Chapter 5 Parents Call_1

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After a series of trials, Ye Feng finally began to add points.

However, aiding the Gingko Tree cost him 6 Spirit Points, and healing his own body took another 20 Spirit Points.

In the end, to maintain his body's condition, he infused another 10 Spirit Points.

After all that effort, the original 50 Spirit Points dwindled down to only 14.

But discovering that Spiritual Energy had so many wonderful uses, he didn't feel the loss too painfully.

Mainly, being able to "collect" every hour gave him greater confidence.

The 14 Spirit Points were quickly used up, and the length of his roots increased by another 2.8 meters.

It's worth mentioning that Ye Feng found as he broke through to Mid Stage First Order, the speed of root growth during points addition had also increased significantly.

Whereas it took one minute to complete points addition before, now it had shortened to 50 seconds.

This meant that in the future, he wouldn't have to spend a lot of time on adding points.

This was undoubtedly good news.

Because as his territory expanded, the amount of Spirit Points was sure to increase.

If the speed of adding points remained unchanged, there might well come a time when the collection speed of Spirit Points surpassed their consumption.

Of course, that was a beautiful vision, but for now, it was essential to develop steadily.

With an increase of 2.8 meters in root length, his territory naturally expanded. So, he first carried out a round of harvesting, clearing away weeds, and devouring any insects that had strayed into his territory.

Having done all this, he finally began to rest and sleep.

Of course, as a tree, he didn't actually need to sleep now.

However, Ye Feng wanted to retain some human habits.

Mainly because he no longer cared for the occasional ant passing by.

Rather than wait foolishly, better to sleep and harvest a wave of Spiritual Energy every hour.

The night passed in this tranquil atmosphere.

The next day, at 6 a.m.

Ye Feng glanced at his system panel, and his root length had reached 70 meters.

At the same time, Evolution Points had reached their maximum value, allowing for another evolution.

This time, Ye Feng chose to strengthen the strength attribute of his roots.

After 5 minutes, the evolution was complete.

He successfully broke through to Late Stage First Order.

Now, his Tree Body had reached a height of 20 meters, which was considered tall in this valley.

The width of his Tree Body was also 1 meter.

But most importantly, his root length had reached a full 80 meters.

With the current range of his territory, the Spiritual Energy harvested per hour had reached 18 points.

Plus, with his current Tree Body height, he could absorb another 2 points of Spiritual Energy per hour.

Without doing anything, he could gain 20 Spirit Points in an hour.

But what was even more important...

He extended a root and gave a strong whip on the ground, immediately leaving a clear mark on it.

Then he controlled another root, approaching a nearby bush, chose a shorter Juniper, and with force, he lifted it slowly from the soil.

"At this point, my root's pulling strength should reach about 30 pounds," Ye Feng was quite satisfied.

Considering this referred to the strength of a single root, hundreds of roots working together could even move an object weighing over 3000 pounds.

"With my current strength, I could even hunt some animals that are not too large," Ye Feng thought.

At this moment, he thought of that Mutated Wild Boar, the size of a small car.

"I must not get ahead of myself. That Mutated Wild Boar is at least Second Stage, or even Third Order. I cannot be reckless," Ye Feng warned himself silently.

He must remain cautious now because others, if unable to fight, could flee.

But he could not run.

Of course, the other plans could still be implemented.

Such as weaving a network of roots to trap birds.

With his current strength, as long as he could bind them, there were hardly any birds that could break free.

Now that his Main root had reached 80 meters and the lateral roots were about 64 meters, the range he could hunt within was quite broad.

After all, 64 meters was equivalent to the height of a 21-story building.

By then the sky had gradually lightened, and Ye Feng saw birds starting to come out to forage in the distance.

However, what he first encountered was not any bird but Mutated Bats.

First came a bat flying by, closely followed by a flock of bats swooping in.

At this moment, Ye Feng had already set aside his bird hunting plan. After all, he wasn't picky, any mutated being would do.

