2 There Was Something Wrong with His Gains as a Deal-hunter?

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"Wow! To think two students in class E03 have awakened their talents!"

"This is too exaggerated! Class E03 has beaten class E02!"

"Although the second person only has a useless D-grade talent, he's still someone who has awakened his talent!"

Envious gazes were cast on Su Chen, but they were only envious of him being able to awaken a talent. As for his awakened talent, Monopoly, they only had disdain for it.

After all, with the contrast of the A-grade offensive talent of Kyo Kusanagi's Flames, Su Chen's D-grade Monopoly was nothing.

Even the teacher said with a look of regret, "It's a pity that it's just a useless D-grade talent. However, to have two Awakened in one class is definitely the biggest gain today!"

Su Chen nodded without any joy.

In front of him was the teacher's slightly impatient smile. Even the gazes of the students looking at him seemed to be the remnants of the previous person.

At this moment, a voice suddenly rang out in his mind.

[Welcome to the world of Monopoly. Please collect your initial funds!]

[500000 Yuan has been transferred to your account. Please check to see that you have received it!]

Su Chen frowned. So it was truly just the game Monopoly?

However, he had obtained 500000 Yuan. For a student, it was a huge sum of money.

Weren't they mocking him for being useless? He didn't believe that he couldn't achieve anything with so much money.

After thinking about it, he turned around and left the testing area.

Because he had only awakened a D-grade talent, no one came to escort him, causing his leaving figure to look a little lonely.

As he walked along the line, he could hear the comforting words of others.

"Su Chen, congratulations! Even though your talent is useless, at least you have awakened!"

"Tsk, it's obvious that Monopoly is a talent for making money. Humans are struggling to even survive nowadays. Only heartless people still think about making money!"

"How can you say that? Su Chen is in the same class as us! Even though... Even though his skill is indeed useless, you can't say that!"


There were more and more congratulatory voices, and Su Chen felt that it was getting too noisy to bear.

He quickened his pace and left the conference room, leaving the crowd.

His mind was still replaying the reactions of his classmates when the student before him had awakened his A-grade talent, as well as the reactions of his classmates when he had awakened his D-grade talent. The stark contrast was obvious.

What's wrong with awakening the talent, Monopoly? How dare a bunch of people who failed their awakening say that his talent was useless?

Su Chen cursed in his heart and closed his eyes to understand his talent.

[Talent, Monopoly. You have a chance to roll the die once a day. The die will show a random number of 2 to 18. The number you roll to is the number of steps you may advance on the city map.]

Suddenly, two dice appeared in his hand. A map of Binhai City appeared on the panel in front of him.

Looking at the map, Su Chen frowned and felt that something was wrong.

"This map... The die..."

He randomly threw the die into the air. After a few rounds of spinning, it showed a 5 and a 6.

On the Monopoly map, the figurine thus took eleven steps forward and landed in the arena.

At the same time, monopoly's prompt sounded in his ear.

[Would you like to purchase an arena? [Price: 500000 Yuan]

"Arena? Five hundred thousand Yuan?" Su Chen frowned. His heart couldn't help but stir, which made him feel a little confused.

"Don't tell me that after buying this piece of land, everyone else has to pay?"

After all, that should be how Monopoly worked, right?

Moreover, there would usually be a lot of people in the arena, so it seemed to be a good deal to collect a toll!

He had also just received 500000 Yuan when he awakened his Monopoly talent, so the land could be considered free.

"Yes, purchase!"

[Congratulations on purchasing the arena!]

On the Monopoly interface, his balance of 500000 was instantly emptied, and the symbol of a small house appeared on the arena on the map.

Vaguely, he seemed to notice a trace of wind.

The wind rose from the arena as if it could send his body up into the sky.

"If my talent can only make money, then I should just use the money earned to arm myself. If I can't do that, then I'll spend the money on hiring people and establishing an empire of mercenaries!" Su Chen thought of a complete plan.

Even though his awakened talent wasn't an offensive one, even if his talent was disdained and looked down upon by everyone, he had to use his way to make the world look at him in a different light!

"Everything will begin from the arena!" Su Chen's eyes were bright like torches as he prepared to head to the arena.

"Since it's Monopoly, no matter who passes by, they'll have to pay me a toll, right?"

Su Chen had some understanding of the arena.

Simply put, it was to provide a fighting place for the martial artists who signed up to compete to earn money.

At the same time, it was also some sort of a cinema, providing viewings for those who pursued excitement.

"Then my first bucket of gold as a deal-hunter will be gained from the arena."

No, this was Monopoly, so how could he be considered a deal-hunter?

Just as he was thinking, a voice suddenly sounded in his mind.

[Ding! Player Yu Fengyin has passed by the arena and paid a crossing fee of 3 blood-qi points and talent Martial Arts Close Combat Technique!]


Su Chen was stunned. The notification in his mind made him feel at a loss.

"Submitted blood-qi points... And talent?!"

Blood-qi points were extremely important for every martial artist.

Simply put, in the awakening age of the myriad races, blood-qi points were equivalent to the lives of martial artists.

Apart from the difference in talent, the other deciding factor for a martial artist's strength was their blood-qi points.

Even if one was a useless D-grade martial artist, as long as one's blood-qi points were high enough, one would be able to display a higher combat ability.

To sum it up, talent determined how far a martial artist could go. It was considered the upper limit.

Blood-qi points, on the other hand, were the factors that ensured how much strength a martial artist could display at the moment. It was the lower limit.

The 6 points of blood-qi points that he had just obtained had already made Su Chen's ability much higher than the average D-grade.

Furthermore, he had also obtained an even more special ability!

The talent, Martial Arts Close Combat Technique!

This allowed Su Chen to master many basic close combat techniques.

Compared to D-grade martial artists of the same grade, he had an absolute advantage!

But... What did he just get?

Wasn't his Monopoly talent for making money? Wasn't it used to help him be a deal-hunter?

Did he go in the wrong direction for the first round of deal hunting? He originally only wanted to get a handful of "wool", but in the end, it directly reached into the other party's gold vault?

Suddenly, a second notification rang out in his mind.

[Ding! Player Xu Mengzhu has passed by the arena and paid 2 blood-qi points as a toll, as well as 50000 Yuan in cash!]


Su Chen was even more confused!

The second notification seemed to have notified that not only had he successfully obtained a few more blood-qi points, but also a handful of cash?

The toll seemed to be much higher than he had imagined!

The toll on the highway was only a few hundred Yuan, but this time, it was 50000 Yuan?

This was too much!

If not for the Monopoly talent being his, Su Chen would have scolded the toll-collecter in person.

There was no other reason, but this felt too good... Ah no, it was too cunning!

He could have just robbed the other party, but instead, he had politely said "please pay the toll".

At this moment, he seemed to have a deeper understanding of the talent that he had just awakened.

"So, as a deal-hunter, I can gain something from everyone who goes to the arena. It's just that my gains are a little different from what I thought they would be?" He pondered

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