25 Li Xuan’s Happy Life

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A moment later, Qin Yue and Li Xuan finished communicating telepathically.

With a smile on her face, Qin Yue turned her small head to look at Song Xiaomei.

"Xiaomei, I won't tell you now. You'll know when we hunt Mutated Beasts next time."

"Wow, you actually hid it from me. Watch me tickle you."

Song Xiaomei ran over quickly and started to tickle Qin Yue with her two small hands. Qin Yue hurriedly dodged and kept begging for mercy.

Not long after, Qin Yue sat on the sofa with her face flushed red. She fed the Light Ball Flowers to the little cat and asked curiously.

"Kitty, why did your appearance change so much? Why do you look like a snow-white cat now?"


Li Xuan meowed in response. He could not say that he had reincarnated four times in a row.

One had to know that these were four skills, which were the Transformation Beast's Elementary Transformation, the Frost Cat's Frost Freeze, and two other Intermediate Level Skills.

This was the first time Li Xuan had obtained an Intermediate Level Skill. In the past, it had always been an Elementary Level Skill. The reason why he had obtained Intermediate Level Skills this time was because of the two Summoned Beasts that he had reincarnated. They possessed Intermediate Level Skills.

However, those two Summoned Beasts were also Ordinary Summoned Beasts. To be able to upgrade their skills, one had to rely on years of hard work and luck.

Li Xuan discovered a pattern. The creatures that he reincarnated were all ordinary summoned beasts, while his soul was actually Black Iron Rank.

He felt that when his soul was upgraded to Bronze Rank, he might be able to reincarnate into a Black Iron Summoned beast. At that time, he would have Intermediate Level Skills.

After all, most Black Iron Summoned Beasts had Intermediate Skills. Of course, there were exceptions for some Summoned Beasts.

For example, Song Xiaomei's big black bear. Although it was a Black Iron Rank, it did not have any Intermediate Skills. It was a disgrace to the Summoned Beasts.

Thinking of the power of Intermediate Skills, Li Xuan could not wait to quickly raise his soul.

However, the path to raising one's soul depended on the Summoner's feedback. This was a long-term process, and it would take a long time to achieve.

Thus, there was no point in panicking. The most important thing was to encourage Qin Yue to raise her strength.

Thinking up to this point, Li Xuan began to communicate with Qin Yue telepathically once more, encouraging her to become stronger as soon as possible.

"Kitty, eat something. Are you hungry?"

Song Xiaomei brought over a large plate of roasted meat, grilled fish, and fruits. She walked up to Li Xuan and raised her small hands, seemingly wanting to touch Li Xuan.


Smelling the delicious grilled meat, grilled fish, and his favorite oranges from his previous life, Li Xuan could not help but be moved.

This time, he stayed in the Summoned Beast World for three days. He had been busy reincarnating, testing his combat strength, and absorbing the many battle memories from Qin Yue.

This also caused him to be very busy for the past three days, and he really did not eat well.

At the moment, delicious food was in front of him, so Li Xuan naturally would not resist. He ate without hesitation, and at the same time, he took an orange for Song Xiaomei to peel it.

"Eh? Do cats Like oranges?"

When Song Xiaomei saw this scene, her eyes lit up. She immediately picked up the orange and began to peel it for Li Xuan. After peeling it, she took one of the pieces and handed it to Li Xuan.

Li Xuan did not hesitate and swallowed the orange in one bite. The familiar taste made him miss it, and some of it he even wanted to eat.

Thus, he raised his little paws and gestured for her to continue.

"Okay, here you go."

Song Xiaomei quickly broke off another piece of orange and handed it over. At the same time, she also patted the kitten's head.

To her surprise, the kitten, who used to be very resistant to her, actually ignored her pat on the head. This made Song Xiaomei overjoyed.

Song Xiaomei, who was extremely happy, quickly broke off another piece of the orange again and fed it to the kitten. At the same time, she also cut the grilled fish into small pieces and fed it to the kitten bit by bit.

Of course, she touched the kitten's head a lot, and her mood became better and better.

Qin Yue, who was next to her, did not sit idle either. She handed the Light Ball Flowers over one by one and fed them to the kitten.