Watching the large group of bats glide through the low sky, Ye Feng quickly used tree roots to weave a giant net, 5 meters wide.

He then concealed this huge net within the dense foliage at the treetop.

When the flock of bats soared over the treetop, the giant net enveloped them instantly.

But bats are naturally agile, and now, after mutation, not only had their size increased but their speed was beyond comparison to before.

At the moment they sensed danger, they turned into streaks of black shadows.

Hundreds of bats scattered in a flash.

Their flying speed was simply too fast for Ye Feng's tree roots to match.

However, his sneak attack had placed the tree net hidden right above them, very close to the bats.

Plus, with the net spanning 5 meters wide, it was indeed large enough that not all of the hundreds of bats could escape, and in the end, two were caught.

These mutated bats, when spreading their wings, had a wingspan of half a meter each, and each flap could generate a tremendous force.

They had also evolved sharp fangs and claws. The tree roots they attacked quickly bore slash marks.

Watching this scene unfold, Ye Feng couldn't help but feel alarmed. If he hadn't broken through to the Late Stage First Order, becoming stronger, he estimated that the struggle of just these two bats could have torn apart his tree net.

But now, since they couldn't break free in the first instance, the tree net swiftly tightened, and they had no chance anymore.

This huge tree net was woven by Ye Feng using 50 tree roots, and the combined strength of all the roots could exert a force of 1500 jin.

Crack! Crack!

As the tree net constricted, the sounds of bones breaking emitted from the two mutated bats.

Next was the time to Devour.

Together, the two mutated bats provided Ye Feng with a total of 50 Spirit Points.

"Hunting really does bring in a high income!" Ye Feng couldn't help but remark as he looked at the Spirit Point count on his system panel.

With just two more bats, he would have enough Spirit Points to evolve again.

However, it seemed that after mutation, not only had the animals' bodies become stronger, but they also appeared to have become smarter.

The bats that had dispersed didn't dare to approach any closer, and they also surrounded Ye Feng, emitting shrill cries.

This directly led to no other bats, or even avian creatures coming near his location.

"Dammit, they're even trying to sicken me now," Ye Feng cursed to himself, but he didn't have a better plan.

He could only continue to lie low and develop.

Fortunately, hunting was just an additional source of growth; harvesting the Spiritual Energy of plants was his mainstay.

He began silently adding points. With 50 Spirit Points, he could extend his tree roots another 10 meters and had additionally accumulated 5 Evolution Points.

In just over two more hours, he would be able to evolve once more.

Ye Feng adjusted his plans internally.

It was then that the sudden ringing of a phone startled him out of his tree body.

He looked down, eyeing the body that lay as if in deep slumber, and after a brief silence, he extended a tree root to fetch a mobile phone from the pocket.

The caller ID clearly displayed the words 'Mother'.

Looking at the screen, Ye Feng felt a twinge of sorrow.

According to the mission plan he received before, if all went well, he would have been able to return that very evening.

Now it was already the second morning, and he guessed that the school must have assumed they were sacrifices and notified his parents.

Ye Feng just watched silently as the phone, not able to speak even if he had answered the call, which was pointless.

Even if he could talk, he hadn't yet decided on a good excuse to give.

Following that, his parents made several more consecutive calls, and the school also called once.

But Ye Feng could only silently watch.

"Just give me some more time, I can go back eventually," Ye Feng assured himself firmly.

He wasn't too worried about his parents' situation at the moment.

Before carrying out the mission, the research institution had allocated funds, and he had already transferred 100,000 yuan to his parents' account.

Moreover, according to the agreement signed with the insurance company, as long as they were missing for three days, an accidental insurance compensation of 1 million yuan would be deposited into his parents' account.

After waiting for another fifteen minutes.

Once the phone calls ceased, Ye Feng, controlling the phone with his roots, entered the password to unlock it, then immediately went online to check the news.

As expected, on Yang City's news, there were reports regarding their squad.


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