12 Dragon Lady! Undead Lord!

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"There's even such a thing?" Zhou Zhou was a little surprised as he opened the World Channel.

At the moment, the Lords on the World Channel were all discussing the announcement of the Cerulean Planet.

"Big Boss Blazing Sun is awesome!"

"Big Boss Blazing Sun actually became the first person to occupy the territory of a Foreign Race Lord?"

"I thought that the Knight Lord with the Diamond-Tier Lord Talent would be the first."

"I thought the Dragon Lady would be the first."

"This Lord is different. I've long felt that the Big Boss Blazing Sun is very strong. It's not strange for him to achieve such a thing. He's a big shot who can take out 4,000 units of monster flesh to trade for basic materials!"

"That's true. Big Boss Blazing Sun has already faintly displayed his strength a long time ago. It's just that we're not sure."

"It's confirmed now. He's really a big boss!"

"What do you mean big boss! He has 'Big Balls'!"

"Big Balls is awesome! (Shouting with all my might)"

A tall black mountain stood on a plain.There were all kinds of large nests on the mountain, as if they were specially for some huge creature to live in.

A tall and beautiful western woman in a snow-white dress stood in front of the black mountain.

Her name was Suzanne Margaret, Lord Title — Dragon Lady!

She was once a famous international movie star on the Cerulean Planet!

At the age of 21, she acted as the female lead in "The Epic Tales of the Dragon Lady" and became famous because of her outstanding acting skills.

After arriving at the High Continent, she had even awakened the Epic-Tier Lord Talent—Dragonblood Queen, not knowing if it was fate or coincidence!

She could use the wyvern nest behind her to summon a wyvern every three days to become her subordinate!

The wyverns were born with Green Bronze-Tier level. Their strength could be said to be pretty strong!

Therefore, the monsters around her territory had been cleared by the wyverns she summoned in the past two days.

She had also encountered other Foreign Race Lords. However, she could not do anything to them because the other party had the Novice Lord Protection Barrier.

"Lord of The Blazing Sun…"

"How did he kill a Foreign Race Lord?"

"What's his Lord Talent?"

"Could it be that he's like me, able to summon non-human combat strength with his Lord Talent? What are his soldiers? Elves? Fairies? Giants? Titans? Demons?"

In Susanna's opinion, he definitely had non-human combat strength and knew how to avoid the Protective Barrier to deal with a Foreign Race Lord so quickly.

Otherwise, how could he do something that even she could not do now?

Human soldiers?

She knew how weak the human soldiers were. It was extremely difficult for them to even walk out of the Protective Barrier, how could they attack a Foreign Race Lord?

However, she would never have thought that the Lord of The Blazing Sun did use the human soldiers - with more numbers she had expected - that she looked down on the most to win this fight.

"I have to think of a way to kill the Foreign Race Lord too. Otherwise, all the limelight will go to this Lord of The Blazing Sun." Susanna had extremely strong ambitions for the position of Overlord even though she was a woman.

In another place, the eerie aura of undead filled an entire cemetery.

In a grave at the center of the cemetery lay a pale young man.

His name was Zhang Han, Lord Title: The Undead Lord!

His Lord Talent was an Epic-Tier Lord Talent—Undead Resurrection!

It could ignore strength and realm and transform the dead into his undead servants for him to control, with his mental strength as its own limitation!

However, his mental talent was also extremely powerful as an Epic-Tier Lord, 10 times that of an ordinary necromancer!

He was now at the Black Iron-Tier Intermediate Grade but he could already control 50 Black Iron-Tier Elementary Grade Undeads or 10 Black Iron-Tier Intermediate Grade Undeads!

This number would continue to increase as his strength increased!

At this moment, he was also looking at the World Channel with a strange smile on his face.

"Lord of The Blazing Sun…"


"Become stronger. You better become a hell lot stronger!"

"One day, my undead army will officially descend on the entire High Continent!"

You Lords would be too weak to deal with them."

