14 Full Strength

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Netherworld Soul Scythe!

It was a very special exclusive skill.

Summoning the scythe to attack could increase Lu Yan's attack strength. Most importantly, half of the attack strength would affect the soul, forming a soul attack.

It had to be known that no matter what creature it was, the defense of the soul was the weakest. It was the same even for a necromancer who played with souls.

50% of his strength would affect the soul and cause soul damage. It could basically be said to ignore true defense damage.

Moreover, after the Netherworld Soul Scythe was upgraded to level ten, it could also transform into a physical state and become an exclusive equipment. At that time, it would not be limited by the cooldown time and duration of the skill.

The most terrifying thing was the last description.

Consuming a soul crystal could double the effect of the Netherworld Soul Scythe!

In other words, using a soul crystal could increase the attack power of the Netherworld Scythe by 60%, and the soul damage would also reach 100%.

It basically meant that any attack that landed on the enemy would also land on the other party's soul.

Of course, this was useless against undead creatures with 0 intelligence. After all, they did not have souls.

However, be it the skeleton captain or the undead knights rushing over, they were all high level undead with souls and would suffer the soul attack of the Netherworld Soul Scythe.

Looking at the hundred or so undead knights rushing towards him, Lu Yan's thoughts raced. Then, he made a decision.

Undead Netherworld Armor!

As this epic skill was used, undead power circulated beside Lu Yan, forming a pitch-black armor that emitted the aura of the undead that enveloped Lu Yan.

[Undead Netherworld Armor (level 3): Summon the undead power to form a Netherworld Armor around one's body that can resist any damage. Current resistance value: 35. Duration: 10 minutes. Cooldown time: 5 hours.]

The Undead Netherworld Armor on Lu Yan's body slowly circulated, emitting a dense aura that seemed to be able to block all attacks.

Lu Yan also checked the attributes of these undead knights.

[Undead Knight]

[Level: 9]

[Strength: 38, Physique: 33, Agility: 35, Intelligence: 8]

[Skill: Sprint: Rapid Charge. As your movement speed increases, your attack power will increase. Your movement speed will also be 20% faster.]

The agility of the undead knights in front was very high, reaching 35. Their mobility was very high, and their strength was also very powerful, reaching 38.

As expected of the nightmare level university entrance examination, just these attributes were enough to make most candidates despair.

Moreover, nearly a hundred undead knights were charging together.

Basically, none of the candidates could stop such an attack.

There was also the skill sprint. If these undead knights' movement speed reached the peak, it was equivalent to their strength increasing to about 45. This was already a very terrifying number for the candidates.

Coupled with a 33 level physique, these undead knights were simply nightmares to the candidates.

How could he easily pass the nightmare level assessment?

Unfortunately, Lu Yan had the talent skill, Undead intimidation, which reduced the attack and defense of all undead creatures by half.

Coupled with the Undead Netherworld Armor, Lu Yan was completely unscathed when facing these undead Death Knights.

At the same time, Lu Yan's strength had reached a terrifying 43, and he could cause a lot of damage to these undead knights.

However, it was not enough!

The Undead Netherworld Armor only lasted for ten minutes. According to the previous university entrance examination, the assessment was divided into four areas.

Lu Yan was already in the third area. As long as he passed these undead knights, he would be able to see the final boss.

Without the Undead Netherworld Armor, the chances of Lu Yan clearing the level were relatively low.

Therefore, Lu Yan had to directly clear the level within the duration of the Undead Netherworld Armor!

In other words, he needed to clear the level in ten minutes!

There was only one way to do this.

He would use his strongest attack state to forcefully push through!

Without hesitation, Lu Yan directly used the Netherworld Soul Scythe.

Waves of undead power appeared in Lu Yan's palm and he began to summon the Netherworld Soul Scythe.

At the same time, Lu Yan felt that his mental strength was being greatly consumed.

It seemed that summoning the Netherworld Soul Scythe consumed mental strength.

The pitch-black Netherworld Soul Scythe slowly appeared in Lu Yan's hand. It was like a death god's scythe. The blade was long and curved perfectly with the hilt.

Lu Yan grabbed the hilt of the Netherworld Soul Scythe and bent his body slightly. Then, he suddenly rushed out.

He took the initiative to welcome the undead knights as he charged forward!

Leaping up, Lu Yan directly arrived in midair. The undead knights that rushed over directly raised their white bone spears and pierced towards Lu Yan.

Lu Yan did not care. He raised the Netherworld Soul Scythe in his hand and drew a complete arc around him.

As if it was cutting tofu, the Netherworld Scythe slashed across the necks of the surrounding undead knights and instantly cut off their already rotten flesh, making them lose their heads!

The white bone spears also pierced in front of Lu Yan and landed on the Undead Netherworld Armor.

A crisp sound sounded. Lu Yan was hit by these white bone spears but was not injured at all.

[Soul Fragment (60/100)]

Looking at the progress of the collection of soul fragments, the Netherworld Scythe in Lu Yan's hand slashed forward again. An undead knight and its undead horse were directly slashed into two.


Screams sounded. This was the pain in the depths of the undead knights' souls, making them unable to help but scream.

At this moment, Lu Yan was like a battle god. He ignored the surrounding undead knights' attacks and kept waving the Netherworld Scythe in his hand, harvesting the lives and souls of the surrounding undead knights.

"Damn! Is this guy a human? How can he be so powerful?"

"Isn't this too exaggerated? There has to be a limit to ferocity, right? I know that you're powerful, but tell me what's going on with this defense? He didn't even dodge and directly resisted."

"Ridiculous! This is too damn ridiculous. Are you telling me that this is a necromancer? Even if it's a warrior that focused completely on his defense, it's impossible for him to be unscathed under the impact of that undead knight, right? Those are nightmare level undead knights!"

"Damn, I've long said that this guy is a hacker. If you don't believe me, investigate strictly! We have to investigate strictly! How can we let him cheat?"

All the students on the field instantly exploded when they saw Lu Yan's actions. Although Lu Yan's performance just now was very ridiculous, wasn't this too ridiculous?

What was that black armor? All the attacks had been completely blocked by that armor.

Didn't they say that one could only wear wooden armor for the university entrance examination? What was going on?

It was one thing for a necromancer to have such high attack power, but the defense he displayed now was actually so powerful!

Could it be that this Lu Yan was really a hacker?

However, no one had ever heard of anyone cheating in the university entrance examination. The examiners were also aware of everything going on in the secret realm. It was simply impossible for them to cheat.

However, before all the teachers and students in the field could digest Lu Yan's current performance, Lu Yan in the secret realm made a new move.

[Soul Fragment (100/100)]

After killing many undead knights, Lu Yan gathered a lot of soul fragments and fused them with a soul crystal.

Lu Yan did not hesitate and directly used this newly fused soul crystal.

Consuming a soul crystal could double the effect of the Netherworld Soul Scythe, but the duration would decrease by a minute.

The aura of the Netherworld Soul Scythe instantly soared. A pitch-black Netherworld flame directly appeared on the Netherworld Soul Scythe and covered the entire saber.


Lu Yan suddenly took a step and rushed towards the remaining undead knights in front of him with the strengthened Netherworld Soul Scythe.

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