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Global Descent into the Crypt World: A Divine-Level Decomposer

Fire Hole

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FIRST! Okay, time to be serious, the plot is a carbon copy of 'Digging to Survive: I can see Hints'. But in all fairness, I have read half a chapter so far (and reviewed right away to get first...) and I have to say, it's very well written and thought out. The characters are quite dynamic so far and not a lot of terribly cheesy cliches have been spotted as of yet. Last point. The MC and (presumably) FL are pretty cool. (I hope this isn't another filler trial read like 'MMORPG: Blessed God of War' and 'Killer: I can shapeshift infinitely' that are basically a better copycat of their worse counterparts...)

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People will say that it is a copy of 'digging to sirvival: I can see hints' . But I would say that 'digging to survival' would be addition while this is multiplication. Addition is simple and it works, while multiplication is more complex and has more to it. 'Digging to survival' laid the foundation while this added to it create something. This has a form of a plot while 'digging to survival' is basically a power fantasy, both are good. I'll continue reading both hopefully this will be continued after trial reads.😁😁


Umm.. MC's a Mega Simp.. Battles are bad.. Time is Inconsistent.. All I've Learnt is that.. CEO's = Winner.. 1 Person cannot Beat 1000+ in this Power System.. MC.. no matter what he can do.. CEO's have 500+ People to give him Power.. MC sees a great Path but, hesitates to choose a weak Path.. Can Divinate his Future!! but, Only checks 1 Cave at a time!? Can Literally Become OP with Divination.. The Power to see Multiple Futures.. Test people's Loyalty, Directions to Power/Resources, Enemies Locations, Plan for Perfect Outcomes.. Can Learn How to do Anything --> His Futures can learn the Mistakes so his Present will Only have the Best Results.. (Future Versions Cultivates 1,000,000,000 Faulty Methods for Present Version to Get TOP 1000 Perfect Methods for Free)


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yeap as many say it's a copy of the other novel where author added some new elements to the og simple and good novel made it worse here this one has all the urban Chinese novel cliches Villain : 1 own boss✔️ 2 rich young master ✔️ 3 wants FL Probably Face slapping and the rest of BS like Lackeies braking useless showoff✔️ MC portraying as intelligent yet brain dead✔️ the only new thing is mc as cheats yet loses to villain making more hateful to read last major point after I read any chapter of digging for survival i feel refreshed but when it comes to this novel I only feel hateful and frustrated hence it's a no go for me


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Ok I can honestly say that this novel really isn't a rip off of "Digging to survive i can see hints". Because honestly this novel is way better in all ways compared to "Digging to survive i can see hints". I have read "Digging to survive i can see hints" up to chapter 50 while I have read this novel up to chapter 20 so far I can see many similarly between them both but I can confidently say that "Digging to survive i can see hints" is like a complete knock off version of this novel in my opinion compared to this novel. I don't know if its just me but between the two stories I feel that there is more human interaction in this novel compared to "Digging to survive i can see hints" also there stakes are higher in this novel comparatively being that we actually learn there are groups of people competing for resources while we get to know about these groups unlike how in "Digging to survive i can see hints" it just says there are groups and we don't actually get any information about any group. There's also this leader board thing that we learn about in chapter 19 I think which I feel helps to have a clear goal for the moment in th book because in "Digging to survive i can see hints" I feel there isn't real comprehensive goal besides surviving.


This may be an unpopular opinion but Digging to survive: I can see hints which has atleast 98% world similarities is much better than this. This one lacks in several aspects such as character behaviour (the people are already digging and have formed alliances with over 100 members in just chapter 7 when they should still be considering the situation and holding out on digging for atleast 2 - 3 days) and the story pacing itself is haphazard when compared to digging to survive. This is a book where the MC has OP characteristics but isn't very OP in comparison. I admit I'm comparing too much but it's always better to read a better version, no matter what.


Another copy-paste novel not sure whether i should read this or not.......🤔


A trash version of Digging to Survive: I can see Hints. ........................................................................................................


The fact that the story doesn't start with the MC winning the lottery is what's kept me going past the first chapter. [img=exp][img=exp][img=exp][img=exp][img=exp][img=exp][img=exp][img=exp][img=exp][img=exp]


I will only compare this book to that 'Digging to survive' novel.(read 25 chapters) Simple answer: THIS IS BETTER. Long answer: Story has more world building, power system, with more side characters/potential antagonists. Better translation quality. First two chapters talks about the background of the characters and their relationships with each other(mostly business relations). In summary, the two novels have the same setting, same cheat(somewhat), and same plot decisions(trading and digging parts) but this is better executed and not monotonous as the other one. It even has better writing quality when describing battles.


Average but Ok Novel just read this by lowering your IQ ................................................................. ... ...........


Full story is on MTL. 190 chapters. It’s a good story, but many parts are just a bit too rushed. And like most light novels I’ve read, the ending is incredibly rushed.


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hope this gets picked heh


Reveal spoiler


it is not a carbon copy of "Diging to survive I can see hints". But it does have a similar setup. And I can tell you that it currently holds much more potential than it and it is a lot more interesting to read.