt her body lighten and her entire body flew in the air.

She had actually been hurled by Chu Feng!

"Chu Feng! You!!"

Xia Qingwan, who had landed on the foam cushion, stood up in shame and anger, and was just about to say something when she suddenly realized that the ground was caving in, and the gymnasium was shaking.

A giant bottomless winding crack appeared where she had been standing earlier.

Instantly, cold sweat trickled down her back.

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