162 Increase In Ranking! Zhou Zhou's Request!

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"You're so rich."

Wu Bailian could not help but sigh.

The corpses of so many honorable subjects were worth a lot.

Zhou Zhou smiled and said nothing.

Wu Bailian would not have said that if he knew his gains.

But then again, the corpses of these honorable subjects were indeed expensive.

A White Platinum-Tier honorable subject's corpse actually cost a Diamond-Tier Mist Core, while a Yellow Gold-Tier honorable subject's corpse also cost a White Platinum-Tier Mist Core.

It was an entire level higher than their value on the surface.

He would have felt that he was being scammed if not for the fact that Zhou Zhou knew the importance of Aurora Crystals to the Aurora Kingdom.

Zhou Zhou paid Wu Bailian the Mist Cores as agreed — A total of 1,432,000 Black Iron-Tier Mist Cores were spent on 312 Yellow Gold-Tier and 112 White Platinum-Tier corpses!

This was naturally nothing to the current Zhou Zhou.


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