2 Evolutionary System

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"After entering, don't whisper to each other. Wait for my arrangements!"

After the teacher finished counting the students, he began to talk about the rules of entering.

This was to prevent some mischievous students from affecting the awakening of others due to their banter.


Everyone responded.

"Let's go, enter!"

The teacher waved his hand and led Wang Yi and the others into the awakening room.


After the students entered, the door to the awakening room closed. Everyone's heart trembled for no reason.

They would be lying if they said they weren't nervous!

Whether or not they could become a man above others would depend on their awakening!

Everyone landed in their respective positions, and there was a transparent crystal ball in front of them.

Wang Yi looked at the crystal ball in front of him and thought to himself, 'It should be used for awakening, right?!'

"Students, the crystal ball in front of you is for the awakening of the Planet. It contains the power of the Planet's origin."

The teacher in charge of guiding the students to awaken saw Wang Yi and the others sit down and began to explain, "Later, adjust your mental state and place your hands on the crystal ball. The Origin Energy will enter your body through your palms."

"During this time, you don't have to do anything, just wait patiently for the Planet to awaken."

"If the Origin Energy is used up and the Planet is not awakened, it will be considered a failure."

"Remember one thing, no matter if the Planet has awakened or not, you are not allowed to make a loud noise in the awakening room."

"Violators will be expelled from the school!"

The awakening teacher paused for a moment, his stern eyes looked around, and after making sure that no one had any objections, he continued, "Students, please place your hands on the crystal ball in front of you."

The awakening teacher's eyes swept across the crowd.

Hearing this, everyone put their hands on the crystal ball in front of them in unison!

Wang Yi was no exception.


Wang Yi was stunned. A cold feeling rose from his palm and quickly spread throughout his body. It was so comfortable that Wang Yi almost cried out.

'Is this the Origin Energy?!'


Wang Yi's vision turned black, and his consciousness appeared in a gray space.

There was nothing around him except for the gray fog.

'The awakening space?!'

Wang Yi had heard about what the awakening space looked like, but he had never experienced it himself, so he was not very sure.

However, he still knew that the Planet was born from the awakening space.

After looking around for a while, he didn't see any Planet being born and was a little disappointed.

For some talented people, when the awakening space appeared, the Planet would be born automatically without the need for artificial awakening.

There were no Planets here, indicating that he wasn't a one-in-a-million genius.

Although he had expected this, he still felt a little disappointed when things really came to this.

"Hu~" Wang Yi took a deep breath and cleared his mind of all distracting thoughts. He calmed himself down and focused his mind to awaken the Planet.

The process of the Planet's awakening wasn't complicated, and it didn't take long, only a few minutes.

During this period, regardless of the size of the awakened Planet, it would still mean success.

Otherwise, it would be a failure.

The size of a Planet depended on one's talent!

Those with exceptional talent would have a bigger Planet to awaken.

For those with average talent, the size of the Planet they could awaken was small.

People with poor talent or very poor talent basically could not awaken the Planet.

Five minutes later, Wang Yi opened his eyes. "It's done!" A hint of joy appeared on his face.

He could clearly feel that in the depths of the awakening space, there was an additional soybean.

If he was not mistaken, this soybean was the 'Planet' that he awakened.

Although it was small, it was a sign of a successful Planet awakening.

It was better than nothing.

Moreover, this was not the final form of the Planet. It was just an embryonic form, like a cell embryo.

In a few more minutes, the Planet would absorb all the energy in the awakening space and it would be fixed!

However, according to the current size of the Planet, the volume after it was formed would not be too big.

Three minutes later, the Planet was formed and suspended in the awakening space.

It was grey in color and was about one kilometer in size, only the size of a small square.

Small, it couldn't be any smaller!


Wang Yi felt helpless!

Fortunately, there were no transmigrators around. Otherwise, he would have been laughed at.

As a transmigrator, he had actually awakened such a small Planet. This was really...

He had disgraced all transmigrators!

The more Wang Yi thought about it, the more depressed he became. Other transmigrators were all amazing, but when it came to him, he was just one step behind!

This was really f*cking abnormal!

'Forget it!'

'Let's see what kind of energy it can be converted into first!'

The birth of the Planet was only the beginning. The transformation of energy was the way to go.

Whether or not a Planet could evolve into a civilization depended on whether or not it could be converted into energy.

As for the Creation Sandbox, it could only be created after the Planet's energy was successfully converted.

In short, the awakening of a Planet required three steps.

The first step was to awaken the Planet.

The second step was energy transformation.

Step three, the birth of the Creation Sandbox.

The first two steps were crucial and could not be missed.


In the monitoring room.

The principal, the teachers, and the form teachers of each class gathered together to pay attention to the situation in the awakening room.

The Planet-awakening ceremony was not held every day. It was held once every six months.

The school attached great importance to it every time.

At this moment, they were expressionless as they looked at the big screen of the monitor with calm eyes.

In fact, they were very nervous, even more so than the students in the awakening chamber.

They had no choice!

The number of successful Planet awakenings would affect the performance of the form teacher.

They couldn't not be nervous...


The broadcast in the control room sounded.

"No. 3's initial awakening is successful. The Planet's diameter is 12 kilometers."

"No. 25's initial awakening is successful. The Planet's diameter is 7.5 kilometers."

