27 The Evil Energy Organization

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A large number of messages flooded the chat channel, all hoping to receive Li Xuan's guidance. There were even some girls who spoke coquettishly.

However, no one said anything. Instead, they were a little envious.

In this dangerous world, strength was the foundation of everything. As long as one's strength was increased, one would be able to live a better life.

Therefore, as long as one could become stronger with a few coquettishness, it was worth it.

"Use Soul Crystals to exchange, or other items that strengthen your soul. As long as you have them, you can directly put them in the Auction House."

Li Xuan replied calmly. He would not tell the other party everything just because of a few words from a girl. He was not that kind of person.

If they wanted to obtain information about upgrading his skill, then they would use items that strengthen their soul to exchange. Otherwise, there was no need to talk about it.

After leaving this sentence, Li Xuan directly closed the chat channel and conveniently took out the Soul Crystal from the Temporary Storage Box.

The Soul Crystal that was emitting a faint fluorescent light suddenly appeared and attracted Li Xuan's gaze.

"Eh? What is this? Why did it suddenly appear?"

Song Xiaomei was just about to feed an orange to Li Xuan when she saw Li Xuan wave his little paw and a crystal suddenly appeared.

This scene stunned Song Xiaomei, and her beautiful eyes widened.

"Yeah, can Brother Li Xuan make things appear out of thin air?" Qin Yue blinked her big eyes and asked foolishly.

"What is this crystal? Why do I feel Like It's helpful to me?" Song Xiaomei said, and her beautiful eyes were full of curiosity.


Li Xuan turned his head to look at Song Xiaomei and then looked at Qin Yue. He found that they all had some desire for the Soul Crystal as if they also needed it.

"Qin Yue, are these crystals helpful to you?" Li Xuan asked through Telepathy.

"Yes, yes, Brother Li Xuan. I feel like a hungry person seeing food," Qin Yue said honestly.

"I see. I have to think of a way to get more Soul Crystals," Li Xuan said faintly.

Qin Yue was his master. As long as Qin Yue advanced, he would get more feedback.

Therefore, increasing Qin Yue's strength was also very important.

Unfortunately, Soul Crystals were too rare. He would definitely use them first to ensure his own strength.

Therefore, he did not hesitate and directly swallowed the Soul Crystal.

In the next second, the crystal melted like water and was absorbed by him.


As if he was soaking in a hot spring, Li Xuan felt warm and comfortable all over his body.

The fatigue in his soul that he had felt after reincarnating four times had been swept away and turned into nothingness.

Such a result made Li Xuan's eyes shine with a strange light, and his thirst for Soul Crystals grew.

"This is really good stuff. I feel that if I consume a few more Soul Crystals, my soul level will increase and reach Bronze Rank."

Li Xuan was looking forward to it. He really wanted to reach Bronze Rank as soon as possible so that he could try reincarnating again. He might even be able to obtain an Intermediate Level Skill.

"There's no rush. Let's take it slow. There's no use in being anxious."

Li Xuan shook his head. He began to communicate with Qin Yue telepathically to understand the current situation.

Very soon, Li Xuan knew all the information, including the information about the Alchemist and the puppets. This caused Li Xuan to frown deeply.

"Brother Li Xuan, we won't go out on missions for the time being. We'll go out after the Law Enforcement Team has captured the Alchemist."

To be on the safe side, Qin Yue proposed this suggestion. She wanted to see Li Xuan's thoughts.

"Sure. It's good that you practice more and grasp the various battle memories in the inheritance. Especially your archery. It will be of great help to you." Li Xuan thought for a while and said.

"Okay, Brother Li Xuan. I'll work hard." Qin Yue nodded her small head and answered firmly.

"Okay. Also, find some books on herbs and plants for me. They might be useful to me. That's all. I'm going to sleep."

Li Xuan had not rested much these past few days. At the moment, since he was free, he could recuperate. Therefore, he found a comfortable place and fell asleep.

Qin Yue did not want to disturb Li Xuan's rest. She pulled Song Xiaomei to the small courtyard and began to practice archery and knife skills there.

Of course, they did not forget to look for the herb book. They immediately gave Hei Niu a call and asked her to help them look for it.

Time passed, and in the blink of an eye, half a month had passed.

Early in the morning, the sun was bright and beautiful, and the birds were singing and the flowers were fragrant.

Qin Yue held the longbow and carried the arrows on her back as she continuously shot. The arrows with white light shot out one by one, easily hitting the bull's-eye.

"Amazing, the Spiritual Power is attached to it. Qin Yue, your spiritual power has reached Black Iron Rank?" Song Xiaomei asked in surprise.

Two days ago, her Spiritual Power had just reached Black Iron Rank, but in the blink of an eye, Qin Yue had also reached Black Iron Rank. This was really surprising.

"I was also lucky. If it was not for brother Li Xuan's guidance, I wouldn't have reached Black Iron Rank so quickly."

Qin Yue looked gratefully at the recliner beside her. There, a white kitten was lying on a book, silently reading the contents of the book.

That focused look and that serious attitude really did look like a scholar.

"Your kitten is really too good. It even helps you with your cultivation. It's not like my big black bear, who only knows how to eat every day."

Song Xiaomei glared at the big black bear in the corner. She felt that the big black bear was just stupid. It was simply embarrassing the Black Iron Summoning Beasts.

"Roar, roar!"

The big black bear noticed Song Xiaomei's gaze. It immediately picked up the rice bowl and stood up. It waited with a silly smile on its face as if it wanted to eat something.

Song Xiaomei could not be bothered with the big black bear. She turned around and twisted her small waist to continue practicing with the Grim Reaper's Scythe. She was trying her best to increase her strength.

Knock, knock!

"Xiaomei, Yueyue, it's me."

Hei Niu's voice came from outside the door. Soon, she was invited in.

"I've already checked it out. The Alchemist was captured. Everything was done by him. However, he did not know how to create puppets in the past. It was an organization that told him."

The moment Hei Niu entered, she directly went straight to the point and told him the information she knew bit by bit.

"What kind of organization is that?" Song Xiaomei asked hurriedly.

"That organization is called the Evil Energy Organization. It's different from the Spiritual Power we cultivate. They cultivate the Evil Energy, so it's more powerful, but it's also very harmful to their bodies."

"They like to collect geniuses the most. It's said that they can steal the talents of geniuses and even refine the corpses of geniuses into Evil Energy puppets. It's very scary."

Hei Niu continued to speak with a serious expression.

Song Xiaomei and Qin Yue's little faces also changed slightly.

Li Xuan, who was reading on the recliner, also stood up and listened with narrowed eyes.

The main reason was that stealing a genius's talent was a little scary, similar to Li Xuan's reincarnation.

"Xiaomei, Yueyue, don't worry. The country is doing its best to suppress the Evil Energy Organization, and this organization rarely shows its face."

"In addition, the people of Evil Energy Organization had a distinctive feature, which was that they were fat. The stronger they were, the fatter they were. It is said that it is due to the theft of talents, causing its body to become bloated."

Hei Niu continued to explain, providing very useful information.

Song Xiaomei and Qin Yue nodded repeatedly as they listened, recording everything down.

After she finished talking about this matter, Hei Niu said again, "What are you going to do next? Do you want to continue doing missions?"

"No, we are not going to continue doing missions. The kitty has arranged a new job for us. We are going to do it today," said Song Xiaomei.

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