1 Transmigration of the Entire World, Survival in the Land of Zombies!

Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

Player: Lin Ye

Items: Newbie Gift Pack

Territory: Graveyard Level 1 (100 square meters)

Resources: None

Lin Ye was stunned when he saw the message appear suddenly in front of him.

What was this?

A moment ago, he was still on his way to work, but the next moment, everyone on the streets seemed to have an immobilization spell casted on them. Then, he was taken away by white beams of light that appeared out of nowhere.

After losing consciousness, he woke up to this unfamiliar place.

He looked around and realized that he was in a deserted graveyard.

There were tombstones everywhere.

Looking up at the sky, the weather was gloomy and dark clouds loomed above. The entire world looked like an ink painting that had been tainted by a gray dye.

Stretching far.

In the distance was a dark forest, and behind him was an endless wasteland. A place filled with misery and loneliness…

From time to time, there would be cold eerie winds blowing in the air, mixed with the roars of beasts and the smell of blood, making people shudder.

"What crazy place is this? Could I have transmigrated?"

Lin Ye mumbled. As an online novel enthusiast, he was very familiar with such scenes.

As the saying goes, the young know no fear.

Not only was he not afraid, he even felt a little excited.

"Where's the system? Where's my golden finger?"

Lin Ye searched around for a while.

Actually, there was nothing worth looking for. Two meters away, there was a sandalwood treasure chest and a book.

[Civilization Archive: The continuation of civilization, the advancement of technology, everything you want is here. Please get blueprints as soon as possible and build your territory.]

[Sandalwood Treasure Chest: Newbie Gift Pack. Open it to obtain your own starting weapon.]

"A real game?"

Looking at the illusory words, Lin Ye raised his eyebrows.

He continued to flip open to the front page.

[Welcome to the Global Zombie Survival Game. As you can see, everyone is trapped in graveyards surrounded by billions of zombies.]

[Survival is your only goal. Try your best to survive. Please remember the following points.]

[With that, I wish everyone a good game!]

"Global Zombie Survival? Billions of zombies?!!!"

Lin Ye gaped and had a bad premonition. "That means that Dad and Mom might have been caught too. I wonder how they are now."

Beep, Beep----

At this moment, a page of the Civilization Archive lit up and caught Lin Ye's attention.

"Communication page?"

Turning to that page, Lin Ye raised an eyebrow.

What greeted his eyes were three different menus.

World Channel [Automatic Translation. Limited to sending one message per day.]

Regional Channel [Communication within the country. Unlimited chat.]

Family Channel [Communication with your family. Unlimited chat.]

The world channel was flashing with the most notifications.

Lin Ye clicked on it and saw the chatbox instantly explode, soaring to 999+ notifications.

[Zhao Zekun: What's going on? I was showering and suddenly appeared in this gloomy graveyard. Please tell me loudly that this is a prank?]

[Chris: It's too costly to have a prank done to this level. This should be a real game created by aliens.]

[Jack: Hahaha, I'm so excited. It's a survival game. Friend above me, I'm from Country Beautiful. Shall we explore together?]

[Marun: Go to hell, it's too dangerous outside. I just sneaked out and there are zombies everywhere!]

[Jin Taishan: F*ck, is this a real-life version of Left 4 Dead?]


"Zombies are getting closer to the graveyard."

From the bits and pieces of information, Lin Ye finally saw something useful.

Frowning slightly, he crept to the entrance of the graveyard and looked at the darkness outside.

As expected, a dozen hideous faces could be vaguely seen wandering near the graveyard.

His heart was palpitating as he tiptoed back.

At this time, more and more people discovered the existence of zombies. The entire world channel was also ignited by the topic of 'zombies'.

[Daijiang: It's real. I saw it too. Everyone, be careful. Once you leave the graveyard, you will be attacked by zombies.]

[Senze: Sobs, what should I do? I've been bitten by a zombie. It hurts. Am I going to die?]

[Lewis: It's best to open the Newbie Gift Pack before going out since it will provide weapons and food. My weapon is an axe!]

[Adel: My weapon is a dagger. It's so short, how can I kill zombies with this!]

[Kennedy: Everyone, don't you think that this is an alien conspiracy?]

[Jimmy: Conspiracy, my ass. If you can waste time thinking about that, you should worry about how to survive. The supply only has two pieces of bread which will last for a day at most.]

[Jeff: F*ck, the game producers are forcing us to fight the zombies outside!]

[Katyusha: Mom, I want to go home. This place is too scary, I'm scared!]


There were too many people from different countries in the World Channel, but most of them were useless information.

Some were delighted, some complained, some were fearful, some were suspicious…

There were all kinds of people.

The same went for the Regional Channel.

Lin Ye read on for a while. The initial excitement gradually died down and his heart became heavy.

He wondered how many people would survive in this world.

He sighed, and his gaze finally fell on the Family Channel. He hurriedly left a message. "Dad, Mom, Lin Wei, this is Beibei. Reply as soon as you see this."

Beibei was his nickname, and only his family knew it.

After a few seconds, his father Lin Jianguo, replied.

"Beibei, you transmigrated as well? I don't know about your mother and sister's situation. I've sent them quite a few messages, but they have yet to reply."

Lin Ye's heart thumped when he heard this.

If it was just his younger sister, it would not be a problem.

Although his sister was a girl, she was better at fighting than him. She was the provincial champion for boxing. When she was schooling, she was the school bully. No one had ever dared to bully her.

But it was a different story for his mother. His mother's health was not good to begin with, so this kind of survival game would be disastrous for her.

Looking at his father's anxious message, he consoled him. "Dad, don't be anxious. In the early stages of the game, there are protection mechanisms for new players. As long as Mom doesn't run around recklessly, she shouldn't be in any danger for the time being. Mom doesn't use smartphones usually so she probably hasn't figured out the Civilization Archive as well. Or Mom might have been lucky and did not transmigrate at all."

"I hope so. Be careful. Eat from the Newbie Gift Pack sparingly and keep an eye out for the others. Don't go to kill zombies when you're hot-headed. Don't worry about Dad. It's not a problem for your old man to fight a few zombies alone…"

After a quick chat and closing the chat page, Lin Ye's mood became heavy.

Mom's situation was unclear. Dad was old. His younger sister was pretty…

Those were potential risk factors.

"I have to figure out the survival technique for this game as soon as possible. The gaming zones are divided according to countries. Only by walking out will I have a chance to find Mom and the rest."

Lin Ye clenched his fist.

[Ding. Player's luck has been measured. Handsomeness rating, frequency of spiritual poweress… You have the potential to surpass billions of people. Innate talent has been randomly awakened at the beginning.]

[Ding… Congratulations Survivor Lin Ye! You have awakened a godly talent—100xReward!]

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