"No. 13's initial awakening is successful. The Planet's diameter is 13 kilometers."

"No. 36's initial awakening is successful. The Planet's diameter is 7.9 kilometers."


"Not bad!"

As the principal heard the announcement, a smile slowly appeared on his face.

The number of people in this batch of awakened ones was obviously more than the previous batch.


"This batch of students is not bad?" the principal echoed.

Although the head teachers didn't say anything, they were all staring at their class members and secretly checking the number of the broadcast.


A voice attracted everyone's attention.

"No. 2's planet diameter 29 kilometers!"

29 kilometers?!

The form teacher of Class 5 heard the announcement and shouted excitedly, "He's from my class."

Awakened No. 2 was a student from his class.

As a teacher, how could he not be happy when he heard this explosive news?

29 kilometers?! The principal was also shocked. Then, he said in surprise, "Another genius. Not bad, not bad."

"Although he's not as amazing as Sun Xiaoyu's 32-kilometer run, he's still a genius. He's worth cultivating," the department director chimed in with a smile.

"Congratulations! Teacher Gong, another genius has appeared in your class!"

"Yup! Teacher Gong, your class's results this year are really good. I'm envious!"


The form teacher of Class 5, Gong Yuming, was all smiles as he pretended to be humble. "Not yet. he's still far from Sun Xiaoyu. He still has to work hard..."

The crowd could hear Gong Yuming's bragging. Although they were indignant, they had to endure it no matter how indignant they were because the students were disappointing and no geniuses had appeared.

The principal shook his head and smiled as he listened to the form teachers' insincere words, but he did not stop them.

This happened every year. As the principal, he had to be fair and impartial. He would not favor anyone.

The tables had turned.

This year, Gong Yuming was showing off, but next year, he might be crying.

Such a thing had happened many times in the past.

After seeing so many, he didn't care anymore.

"No. 5, Planet awakening successful, diameter... 0.9 kilometers?"


In an instant!

The monitoring room became silent. Everyone's eyes were on the big screen in the monitoring room.

The form teacher of class three, Qu Shuli, mumbled subconsciously, "A diameter of 0.9 kilometers! It's not even one kilometer! This is probably the lowest record in history!"

The form teacher of Class 5, Gong Yuming, nodded his head and said, "It has indeed been broken! The previous record was 1.3 kilometers!"

"Such a small Planet, I'm afraid it's hard to even convert energy," Wang Yali, the form teacher of Class 4, sighed.

"It's not afraid, it's certain!

"According to the Yan Huang Federation's announcement, there's a 99.999% chance that a Planet with a diameter of less than 1 km won't be able to produce any Planet Energy, much less give birth to life." The principal took over the conversation and directly denied everything about Student No. 5.

"It's a pity," Li Wanlin, the head teacher of Class 10, sighed in his heart, and his face showed a touch of unnaturalness.

That was because No. 5 was a student from his class.

"If you can't transform life, the birth of life means the awakening has failed! Which class is he from?" the principal sighed.

"He's from my class!" Li Wanlin said.

"En!" The principal nodded and said, "After the awakening, go and calm him down!"


Li Wanlin knew the meaning behind the principal's words. He was afraid that Student No. 5 would do something stupid.

After all, No. 5's situation was a bigger blow than those students who had not successfully awakened.

The other party had not awakened a Planet at all. He had awakened a Planet, but because the Planet's diameter was too small, it could not be transformed into energy and could not give birth to life. Thus, he was judged to have failed the awakening.

In this situation, the blow was even greater, and it was easy for some people with poor psychological quality to go to the extreme.


Inside the awakening chamber.

Wang Yi was unable to sense any energy transformation. He was anxious and unwilling to accept this!

If the Planet could not transform energy and could not give birth to life, it meant that the Planet's awakening had failed.

In the future, there would no longer be a chance for the Planet to awaken.

In this life, Wang Yi was born into an ordinary family.

If the Planet's awakening was unsuccessful, they could only work for other Planet Masters in the future, just like the servants of the ancient Planet Masters, without any status or dignity to speak of.

Wang Yi didn't want to live such a life, but if he couldn't successfully awaken the Planet, his fate was already decided.


At this moment...

A crisp mechanical sound was heard.

[Detected that host is awakening a Planet, God-Level Evolution System is officially activated.]


[Starting, 1%... 13%... 29%...]


Wang Yi was stunned for a moment before he immediately reacted. "System?"

"My golden finger!"

"You're finally here!"


[God-Level Evolution System has been activated!]

As soon as it finished speaking...


A blue holographic projection appeared out of thin air, and Wang Yi instinctively looked over.

[Planet Master: Wang Yi]

[Age: 18]

[Gender: Male]

[Occupation: Student]

[Planet Name: None]

[Planet Level: 0]

[Planet Diameter: 0.92 km]

[Planetary Species: 0]

[Evolutionary Route: ?]

Every person who had successfully awakened a Planet would have a Planet Data Panel and a Creation Sandbox to evolve the Planet.

Wang Yi's situation was a little special. There was an additional 'evolution route' on his attribute panel, but there was one less 'Creation Sandbox'.

It was obvious that his situation was different from the others.

Wang Yi read it carefully and asked, "System, do I decide on the evolutionary path?"

[Yes!] the system said.

Wang Yi thought for a while and asked again, "Can it be evolved into anything?"


"Then let's evolve..."

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