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Global Lord: 100% Drop Rate

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I genuinely like it, though it says it's rushed, I feel like it's well balanced over all. Yea his talent is '100% Drop Rate' but his leveling speed isn't abnormal, it's only fast because he has a bunch of soldiers.

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Title: 全民领主:我的爆率百分百 Author: 一只青鸟 Status: 129 Chapters and Ongoing I haven't read this so can't give any review sorry, just happened to see it while looking for something else.


ive read till 286 on mtl, the story mainly develops the subbordinates strength and building a huge army, (currently 100000 strong) pretty good imo


Kinda exhausting to read. Seems a bit like another novel which was dropped, I wonder if it's the same author. There's annoying stuff like everyone praising MC in the world channel everytime, some people acting like they're the protagonist n considering MC as an enemy to trample on, an innocent girl who also has a legendary talent but being dependent on the MC, NPCs being impressed or being fanatical for some small things. Currently has about 300 chapters in the raws, so it might have gotten better or it's getting worse n worse n the author is still writing it, only to be dropped soon.


Chinese names. Protagonist Chinese. Chinese words. Chinese phrases. Chinese psychopath. Gender bender (POV) MC gender bender. MC have female body and face. Quality writing in MTL Chinese. 1/10


On 127 a lot of useless information is given like stat, abilitiess and other things that are not important to the story because they are never used. Battles are just text with saying they died or it is going to be a hard fight then go to the end. No really writing skills just a very basic story with a lot of rubbish information just to make the word count bigger.


While my rating may seem low I admit that I love this story. I have read up to chapter 330+ in mtl and enjoy.each new chapter. This is a story with the currently popular theme of Lords or everyone getting their own territory. the catch for this one is that the main character has a 100% drop enhancement for loot. while the story is slow, slow and even Slow! (at chapter 330 it has been 12 days) there is a fair amount of action. though the author had been becoming less hands on with the fights. The character design is mostly flat with anyone but the lead being forgotten until convenient. the positives are more about my love of systems and reading loot charts. Thanks for reading.


I'm so offended please remove the high IQ tag


Reveal spoiler


-There are numerous typos in the story and the author often forgets plots that he himself defined. Things like a character appearing at the same time in two different places, the author copying and pasting a notification and forgetting to edit it, or even forgetting some effect of the protagonist's main skills. The author puts so much information and so many skills that he can't manage his own story. -The distance from the world makes no sense, sometimes the author shows the protagonist traveling to a certain location kilometers away with an army of thousands of soldiers and this march takes only a few hours, when in fact it should take days or weeks. -The protagonist accumulates countless useless skills that he never uses. And the skills are so scattered and random that it's evident the author didn't plan anything. -The protagonist's main class is the martial artist, but he has never fought a single opponent in 200 chapters and none of his skills have to do with his class. And even if "classes" exist in history, it is possible to learn skills that have nothing to do with the character class. -The drop system is broken and makes no sense, putting things like 0% drop just to conveniently work with the protagonist's talent: 100% drop rate. If the drop is 0% this item simply shouldn't exist. -The protagonist accumulates countless items with his 100% drop talent, but these items are so large in quantity that they just gather dust and are never used efficiently. (Like protagonist's skills) -The loyalty system makes no sense, literally, people are only loyal to the protagonist because of a talent that forces these people to become loyal, It has nothing to do with the protagonist's effort. They are like slaves with brainwashing. -No death consequences in battles. The protagonist has countless soldiers, but because of his talent he manages to revive them all whenever a battle takes place, so all soldiers are essentially immortal. In the end, I had fun reading the first few chapters, but after 200 chapters I got bored and felt like it wasn't worth it. (And I feel that the novel is written by AI)


how is this so high top 1 in golden and even top 10 in stones??? and there is almost no reviews and they are pretty ban??? did try read it but pretty bad


Reveal spoiler


when those god was introduced they started using these "HE" "HIM" "THEY" the f is that shdit just usef a facting regular he him they , and also the regular earth will also get involved just like same with other same genre


I feel like this is the only novel that started in recent times that has come this far. It has consistent updates and the quality hasn't dropped significantly even nearing 600 chapters. I wouldn't call this a great novel by any means, but it's a great to pass time with. More importantly it manages to expertly evade all the pitfalls/turn-offs that new novels all seem to have. Yep, there maybe nothing great about it, but there is absolutely nothing bad about it. And this is something I cannot tell about any of the recent novels. The only warning signals going on in my head is about the whole "human race" thing. With increasing diplomatic channels and the new event, I hope they don't harp on about it. More importantly for someone intending to be Lord of All Races, I would find it a bit uncomfortable, to put any race above the other.


It feels more like you're reading a report with a bucket list of things to talk about in each chapter. It's okay at the beginning but gets tiring pretty fast.


Unsure why this was a top rated novel as the character is the very definition of a “Mary sue” where everything works out well for him. The novel is also littered with unnecessary texts and ridiculously long names for items and loot which is obviously an excuse to pad word count. I don’t see myself continuing through the premium chapters of this book when half of a chapter is basically item names repeatedly being listed. A shame as the initial concept seemed to be interesting. people should give this a pass.


TRUE REVIEW CH900* filled with numerous useless info- every ch half content filled with loots detail.. garbage info dump to make nos. and he does this for everyday of mc..*story line tooo fast- in just a month mc has become super duper powerful person and his territory has become super large...*no time skips everyday life details given..like I said I think not even 6 months has gone by and he is super boss of human race..*he gets same no of troops daily he does the same thing daily but author has to give this info dump in every ch..even if he earns a single core author mentioned it..


In addition to what I consider to be common errors in this genre (lack of depth in character personality in general, rushed events in a short period of time) I think what most disappoints is that it's not really kingdom building, I mean the MC just leaves out there dominating territories and plays into the hands of his "subjects" to administer, there is no type of discussion about choosing territory for construction, economic and food problems faced. Basically another "Lord of People" with op mc without any depth in general


no world building, no proper translation, no character development, the whole story is just for the mc plot Armor, even more messed up thing is all these 1100 chapters happened in just 30 novel days and mc even became god in less than 30 days


Tathagata had received such great help from him. “He”, who mainly cultivated the Law of Karma, would definitely repay him. Zhou Zhou flipped his right hand and a Book of The God Spirit appeared in “His” hand. excerpt from the novel, you see reading that fccknng "He" His" thing is fcckbgg annoying