1 Unlimited Resurrection From the Beginning

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"I actually turned into a bug!"

Li Xuan lay on the green leaves and checked his own condition in surprise.

He was clearly cooking in his own restaurant, but why did it suddenly turn dark and he come here? He even turned into a bug?

"Eh? What is this?" Li Xuan found a virtual frame.

There were many things in the virtual frame, and in the center was a book called Survival Guide. Li Xuan tried to click on it.

[ Welcome to the Summoned Beasts World. All the people of the blue planet have been reincarnated into this world and become Summoned Beasts. ]

[ This is a dangerous world where the strong prey on the weak. It is also the starting point for becoming a god. As long as you can contract a Summoner, you have a chance to become a god. ]

[ The elderly, children and other disadvantaged groups are given preferential treatment. Please work hard to survive. Pay attention, you only have one life. Please be careful! ]

A series of female voices sounded in Li Xuan's mind, causing his expression to turn grave.

"All of humanity has been reincarnated into Summoned Beasts? Who Is this female voice? Could it be a god?"

Li Xuan secretly guessed that apart from a god, he could not think of anything else that could silently send all of humanity to this world.

"Forget it, let's think of a way to understand the situation around us first. Then, let's see what kind of Summoned Beast I am."

Li Xuan opened the Survival Guide and quickly saw a brief introduction about this world. There were also many explanations about Summoned Beasts.

Self-Destruct Worm: a very dangerous summoned beast. Self-destructing can cause huge damage. After self-destruct, it will die.

"I became a self-destruct worm? But what the hell is death after self-destructing?"

Li Xuan looked at the introduction speechlessly. He felt so stifled in his heart. He really wanted to say, "Can they not be so deceitful?"?

[ Ding! Unlimited Resurrection System activated. ]

[ Ding! Congratulations on obtaining Unlimited Resurrection. After death, you will be randomly resurrected from the corpses of other Summoned Beasts. You will also obtain a portion of the corpse's skills and memories. ]

[ Ding! Each resurrection consumes a very small amount of Soul Power. Like physical strength, you can automatically recover soul power. You can also increase the Soul Level. ]


Name: Li Xuan 

Type: Self-Destruct Worm [Ordinary Summoned Beast]

Soul: Human 

Skill: Self-Destruct 


"Unlimited Resurrection? I can even obtain other people's abilities and knowledge. It seems like it consumes a very small amount of Soul Power. That's great!"

Li Xuan was pleasantly surprised as he listened to the mechanical notification. Having read many novels, he naturally knew what a system was.

With this Unlimited Resurrection ability, Li Xuan felt that everything in front of him was filled with light.

Of course, at this stage, he had to face many problems. The most important thing was to familiarize himself with this world.

There was also how to improve his soul. Resurrection consumed Soul Power. Even if it consumed a very small amount, Li Xuan still wanted to make his soul stronger.


A thunderous sound resounded throughout the area. Li Xuan immediately turned his head and looked under the big tree.

He saw two creatures fighting. It was a black wolf and a rabbit fighting.

The black wolf was the size of a bull and was very strong. However, its whole body was injured and one of its eyes was blind.

On the other hand, the rabbit was not injured at all. It was relying on its super fast speed and strength to attack.

The rabbit's attack method was very strange. It stood on its hind legs and swung its forelimbs crazily like a boxer.

In addition, the rabbit's body was full of muscles. The exploding muscles made its body exceptionally strong, making it look like a strong man who looked like a rabbit.

Seeing this strange scene, Li Xuan felt very incredulous, as if he was watching a fantasy movie.

With curiosity, Li Xuan flapped his wings, wanting to fly higher and see more scenes. At the same time, he also looked at the surrounding environment.

However, when he flew up from the tree, the rabbit and black wolf also saw him.

Then, these two creatures revealed a human-like expression of fear. They turned around and fled into the distance.

"Eh? Are they afraid of me?"

Li Xuan was a little speechless. He thought that he was quite weak, but in the end, he actually had such a strong deterrent force.

However, now was not the time to think about these things. The most important thing was to understand the situation around him.

Thus, he flapped his wings and scanned the surroundings. Soon, he saw many magical scenes.

Floating islands in the sky, giant trees that were like buildings, towering crystal mountains, and creatures that released all kinds of superpowers.

Each of these creatures had superpowers.

Some could spit ice, some could spit fire, some could form water shields, and some could transform into giants. All in all, it was very magical.

This world was also very beautiful. Green mountains and rivers, birds chirping and flowers fragrant, and the air was especially fresh as if it was a paradise.

"What a beautiful and dangerous world."

Li Xuan slowly landed on the original tree and hid in the leaves to open the virtual box.

In the virtual frame, in addition to the Survival Guide, there was the Auction House, Regional Chat Channel, and so on.

The Auction House had nothing at the moment. Li Xuan tried to open the Regional Chat Channel, and soon, a large number of messages began to flood the screen.

"Is there anyone here? where is this? I actually turned into a muscular rabbit!"

"I turned into a Gale Rat, and I can use wind blades."

"I turned into a fierce-looking Strong Tiger."

"Strong Tiger? The Survival Guide says that Strong Tigers are good in close combat, but you still have to be careful. There are many stronger ones than you."

"Oh my God, just now, a dragon flew over from the sky, and the ice that it spat out froze a lake. It's too terrifying! Everyone, you must be careful!"


A large amount of information flashed across the chat channel, constantly spamming the screen, revealing a lot of information.

Li Xuan carefully checked this information and discovered that this world was even more dangerous than he had imagined. Without strength, it was very easy to die.

"Fortunately, I have the Unlimited Resurrection ability. There's no need to worry about these."

Li Xuan revealed a smile. He felt that he was very lucky. However, at this moment, an instinctive fear surged into his heart, as if he had encountered a natural enemy.


Li Xuan's figure rapidly danced, using his agile speed to frantically dodge. At the critical moment, he entered the tree hole and quickly drilled towards the tree roots.


The sound of air being torn apart suddenly rang out. A figure burning with flames suddenly appeared, pecking into the tree hole and biting Li Xuan in his mouth.

"If you want to eat me, then let's die together! Explode!"


A loud boom rang out, and the earth trembled. Smoke and dust rolled along with the flames. Li Xuan only felt a sharp pain coming from his body, and then darkness.

[ Ding! Infinite resurrection activated, random resurrection... ]

A mechanical sound rang out. Along with this sound, the darkness in front of Li Xuan's eyes gradually turned into light, and the crisp chirping of birds gradually entered his ears.

He silently raised his head. Li Xuan looked at the blue sky with white clouds, green mountains, and rivers. He breathed in the fresh air. His heart was filled with joy.

"I'm actually alive. Previously, that female voice said that everyone only had one life. However, with infinite resurrection, I no longer have any scruples."

Li Xuan's heart was filled with joy. With Unlimited Resurrection, even if he died a million times, he could be resurrected again.

With Unlimited Resurrection and the ability to self-destruct, Li Xuan felt that he would become the most reckless creature in history.

Li Xuan was pleasantly surprised. When he thought that he could take over skills, he hurriedly opened the data panel.

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