19 My Schoolmate Is Going to Fight a Fierce Beast Alone?

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The ten or so teachers all agreed and followed behind the principal, rushing towards the arena.

The principal was at the forefront. His pace was unusually fast. Although he was physically still in the teaching building, his mind had already flown to the arena.

The principal's pace increased speed. As he walked briskly, he mumbled worriedly, "A D-grade martial artist will only have less than 10 blood-qi points. What on Earth gave him the courage to challenge an A-grade weeping corpse bird? The number of Awakened in the school this year is already the lowest. If the garrison comes and finds out that one of them was involved in an accident, my dignity will be all gone!"

Li An followed closely behind the group of teachers. He did not feel fear although their destination was the dangerous arena, nor was he dejected because he was a piece of trash who had failed to awaken his talent.

Now, there was only one thought in his mind. and that was to save Su Chen from the arena. To save this good friend from the weeping corpse bird's demonic claws!


On the campus, the principal was walking forward angrily, followed by more than ten teachers who had the same expression.

Behind these teachers, a student with a terrified expression followed closely. The whole scene was unique and bizarre on the campus.

The students passing by all looked over curiously. Some were puzzled, some were teasing, and for a time, voices could be heard everywhere.

"What did this guy do wrong? He's actually being held down by so many teachers? Even the principal has made a move!"

"This guy must have done something big. Is he getting expelled?"

As more and more students passed by, the contents of the discussion became more and more outrageous. It was not until someone said something that the others finally understood what was going on.

"What else could it be? A student who awakened his talent ran out of school and went to the arena to duel with a beast!" It was a middle-aged man's voice. It was probably some class's form teacher, but he was waving his phone in front of the crowd.

The picture on the phone was a poster of Su Chen facing a terrifying beast.

The principal wasn't the only one who knew about the news. As time passed, more and more people also received the news.

Even the other students in the school were extremely curious when they saw the news.

However, compared to feeling curious, they were more interested in watching a joke.

Did the guy think he was powerful because he was someone who had awakened a talent?

He even dared to participate in a duel? Dueling with a fierce beast?

Since he was so powerful, why didn't he just go to the border and join the border army?

"Which class is he from? He looks really arrogant!"

"Did he awaken a very powerful talent? Why does he dare to duel with a fierce beast?"

Many students took out their phones and searched for information about the arena. Soon, they found the name "Su Chen".

The female students all looked at him with admiration. Almost all of them were asking which class Su Chen was from and if anyone had seen him before. They also asked that if Su Chen were to duel with the fierce beast, would his life be in danger?

A girl with twin ponytails enlarged the screenshot of the promotional video, then dragged Su Chen's figure to the center of the screen before catching a screenshot.

Then, she uploaded the screenshot to a group chat with her friends and asked, "Sisters, this man is so handsome! Does anyone know which class he's from?"

The originally quiet group suddenly became active, and people with youthful and cute avatars started to reply.

"Where did you find this picture? He's so handsome! Do you have his contact?"

"F*ck, why does the person in this picture look like a warrior? The screenshot can't be from a military promotion clip, right?"

"What? Can I get this handsome man's contact information if I join the army? I'll sign up!"

"No, it's a poster for an arena. I'll send you the link."

"Su Chen? This guy is from our school? That's great... Wait, his opponent is an A-grade fierce beast, the weeping corpse bird? F*ck, why would such a handsome young man want to court death?"

"I found it, I found it. This handsome guy is from class E03. Ah, when I was bullied back then, he even helped me! Unfortunately, he's going to die! Can he not die? I haven't even had the chance to thank him!"

"What? My schoolmate is going to fight a fierce beast alone?"


In the school field, a girl in sportswear and a hairband was holding a mobile phone in her hand. Large beads of sweat kept dripping from her forehead, then down her cheeks, chin, throat, collarbone ...

The sports attire fit her perfectly. The sweat drenched her clothes and vaguely revealed her perfect figure.

However, compared to her slender and powerful legs, her perfect abs and waistline, and her impressive bust size, what was even more shocking was her beautiful face.

Her extremely beautiful face was slightly flushed, and the sweat was hanging off the tip of her hair like morning dew hanging on the tips of the green branches, making her look extremely pleasing to the eye.

A few drops of sweat fell from her forehead onto her eyelashes, trembling with her breathing and running down her lower eyelids as she blinked. She looked like a flower in the rain, making people feel tender love for her.

The girl with the hairband held her phone and clicked on the arena's advertisement page curiously.

When she saw the weeping corpse bird in the poster, she subconsciously felt a sense of fear.

It came from the depths of her heart. Back then, when her parents had died in front of her when she was eight years old, she had captured the terrifying and tragic scene, which led to her current emotions.

However, the emotion only lasted for a moment before it was replaced by a strong sense of hatred.

It was replaced by the anger that grew increasingly stronger with time, and the desire to kill all the fierce beasts in the world for revenge.

It also allowed her to no longer be afraid when she saw fierce beasts.

Because of this, when the girl with the hairband saw Su Chen and his scrawny body on the poster, she subconsciously had a good impression of him.

It was not because of Su Chen's handsome face, but because he looked extremely weak, yet he had the courage to face the beasts!

The girl's eyes were full of admiration, but the corners of her mouth slowly turned down. At the same time, she shook her head and said softly, "Su Chen, your courage is commendable. However, such blind courage will not give you any chance of winning. Instead, it will only cost you your life!"

After saying that, the admiration in the eyes of the girl with the headband turned into disappointment. The image of the weeping corpse bird appeared in her mind. She then clicked into a group chat and found the warrior's information.

Su Chen, Class E03, D-grade awakened.

After looking at it, she immediately commented, "The weeping corpse bird is an A-grade fierce beast. Even if it's injured, it's not something a D-grade awakened as you can challenge!"

After saying that, the girl with the headband put away her phone in her pocket. She then prepared for the next round of training.

In her eyes, this blindly confident classmate was already a dead man.

Although she sympathized with the student who dared to challenge the beast and had a moment of sadness on her face when she judged that Su Chen would die, her expression quickly returned to normal as if she had forgotten everything about him.

It wasn't that she was cold and heartless. Due to the apocalypse, beast tides attacked human cities almost every day, and countless people would die every day.

To billions of humans, the death of an insignificant high school student would not have any impact.

However, a new addition had been added to the goal she had in mind, to kill 173 fierce beasts.

The new addition was to avenge Su Chen, who was about to die.

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