4 He smashed the Planet?

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[You do not have enough Origin Energy. You cannot use the 1:100,000,000,000 time flow!]

[In order to complete the first transformation of the Planet, the system will gift you a 1:1,000,000,000 time acceleration!]

[Warm reminder: There are only three minutes left until the awakening of the Planet. Planet Master, please be mentally prepared!]

"A newbie gift package?"

Wang Xian smiled.

Three minutes wasn't long, but it was a 1:1 billion time ratio.

In minutes, it was 3000000000 minutes.

In terms of hours, it was 50000000 hours.

Converted to daily, he had 2083333.3333 days.

In terms of maturity, it was 5707.762557 years.

This was enough time to turn the planet into a Chaos World.

After all, Pangu, the son of Dao, was only 18,000 years old.

He had one-third of the time, which was enough for the planet to evolve!

It was a pity that he did not have enough Origin Energy. Otherwise, with a time flow rate of 1 billion, he would definitely be able to catalyze 3000 chaos fiend gods.

After all, in theory, as long as there was enough Origin Energy, one could accelerate time indefinitely.

However, even if one had enough Origin Energy, very few people would do this.

The evolution of a Planet was like the growth of a baby.

Over-catalyzing it would easily result in pulling up the seedlings to help them grow.

If it was serious, there would be a premature death.

Therefore, without absolute certainty, all the Planet Masters would choose to take things one step at a time.

After all, there were many cases of Planets collapsing.

Previously, there was a rather talented university student who wanted to quickly transform the Planet and develop a high-level civilization, so he used a 10 billion flow speed.

In the end, the process was too fast, causing the Planet's ecosystem to be unable to withstand it. All living beings died, the civilization system disappeared, and even the Planet Master and the Planet were destroyed.

This was a bloody lesson, and no one would be too hasty. However, Wang Yi was not afraid of this.

He had a complete primeval system and a 'God-Level Evolution System'. As long as he had enough natural source, he could infinitely use the speed of 10 billion to transform the Planet and evolve the primeval civilization.


Suddenly, a loud sound rang out.

Wang Yi's Planet, which was less than a meter long, suddenly exploded, and countless gray gas burst out from it.

In the blink of an eye, it merged with the surrounding gray fog, and there was no trace of the Planet's existence at all.

"What is this?"

Wang Yi's expression changed drastically. Just as he was about to ask, the system's voice sounded.


[Planet evolution has entered the second stage, transforming the Chaos World!]

"I see!"

Wang Yi was suddenly enlightened. It turned out that the Planet was too small and did not meet the conditions for the birth of creatures in the primeval civilization, so the system had blown it into chaos.

Dao begets one, one begets two, two begets three, and three begets all things.


Everything was possible!


In the monitoring room.

The principal and the others stared at the monitor screen, occasionally speaking up and discussing.

They said that the student's aptitude was not bad, and that the student's Planet had a huge diameter...


An urgent voice was heard from the broadcast.

"Student No. 5's Planet has collapsed. Medical personnel, please enter the awakening chamber as soon as possible to rescue..."

In an instant, the monitoring room became silent!

Everyone's eyes were on the fifth position on the monitor screen.

How did this happen?!

Li Wanlin's expression turned cold. Without even greeting the principal, he turned around and ran out, madly running toward the awakening room.

Wang Yi was his student. If anything were to happen to him, he would not be able to answer to Wang Yi's parents.

The form teacher of Class 3, Qu Shuli, was Wang Yi's teacher. When she heard the news, her face changed and she mumbled, "His Planet is a dead Planet. Why did it suddenly collapse?!"

This question was undoubtedly a question, and it was also what everyone was puzzled about.

0.92 km. A Planet that was a kilometer long, even the Planet's energy couldn't be converted, it shouldn't collapse!

Why did his Planet collapse?

"Go! Let's go and take a look!"

The principal's expression was not good either. There was indeed a risk of death during the process of awakening the Planet, but as the principal of Lan Ling High School, he did not want any students to have any accidents during the process.


Everyone walked out of the monitoring room and headed toward the awakening room.


In the awakening chamber!

The few teachers in charge of awakening came to Wang Yi's side in shock to check on his condition.

He didn't dare to take his hands away from the crystal ball, for fear of suffering a backlash from the Origin Energy inside the crystal ball, causing secondary damage!

The teacher in charge of Wang Yi's awakening looked at Wang Yi in confusion and asked, "What's going on?

