44 Collecting Aurora Crystals! Human Lord!

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"It's a hidden mission?"

Zhou Zhou clicked his tongue in wonder.

In other words, were there ordinary missions too?

Moreover, the rewards for this White Platinum-Tier Elementary Grade hidden mission were rich enough.

Zhou Zhou was a little envious.

"Fish Spring Town…"

"That name sounds familiar."

Zhou Zhou pondered.

A moment later.

He suddenly reacted.

He remembered seeing this Fish Spring Town in Wu Tu's skill list. He had also drawn a regional map of Fish Spring Town.

"Wu Tu might know where the Fish Spring Town is!"

"I can ask him when he comes back."

Zhou Zhou thought.

In the time that followed…

Zhou Zhou was not idle.

He began to try to obtain missions from his other subjects after knowing the existence of the mission.

In the end, he only received an ordinary mission after busying himself for the entire morning.


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