19 Bai Yi's Advancement! Poison Crossbow Soldier's Skill!

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Zhou Zhou's gaze landed almost immediately on the final loot.

"Poison Crossbow Soldier Class Change Certificate!?" He immediately became excited.

A new soldier type!

"Where did you find these Black-Tailed Fog Scorpions?" Zhou Zhou looked at Bai Yi.

"We encountered this monster in the opposite direction of the Desert Fog Lizard leader, about 20 to 30 kilometers away."

"We were looking for the Desert Fog Lizard to hunt when two Black-Tailed Fog Scorpions suddenly emerged from the ground and wanted to attack us."

"Fortunately, we're wearing military equipment so these two Black-Tailed Fog Scorpions were unable to break through our armor defenses. We ganged up on them and killed them. We encountered the other three later."

"After that, we were worried that the corpse would dissipate, so we came back." Bai Yi said.

Zhou Zhou nodded. He squatted down and placed his right hand on the corpse of a Black-Tailed Fog Scorpion.

Seeing the Lord's action, everyone immediately stuck their heads out and looked over with anticipation.

Here it comes!

The Lord's Big Golden Hand!

A text notification appeared the next moment.


This Black-tailed Fog Scorpion immediately turned into a large number of loot and scattered on the ground!

Everyone's eyes widened.

Even though it was not the first time they had seen such a scene, they still felt shocked and envious every time they saw it.

"My Lord must be a man blessed by the Goddess of Fortune!"

"I've decided that I must pray to my Lord 10 times in my heart whenever I go on an expedition in the future. This way, I will definitely turn misfortune into fortune no matter the danger I encounter!"

"In the future, I have to pray to my Lord when I go on blind dates. This way, I will definitely meet a good wife in the future."

The soldiers discussed in low voices.

Zhou Zhou also looked at items in the loot with the exception of Mist Cores and the Black-Tailed Fog Scorpion's flesh.

[Material Name: Black-Tailed Fog Scorpion's Poison Sac]

[Material Level: Black Iron-Tier Elementary Grade]

[Material Description: It contains about 1 kg of Black-Tailed Fog Scorpion biotoxin. It can be applied to weapons or used to make related potions.]

[Potion Name: Antidote]

[Potion Grade: Black Iron-Tier Elementary Grade]

[Potion Effect: After consumption, a small portion of the poison in the poisoned person's body can be removed.]

[Potion Description: Basic Antidote, a necessary antidote against poisons.]

[Item Name: Poison Crossbow Soldier Class Change Certificate]

[Item Level: Gradeless]

[Item Effect: Beginner Soldier Class Change Tool! After using it, you can become a Beginner Soldier Class - Poison Crossbow Soldier! You will also have a set of Black Iron-Tier Elementary Grade equipment, three years of combat experience as a Poison Crossbow soldier, and the initial strength of Black Iron-Tier Elementary Grade.]

[Item Description: Beginner Soldier Profession Change Certificate! Possess more combat methods and stronger combat potential than Basic Soldiers.]

"Beginner soldiers? A troop type stronger than a basic troop type?!" Zhou Zhou was delighted.

At this moment, a line of golden text suddenly appeared.

[Novice Lord Hint: The quality of conventional soldiers is divided into: Basic, Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced, Special, Kingdom, Empire, Divine Kingdom, High/Scarlet!]

Zhou Zhou noted down the quality of these soldiers.

Then, he extracted the loot from the remaining four Black-tailed Fog Scorpion corpses and obtained four Poison Crossbow Soldier Class Change Certificates.

"It's a pity I don't have anyone free now. Otherwise, I can change their class and see what's special about this Poison Crossbow Soldier."

At this moment, a light flashed across Zhou Zhou's mind. He immediately looked at Bai Yi, causing her to shiver.

"Bai Yi, come with me."

Zhou Zhou thought for a few seconds and said to Bai Yi.

"Yes, my Lord!" Bai Yi still said respectfully even though she did not know what the Lord wanted to do with her. She followed Zhou Zhou to a corner.

"I have a beginner Poison Crossbow Soldier Class Change Certificate here. Can you use it?" Zhou Zhou asked directly.

"I can! As long as the types of soldiers are not too different, soldiers of different levels can be converted and upgraded. There's not much difference between archers and poison crossbowmen. I can definitely use it!" Bai Yi said in surprise.

"Use it then." Zhou Zhou handed the Poison Crossbow Soldier Class Change Certificate to Bai Yi.

Bai Yi took it and used it in front of Zhou Zhou without hesitation.

A green light enveloped Bai Yi.

A moment later, the green light disappeared.

A brand new Bai Yi stood in front of Zhou Zhou. Her gaze was sharp and her face was heroic.

She was wearing light green military equipment, carrying a green crossbow and 20 green arrows on her back. She had a short knife and a venom bottle hanging from her waist.

There was an indescribable sense of danger just by looking at her.

A line of text appeared. Your subject Bai Yi's loyalty has increased to 100. She has become your dead loyal subject!

[Subject: Bai Yi]

[Territory: Blazing Sun City]

[Soldier Name: Poison Crossbow Soldier]

[Strength Level: Black Iron-Tier Advance Grade]

[Ability Overview: Stayed with a female hunter when she was young. Joined the army and became an archer when she grew up. She's good at archery. Later, she joined Blazing Sun City and served the Lord of Blazing Sun City. She was promoted to a beginner soldier type— Poison Crossbow Soldier as a reward from the Lord of The Blazing Sun.]

[Skills: Black Iron-Tier Advance Grade Archery Skill, Black Iron-Tier Intermediate Grade Trap Arrangement, Black Iron-Tier Advance Grade Crossbow, Black Iron-Tier Advance Grade Charged Shot, Black Iron-Tier Advance Grade Poison Making, Black Iron-Tier Advance Grade Poison Distinguishing, Black Iron-Tier Advance Grade Detoxification Knowledge.]

[Loyalty: Dead Loyal]

[Potential: White Silver-Tier Intermediate Grade]

Zhou Zhou looked at her skill list and could not help but click his tongue.

A Poison Crossbowman Class Advancement Certificate actually gave her five Black Iron-Tier Advance Grade skills!

Beginner soldiers were already so strong, how much stronger would the higher level soldiers be?

"Thank you, my Lord, for promoting my profession!" Bai Yi immediately said gratefully, feeling her change.

"You don't have to be so polite with me. You can have these two items too."

He took out another White Platinum-Tier Advance Grade Racial Talent Sphere and a Mental Manipulation skill book.

These were from the loot extracted from the five subjects of Potts City.

Zhou Zhou told Bai Yi what these two things were.

When Bai Yi understood what they were, she was so grateful that she did not know what to say.

If the previous Poison Crossbow Soldier Class Change Certificate allowed her to grasp even stronger combat power…

These two items were almost equivalent to her breaking through her White Silver-Tier Intermediate Grade aptitude!

It gave her a brighter future!

Zhou Zhou was also very satisfied with her reaction.

Originally, he did not plan to reward these two things easily.

However, it was different for loyal citizens like Bai Yi. The dead loyal citizens would never betray him! She was someone he could truly entrust his back to!

Zhou Zhou was naturally at ease to allow such a subordinate to become stronger!

"Bring it back and digest it."

"There's a tough fight waiting for you tonight." Zhou Zhou said in a low voice.

"Yes, my Lord!" Bai Yi replied.

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