1 Transfer Ceremony, Activating the One-Click Assist System

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He had crossed over!

Green Spirit City High School, Year Three Class (3).

In the back row of the class, Lu Benwei looked at the familiar high school form teacher, Mr. Yuan, and the surrounding students with mixed emotions.

A second ago, Lu Benwei, who had just regained consciousness, realized that he had been reborn. He had returned to high school.

Soon, his mind flooded with unfamiliar memories.

Through his memories, he knew that he had not been reborn, but had transmigrated to another parallel world.

The history and development of this world were extremely similar to Earth in his previous life.

The only difference was that 23 years ago, this world was invaded by dungeons from an unknown origin.

Countless powerful monsters surged out of the dungeons, causing great damage to human society.

Fortunately, at the same time, some humans obtained the opportunity to awaken and had powerful abilities to resist the invasion of monsters.

Moreover, after awakening to a certain extent, one could even undergo a Class Advancement or even a Second Awakening and become an existence that guarded an area and was respected by everyone!

Such people were called hunters! They were people who specialized in hunting monsters!

Becoming a hunter was the highest honor in the world.

Through countless experiences of blood and tears, experts who specialized in this area discovered that the best age for humans to awaken was between 17 and 19 years old. The chances of awakening successfully at this age were the highest.

Therefore, after nine years of basic education, the education roadmap of all high schools centered around how to become an excellent hunter.

After three years, the school would hold an awakening ceremony for the students. After the awakening was successful, the final assessment would be carried out. Only by passing the assessment could the students be accepted by the major hunter schools and continue to study and grow into stronger hunters.

At this moment, it was time for the awakening ritual.

"Wang Qiang, awakening successful. Archer-type archery. Congratulations!"

"Next, Zhou Yan."

"Zhou Yan, awaken…"

Spittle flew from the homeroom teacher on the podium.

On the desk in front of him was a fist-sized crystal ball.

As he recited the names, the students in the class walked to the podium one after another and placed their hands on the crystal ball.

Then, some were happy while others were sad. The rest of the students who were not called waited nervously.

"Next, Lu Benwei."

Just as he digested the information in his mind, he heard Mr. Yuan calling his name.

Lu Benwei hurried to the podium. After Mr. Yuan nodded for him to begin, he placed his hand on the crystal ball on the podium.

"What class will I awaken to?"

Looking at the crystal ball in front of him, Lu Benwei was filled with curiosity and anticipation.

This crystal ball was called the Origin Ball. It could detect if a person had the qualifications to awaken. At the same time, it would bestow two initial skills according to individual factors.

It could be considered as giving him a direction for his Class Advancement in the future to prevent him from going astray after successfully awakening.

Awakening took a little time. Lu Benwei waited quietly.

Meanwhile, the students below the stage were discussing.

"What class do you think Lu Benwei will awaken?"

"It's hard to say. After all, awakening is completely random. However, Lu Benwei has always been the top student in the school for the past three years. He must be from a relatively strong class."

"Aren't you contradicting yourself? What does awakening a class have to do with theoretical results? A good result can only help him grow faster in the future, right?"

"Anyway, he gets first place every year. There's nothing to say about that, right? I believe that he can do well in any class!"

"That might not be the case. If he awakens a support class, he'll be at a disadvantage if no one brings him along to level up."

"That's right. The two initial skills obtained during the awakening are too important. They directly determine the future career path. Skill books are expensive and rare. It's impossible to take the path of other professions…"

Just as everyone was discussing what class Lu Benwei would awaken, Lu Benwei felt as if a stream of energy had flowed into his body from the Origin Ball. Then, he heard Mr. Yuan announce his success.

"Lu Benwei, awakening successful…"

However, when he announced the class, Mr. Yuan paused for a moment and looked at Lu Benwei with a complicated expression. Then, he announced in a very disappointed tone, "Support healer type."

"Huh? How come he's a supporter?"

"Oh my god, our school's genius, Lu Benwei, who gets full marks in every exam, is actually in the support class?"

"That's so unexpected. All I can say is that a good theory isn't as good as a good awakening?"

"Well, what a shame…"

"Haha, I'm dying of laughter. Lu Benwei usually thinks that he's the top student in the school and doesn't like anyone. Now, he has actually awakened the most useless support class, and it's a healing type. Isn't this pure karma?"


Before Lu Benwei could react, the students below had already started discussing.

After receiving his memories of this world, Lu Benwei knew that his class was not very popular.

Not welcomed among ordinary people, to be precise.

Support-type classes had low damage and low defense in the early stages, so they were very useful.

Supporters in charge of controlling directions would help a little more. 

Healers were less popular because their healing might not be as high as the recovery rate of certain classes with self-recovery.

In the early stages, everyone's combat strength was not very high. Basically, no one was willing to bring a useless supporter to fight monsters together.

This made it especially difficult for supporters to level up, and it was even more annoying to not have a high-level supporter.

All in all, it was an endless loop.

"I didn't expect that I, a transmigrator, would awaken a support class with the protagonist's script. Furthermore, it's the most unpopular healing type."

Lu Benwei was more or less disappointed with the results of his awakening, but he only muttered to himself and did not show it.

Calmly, he returned to his seat.

[Ding! One-click support system successfully activated!]

[Detected that the host has successfully awakened. The two initial skills have been upgraded to the highest quality!]

[The Beginner's Gift Bag has been issued. Congratulations to the host for obtaining a ten-fold gain buff (experience, drop rate, and gold coins). The duration of the buff is: Permanent.]

[The system will issue missions at intervals according to the host's situation. If you complete the mission, you'll receive a generous reward.]

As soon as he sat down, a mechanical voice suddenly sounded in his mind. Lu Benwei was stunned.

Immediately, he was overjoyed!


A bookworm of ten years, Lu Benwei was familiar with the system.

This was practically a standard transmigrator cheat.

With the system, would he be able to take off now?

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