1 The Planet Awakens

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Wang Yi yawned and laid on the class table, looking at the textbook in front of him in boredom.

As the college entrance examination was approaching, he was impatient and did not have the mood to read.

Yi Wang, 18 years old, a student from Lan Ling High School's Year 3 Class 10.

Average looks, average height, average figure, average grades, and even average relationships (in fact, none).

The only unusual thing about him was that he was a transmigrator.

According to the characteristics of the transmigrators in novels, he should be an amazing existence.

But unfortunately, he was no different from an ordinary person. He only had one more life's useless memory.

In his previous life, he was a bad student.

In this life, he still didn't have the fate of not being able to escape the fate of being a 'bad student'.

As the college entrance examination was approaching, he flipped through the textbook in front of him with the principle of sharpening his spear at the last minute.

"If you don't study hard, you'll be a junior next year."

The college entrance examination was the day for all the third-year students to cross their tribulations.

Whether or not one could ascend to the 'higher realm' (university) required the test of a few divine thunderbolts (exam papers).

In order to score more points, Wang Yi constantly revised the knowledge points drawn by the teacher.

However, after a long time, he realized that he was not revising at all. Instead, he seemed to be preparing for new content.

This knowledge point was unfamiliar, and he didn't know what the gravity and acceleration meant. There was also an English word that sounded like astronomical.

All of them were a headache!

'F*ck, if I had known that I could transmigrate, I would have f*cking studied hard!'

In a fit of anger, Wang Yi stuffed all the textbooks in front of him into the desk, as if out of sight and out of mind.

He took out his phone, opened the browser, and started the Baidu Tieba. He searched for a post named [All Planets, Online Communication].

The post was very lively. There were all kinds of comments. The speed was amazing. Often, in the blink of an eye, 10086+ unread messages would appear.

It was obvious that there were many people like Wang Yi who were following the post [All Planets, Online Communication].

Perhaps these people felt that they were free here and could brag, fart, criticize people, and express their personal opinions without restraint... They didn't need to care about other people's emotions.

The only disharmony was that the original poster would often come out to patrol.

Once a negative comment was found, it would be deleted.

In serious cases, the person who made inappropriate remarks would be banned.

They were forbidden from speaking in the thread.

Some said that the 'OP' was overbearing, that posts were a place for freedom of speech, and that he should not have used his authority to ban this and that, and be arbitrary...

Some people supported the 'tower master's' approach. Nothing could be accomplished without rules.

The thread was not in a place outside the law.

If they wanted the Tieba forum to last long, they had to delete the inappropriate comments.

Otherwise, the officials would come out to fix it!

Of course, there were also some neutral existences like Wang Yi who did not support or oppose. They were purely Buddhist spectators.

In their words: "It doesn't concern you. Just let it be. Don't worry about it. Everything goes according to your heart!"

This was the loyal belief of the Buddhist-style internet bug.

However, those who could leave comments on the post were not ordinary people.

Just as the title of the post stated, this was a post about the discussion of 'Universal Planet'. Every internet bug in it came here to learn about the existence of 'Universal Planet'!

Wang Yi was no exception!

The purpose of his visit was simple-to find information about 'Universal Planets'.

Today was the day he would awaken the 'Planet'. There was no harm in learning more about the 'Planet'!

A Planet with all citizens was a unique product of this world.

Anyone who had reached the age of 18 would have a chance to awaken their Planet.

The person who successfully awakens the Planet is called the 'Planet Master'. He will obtain the 'Creation Sandbox' and 'Planet Energy' to evolve the Planet and create all kinds of civilization systems.

As the civilization evolved, the Planet Master would receive the benefits of the civilization.

Those who failed to awaken their Planet would lose the chance to become strong...

The Creation Sandbox was a model of a Planet's civilization system, and it had the ability to 'materialize'!

There were many types of energy on a Planet.

Some people obtained the Planet Energy as 'Martial Dao True Qi' and used the Planet Creation Sandbox to create a martial dao civilization. The people on the Planet were all martial artists.

Some people obtained the Planet Energy from the 'Immortal True Essence' and used the Planet Creation Sandbox to create an immortal civilization. The people on the planet were all cultivators!

Some people obtained the Planet Energy as 'Battle Energy' and used the Planet Creation Sandbox to create a battle energy civilization. The people on the planet were all battle artists!

Some people obtained the 'Soul Power' from the Planet and used the Planet Creation Sandbox to create a soul dao civilization. The people on the planet were all soul masters!