"Wasn't he fine just now?"

"Why did the Planet suddenly collapse?"

"I don't know!"

"His Planet shouldn't have collapsed!"

"What's the problem?"

"Do you guys see the problem?"


"Alright, that's enough!"

Just as the awakening teachers were discussing, the awakening director stopped the discussion and gave an order, "Regardless of how his Planet collapsed, let the doctor take a look at his condition first and determine if his life is in danger!"

"If there is, it would be good to send someone to inform his parents to come over... and send him on his way."

"If not, find out the cause of the Planet's collapse as soon as possible..."

"Yes, Director!"

Hearing this, the few awakening teachers stepped back one after another, allowing the doctors who had come in to check on the situation.

Very quickly, the doctor put down the device in his hand and said, "This child is fine. Don't worry."


The awakening director heaved a sigh of relief.

'It's good that you're fine!'

After that, he looked at the teacher in charge of Wang Yi's area and said, "Go, check the awakening device's records. I want to find out the cause of the Planet's collapse!"

"Yes, Director!"

Hearing this, the awakening teacher turned around and walked to the control desk. He entered the password and began to access the recording in the awakening crystal ball "No. 5".


At this moment, the door opened!

Li Wanlin rushed in and looked at the awakening director and teachers around Wang Yi. He immediately asked, "Senior Doctor Chen, what happened? Why did my student's Planet suddenly collapse?"

Without waiting for the awakening director and the others to answer, the principal pushed the door open and walked in with a group of form teachers.

Just like Li Wanlin, they headed straight for where Wang Yi was.

"How's the child?" The principal looked at the awakening director.

"I'm fine! It won't affect his life!" the awakening director said.


Everyone heaved a sigh of relief when they heard that.

"It's good that he's fine!"

"If the Planet exploded, then so be it!"

"It was a dead star to begin with, so it's fine as long as it didn't affect anything!"


The principal let out a long breath and looked at the awakening director. "Old Chen, you're an experienced man. This shouldn't have happened."

"Quickly figure out the cause and effect..."

Dead stars couldn't convert the Planet's energy, so they wouldn't collapse.

This was something that everyone knew!

Wang Yi's 'dead' star had collapsed!

As the principal, he had the responsibility and obligation to know where the problem lay!

"I've already asked Xiao Li to get the awakening device to record the process. We'll know the reason soon!"

The awakening director's expression was not good either. He was reprimanded by the principal in front of everyone, which put him in a difficult position.

However, this incident happened during the awakening period. As the director of the awakening room, he could not escape the blame.

"Principal, Director, the video is out!"

Xiao Li's voice suddenly rang out, interrupting the principal's reprimand!

"Let's go and take a look!"

The principal took a deep look at the awakening director and took the lead to walk to the equipment desk.

There were surveillance videos there, and he wanted to find out the cause and effect of the Planet's collapse.

Li Wanlin and the others followed closely behind!


Everyone came to the control panel and looked at the broadcast on the monitor screen. They couldn't help but be stunned.

Soon after, a strange expression appeared on his face.

"Has this kid gone crazy? Why did he smash the Planet?"

When Li Wanlin saw the image on the screen, he was furious.

If he was not in the awakening room, he would have cursed Wang Yi as a b*stard.

Although it was a dead star, rashly smashing them could easily cause the soul to collapse.

It didn't matter if he was dead, but how was he going to explain it to his parents!

B*stard, he would deal with him later!

"This child. He really can't let me stop worrying!"

"He didn't take his life seriously at all!"

"Teacher Li, after the awakening, please educate this child and let him know the importance of life!"



Li Wanlin responded to everyone's 'advice'.

He had unspeakable grievances now. He could only admit that he was unlucky to have met a student like Wang Yi!

"Alright, since the matter is clear, you can all disperse!" The principal stopped the discussion and waved his hand. "We'll talk about it after the awakening!" Then, he looked at the awakening director and said, "Keep an eye on him. Don't let something like this happen again!"


The awakening director nodded.

The principal shook his head and led Li Wanlin and the others to the awakening room.

The students' awakening had not ended yet, so it was not convenient for them to stay any longer.

Wang Yi, who had caused this incident, did not know that he had been scammed by the system. He also did not know what was happening outside.

His eyes were shining as he stared at the center of the Chaos World, where there was a thirty-sixth grade green lotus.

Although it was not big, the appearance of the green lotus indicated that his Chaos World had evolved...

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