Li Xuan naturally would not refuse the Light Ball Flowers that increased his strength. He swallowed them all into his stomach.

The crazy swallowing of the Light Ball Flowers also made him feel warm all over. God's Perspective on his data interface was also constantly changing.

Following this change, the words of the Intermediate God's Perspective finally changed. With a bang, they disappeared. At the same time, a new line of words appeared.

Advanced God's Perspective.

[ Advanced God's Perspective: observe an area of five kilometers with the attitude of a god. You can adjust your view and see through the illusion. ]

"I've finally advanced!"

Li Xuan was pleasantly surprised. He had finally achieved his first Advanced Skill, and the effect was surprisingly good.

An area of five kilometers was definitely a life-saving skill. Any enemy within five kilometers would be easily discovered.

The most important thing was to see through illusions.

Illusions were things that were unpredictable, absurd, and invisible.

To see through Illusions was to see through the nothingness, and to see through some kind of hidden and fake existence.

Such a skill was simply godly.

Li Xuan was in a good mood. He enjoyed being fed by the two cute girls while looking at the remaining Light Ball Flowers, preparing to sell these things.

The main thing was that Qin Yue and Song Xiaomei did not think much of the Light Ball Flowers. The people of this world did not think much of them either. If he put them in the Auction House, he might be able to exchange them for a treasure that could strengthen his soul.

Therefore, Li Xuan opened the Auction House and also opened the chat channel.

"Big shots, do you have anything to eat? I'm so hungry. I haven't caught any prey in a day," a person called the Big-Clawed Beast said in the chat channel.

"If you contract with a Summoner, you'll get food. You even get the training from the Summoner. That feels great. Just like how happy I am now," the Black-Furred Dog said proudly.

"Contracts aren't that easy. I looked for a long time, but I couldn't find a single Summoning Array. Instead, I almost died," the Big-Clawed Beast said gloomily.

"I haven't been able to find one either. Why is it so difficult to contract an owner?" Violent Rabbit also spoke up, clearly very depressed.

"This also depends on luck. If your luck isn't good, you definitely won't be able to contract one. However, my luck was good, so I contracted a prince..."

"Not only did he give me delicious food, but he also used resources to nurture me. That's a good thing that can raise my skills to Intermediate Level..."

"I forgot to tell you guys. The prince also said that in the future, he would help me find Advanced Level resources that can raise my skills from Intermediate to Advanced Level..."

"Of course, these resources are very expensive. Even after the prince mobilized the entire country, he only managed to find one. He still needs to find 99 more..."

"However, it's really good to have an owner. Now, I don't even need to mention how happy I am. Hehe, I think that among us, I'm the happiest."

The Black-Furred Dog spoke again, showing off proudly. He felt that he was the happiest.

"You are indeed very lucky. I'm the most unlucky. It wasn't easy for me to find a Summoning Array but in the end...

"In the end, the Summoner despised me for being a male and actually gave up on me. He contracted with another Summoned Beast. I'm so angry."

The Gale Rat was indignant. He felt that he was really unlucky.

"Hahaha, don't worry. There will always be a chance. You are an expert in games and are very strong. You might be able to form a contract with another Summoner in a few years."

The Black-Furred Dog laughed loudly and said again.

"I wonder if the Flame Hound and the Transformation Beast have formed a contract with his master? I don't think so. If he has, he will definitely tell me."

"Hmph, you don't have to worry about it. Isn't it just a contract with his master? I'm a Black Iron Summoned Beast. Sooner or later, the contract will be successful."

The Flame Hound replied, seemingly a little depressed.

"Black Iron Summoned Beasts are indeed popular, but you have to speed up. I enjoy the prince's feedback every day. My soul is constantly strengthening, and my strength is improving every day..."

"Sooner or later, one day in the future, I will become a Black Iron Summoned Beast and surpass you," the Black-Furred Dog said smugly, feeling very happy.


The Flame Hound snorted coldly, and its mood became even worse. Especially when it saw the Black-Furred Dog showing off, the Flame Hound became angry.

At this moment, the Flame Hound suddenly saw that a new item had appeared in the auction house. It immediately looked over and widened its eyes.

"The Advanced Level Resource, Light Ball Flowers?"

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