Some people obtained the Planet Energy through 'Magic'. They used the Creation Sandbox to create a magic civilization. The people on the planet were all magicians!


The civilization system that a Planet evolved into was related to the 'Planet Energy' that the Planet Master obtained.

The civilization system would evolve according to the attributes of the Planet's energy.

Of course, the evolution of a Planet's civilization system was not absolute. Some people would do the opposite.

For example, the Planet's energy obtained by the Planet's owner was 'Martial Dao True Qi'. Many people didn't evolve a 'martial dao world', but instead evolved 'ancient weapon war world' or 'martial arts world'.

The Planet Master's concept played an important role in the evolution of the planet civilization.

The size of a Planet was related to the talent of the Planet Master.

Some people's awakened Planets were very large, tens of kilometers, or even hundreds of kilometers;

The Planet that someone had awakened was very small, only a few meters away, or even less than a meter.

Even if the diameter of the 'Planet' was too small, the Planet Master's status was higher than those who failed the awakening.

For those who had successfully awakened, the Planet would belong to their own private territory.

Those who failed the awakening, however, did not.

Some unlucky people who failed the awakening would lose their lives.

However, the vast majority of people who failed to awaken would become ordinary people and eventually become laborers serving the Planet Master, never having the chance to climb up again!

For everyone, the day of awakening was of utmost importance!

One step to heaven, one step to h*ll!

Today was of utmost importance to Wang Yi and the others who had turned eighteen.

Not long after, the middle-aged people in Class 10 who had reached 18 years old would follow the old class teacher's footsteps and head to the school's Building A to undergo the 'Planet Awakening'.

Whether it was a dragon or an insect, he would know later.

"Hey, Dazi, have you heard?"

"The goddess from the class next door, Sun Xiaoyu, has successfully awakened a Planet with a diameter of 32 kilometers, setting a record in the school's history!"

"F*ck, really?!"

"Of course it's true. Why would I lie to you about this!"

"D*mn, she's indeed the school's genius. This talent... She's really strong!"

"That's right. Currently, no one can compare to Goddess Sun!"

"With a diameter of more than 30 kilometers, it can definitely be transformed into high-level energy. It might even be able to transform into Spiritual Qi of Heaven and Earth!"

"Spiritual Qi of Heaven and Earth? This is a necessary item to evolve an immortal cultivation civilization. Will Goddess Sun be the first Planet in our school to evolve an immortal cultivation civilization?"

"It's a matter of nail in the board!"

"Sigh, when other people awaken, they'll start from a 'Cultivation Planet'. I'll be satisfied if I can transform my awakening into Martial Arts True Qi".

"Me too..."

Listening to the discussions of the people around him, Wang Yi was also thinking about his own awakening.

"I should be able to awaken a big Planet!"


Building A.

Outside the awakening chamber.

A group of 18-year-old students were discussing the 'awakening' in low voices.

To them, today was even more important than the 'college entrance examination'.

Whether it was a dragon or an insect, they would just have to watch for a while!

In short, the students who were waiting all had different expressions on their faces.

Some were looking forward to it, some were excited, some were envious, and some were nervous...

Wang Yi stood behind the crowd and waited with a calm expression.

Having lived two lives, his mental fortitude was much stronger than this group of little kids!

He had transmigrated for a month and was already used to the wonders of this world.

When he first came, he was still surprised, but now his heart was as calm as water.


The door of the awakening chamber opened.

The previous batch of awakened students walked out in an orderly manner under the guidance of the teachers.

Their expressions varied.

Those who had successfully awakened were overjoyed and excited, as if a pie had fallen from the sky.

Those who failed to awaken looked sad and dejected, as if they had lost their souls.

Some of the losers began to cry as soon as they came out, like children who had been beaten. They cried extremely sadly.

Wang Yi glanced at him indifferently, then turned to look at the teacher at the door.

He would awaken next. After the teacher's announcement, he would enter with a group of people.

The teacher noticed the crying students and frowned. "The Planet's awakening is not the only way out. Don't be discouraged even if you fail."

"Go back and do your revision. The college entrance examination is what you should be thinking about right now!"

Then, he looked at Wang Yi and the others and said loudly, "The next batch of awakened students, get ready. When I call your name, stand in line at the door. I'll bring you in later."

The teacher paused for a moment and said, "Han Xiaolong, Liu Yunlong, Yang Zi, Zhang Yishan, Song Zhizhi, Wang Hongsheng, Wang Yi..."

Following the teacher's call, the students in the crowd walked to the door one by one and consciously lined up.

Wang Yi was one of them.

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