100xReward: Desert Eagle!

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Lin Ye was so surprised he almost jumped up.

System, a golden finger?

He didn't hear anyone getting this 'talent' from the chat channels.

This was the legendary treatment of a protagonist!

It's happening!

"Calm down, you are a man who will become the king!"

Lin Ye looked calm and gentle. Then, he happily clicked on the 100xReward notification.

[Godly Talent: 100xReward. Any reward you get will increase by a hundredfold. Unique attribute.]

Very good. Powerful.

"Let me try opening the Newbie Gift Pack. I wonder what weapon I will get!"

There were a lot of complaints about the weapons being trash in the chat channels. Lin Ye looked forward to his new weapon.

With 100xReward, it should not be too bad.

He took a deep breath and slowly walked to the sandalwood treasure chest. He opened it excitedly.

As expected, the moment he opened the treasure chest, he received a notification from the system.

[Discovered Newbie Gift Pack. You have obtained a white basic Beginner Weapon—Axe!

[Living Supplies: Two pieces of bread and three bottles of water!]

With 100xReward, you can choose between:

1) 100 axes, 200 loaves of bread, 300 bottles of water

2) a Desert Eagle, 2 500g packets of beef, 3 liters of Red Bull


Lin Ye stared at it, stunned by the information.


You can choose from it?

There was such a thing?

Mm, a very human-like operating system.

Lin Ye was satisfied.

His gaze landed on 100xReward's options.

The first option was to give a reward hundred folds the amount.

The second type was for the quantity to remain the same while enhancing the quality of rewards. There was a lot of space for interpretation.

If it was a normal survival game, he might have chosen the first option. Although 100 axes were useless, it would ensure that there would be enough bread and water.

For the lack of resources in the early stages, a large amount of bread and water was the best choice for survival.

But it was different now. His parents and sister were more or less in danger. It was fine if he did not have this talent, but now that he had the potential of a protagonist, he had to take a gamble.

A bicycle might be able to turn into a motorcycle.

Without any hesitation, Lin Ye chose option two.

A flash of light and the axe, bread, and water in the Newbie Gift Pack disappeared.

In its place was a silver black pistol, two packets of beef, and twelve cans of Red Bull.

Lin Ye's finger touched the pistol and a notification came.

[Desert Eagle: Purple Advanced Equipment. Attack Power 100. Complimentary 100 bullets at the start. Recoil reduced by 60%. Hint: Sound of the gunshot will alert zombies within 200 meters.]

[Note: Bullets need to be manufactured in the Armory. Collect blueprints of bullets to craft it.]

"It can actually give purple advanced equipment."

Lin Ye was overjoyed. He had just taken a look at the equipment evaluation from the Civilization Archive.

The equipment in this world had different colors - white, blue, purple, silver, gold, green, cyan, black, and red.

The ranks were Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced, Supreme, Dark Gold, Legendary, Epic, Ancient, and Primordial (corresponding to Level 1-9).

Desert Eagle was a Class 3 Purple Tier weapon that was already considered quite good to start the game with. He didn't see how the miserable Survivors who had to use daggers to stab the zombies complained loudly in the World Channel.

"A gun for a cannon. Time to kill the zombies."

Lin Ye was tempted. He picked up the Desert Eagle and moved to the entrance of the graveyard.

According to the important tip from the Civilization Archive, killing a zombie would trigger a novice quest. Upon completion, they would receive starting funds.

This might be difficult for others, but for him, how could it be difficult?

Soon, his eyes lit up when he discovered a silly zombie approaching.

Lin Ye raised his gun, took aim, and pulled the trigger, aiming at the zombie's head.


A loud gunshot rang out, and blood burst out from the zombie's shoulder.


"Ah, I missed it!" Lin Ye grinned.

This was not entirely a game. It was his first time using a gun. Although the recoil was reduced, his hands were still numb from the shock.

The worst part was that the gunshots were so loud that they alerted all the zombies within 200 meters.

One by one, they charged forward furiously.


Lin Ye cursed under his breath.

Fortunately, there was a newbie protection mechanism in the graveyard. While he attacked from within, the zombies were unable to harm him for the time being.

Looking at the zombies who had their mouths wide open at the graveyard's entrance, Lin Ye felt a little scared at first. However, after familiarizing himself with them for a while, he ceased being afraid.

Mustering his courage, he aimed his gun at a zombie's head.


The bullet cut through the air. This time, its course was accurate and instantly hit the zombie at its temple.

[Headshot -100HP!]

The zombie fell to the ground and died.

"Congratulations, you have successfully killed your first zombie and unlocked the novice quest."

"Novice Quest: Kill 10 zombies. Reward: Beginner Zombie Converter. Current Progress: 1/10"

[Zombie Converter: Range limited to within the territory.]

[Beginner Effect: Souls of the Beginner Zombies killed in the territory will automatically be absorbed and converted into Zombie Souls]

[Zombie Soul is the currency of exchange in this world. It can be exchanged for food, water, weapons, wood, and stone materials using the Civilization Archive.]

"Alright, this damn system is indeed forcing people to kill zombies."

Lin Ye cursed.

This meant that if his parents wanted to live, the level of danger would increase again.

He took a deep breath. His priority now was to get stronger before he could consider anything else.

After clearing his thoughts, he turned his attention to the zombies again.

According to the two shots he made, the maximum HP of an ordinary zombie should be 100, and its Defense should be around 10.

If he didn't get a headshot, the zombie might require two shots to kill.

And now, after the gunshots, all the zombies within 200 meters were alerted.

He laid down at the entrance and counted. There were about 45 of them. If he wanted to use his bullets sparingly, he would have to kill each zombie within two shots.

For a short time, it was safe within a radius of two hundred meters.

Since he had decided on his next actions, Lin Ye stood within the graveyard and made use of the newbie protection mechanism to shoot at the zombies outside.

He raised his gun, aimed, and fired continuously.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

His luck was pretty good. He successfully killed nine zombies with sixteen bullets.

"Congratulations on completing the novice quest. Reward: Beginner Zombie Converter."

With 100xReward, you can choose between:

1) 100 Beginner Converter (An Ordinary Converter, one zombie corpse will require 10 minutes to convert)

2) Enhanced to Advanced Converter. Can be used to convert zombies which are Intermediate-level and below. The conversion efficiency is increased by three times (3 minutes).

"The most important thing now is efficiency!"

Lin Ye immediately chose option two.