"One fine day! You will become a member of my undead army and I will step on that supreme throne!"


Zhang Han's eyes suddenly turned into two burning dark green undead flames.

Zhou Zhou naturally did not know that many extremely talented Lords were already targeting him.

Even if he knew… He probably wouldn't be afraid.

Instead, he might say excitedly, Let's see if I can drop all of your Lord Talents in the future!

At this moment, he was looking at the golden treasure chest that had appeared out of thin air in front of him.

[Supreme Treasure Chest: A reward personally given by the Supreme Will. Only the Lord can open it. It can allow the Lord to obtain the treasure he wants the most!]

"So this is the Supreme Treasure Chest?" Zhou Zhou wanted to open it immediately to see what was inside.

However, he temporarily dismissed this thought when he thought about his current environment.

"Send this treasure chest back to my Lord's wooden house later." Zhou Zhou said to the five Sword Shield Soldiers.

"Yes, my Lord!" The five of them chimed in unison respectfully.

Zhou Zhou nodded.

Then, he opened the Reputation Ranking. A virtual golden ranking appeared in front of him.

He looked it over.

No. 1: Lord of The Blazing Sun - Reputation Rating: 1!

No. 2: None

No. 3: None

No. 100: None

He was the only Lord on the list.

"What's the use of this Reputation Rating?"

Zhou Zhou was curious.

A line of golden text suddenly appeared as soon as he finished speaking.

[Novice Lord Hint: Reputation Rating represents the Lord's reputation on the Higher Continent! A Lord with Reputation Rating will definitely obtain the loyalty of a talented creature from the Higher Continent on the next day. Moreover, there will be a higher chance of success when recruiting talents in the future!]

"Hey this Reputation Rating is not bad!" Zhou Zhou's eyes lit up.

Then, he looked at the territory token he had just obtained.

[Treasure Name: Territory Token]

[Treasure Grade: Black Iron-Tier Elementary Grade]

[Treasure Effect: The identity and authority of the Lord can be used to level up the territory and some special uses.]

[Treasure Description: The most precious treasure of the Lord.]

"I can go back and upgrade the Lord's wooden house." Zhou Zhou said before he put it away.

After that, he searched the house for a while and walked out of the Lord's wooden house after confirming that there was nothing else of good worth.

He looked around and came to the Gate of Summoning that had lost its light.

[Gate of Summoning: Effect Lost.]

What a pity.

It seemed that the buildings in the territory would lose their effect with the death of their Lord.

The lone Lord's wooden house and the Gate of Summoning were the same.

"Then there's no need for me to occupy this territory." Zhou Zhou muttered to himself.

He couldn't possibly station troops here for an empty house, right?

At this moment, he saw Bai Yi walking towards him with a group of soldiers.

"My Lord, I just led my troops to kill five Caroran clansmen who returned and captured one alive." Bai Yi said respectfully.

Then, she waved her right hand.

Two Sword Shield Soldiers, who were detaining a Caroran clansman, walked in front of Zhou Zhou.

"My Lord. What are we gonna do with it?" Zhou Zhou said nothing.

He looked at this foreign race and knew that it only had the strength of a Black Iron-Tier Elementary Grade.

Zhou Zhou's eyes suddenly flashed.

Mental Perception!

The Caroran clansman's body suddenly stiffened as it looked at Zhou Zhou in disbelief. Then, its eyes lost their luster.

Zhou Zhou closed his eyes and re-opened them after some time.

"This is the last Potts City Subject. Kill it." Zhou Zhou said calmly.

Through his mental perception, he vaguely sensed that all its companions were dead.

Since that was the case, there was no need to keep it.

"Yes!" Bai Yi brought people to deal with it.

After that, Zhou Zhou and the others didn't stay any longer and led everyone and the loot back to Blazing Sun City.

In the Lord's wooden house of the Blazing Sun City, Zhou Zhou looked at the Supreme Treasure Chest in his hand.

"Let's see what's inside!" He was filled with anticipation.

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