61 Entering the Secret Realm and Building the First Station of the Undead Army

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The resources sent by the school were two boxes, one big and one small. Lu Yan directly brought them to House 2.

After entering the house, Lu Yan directly opened the two boxes. There were a total of ten essence tonics inside, as well as five physique enhancement pills, five agility enhancement pills, and five intelligence enhancement pills.

Other than that, there was nothing else.

The rewards given by the school were mostly credits. After all, credits could be exchanged for any resources in the school's treasure vault as long as one had enough of them.

Lu Yan consumed the fifteen enhancement pills.

[Strength: 77]

[Physique: 102]

[Agility: 67]

[Intelligence: 143]

After consuming the enhancement pill, Lu Yan's physique, agility, and intelligence increased by 5 points. Lu Yan also directly used the ten essence tonics and added them all to his agility.


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