Global Online Survival Book

novel - Eastern Fantasy

Global Online Survival

Chaotic Tiles

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Bluestar suddenly undergoes digitalization, and everyone enters a survival game. They have to choose a survival mode for the survival challenge and level up by completing quests and getting rewards. "Island mode!" "Wilderness mode!" "Rainforest mode!" "Desert mode!" "Polar mode!" "Death mode!" Ye Jun who chooses death mode surprisingly awakens the check-in system; when others drill wood for the fire for hours without success, Ye Jun gets a lighter upon check-in. When others trek arduously to find water, Ye Jun gets a freshwater purification device upon check-in. "Ding, check-in successful, received a deep-sea diving robot, collected one deep-sea energy gem." "Ding, check-in successful, received a seaworthy warship..." Ye Jun lies on the deck, enjoying the breeze, drinking champagne, driving the warship, and leveling an island with a single blast. Death mode? That's it?