7 Your Name Is Xu Chu?

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When he arrived, he found a man and a tiger confronting each other.

The tiger lowered its body slightly and growled continuously. The person opposite it was a burly man.

His arms were as thick as an ordinary person's thighs, his arms were big, and his waist was round. His entire body emitted a ferocious aura.

"Good God."

When Mei Changge first saw this person, he could not help but sigh in his heart. This person was definitely a fierce general in ancient times.

"Dumb Insect, come!"

The burly man stretched out his hand and hooked his finger at the tiger, looking like he was going to give it his all.


The tiger had never been bullied like this before. It was definitely provoking him. With a low roar, it pounced forward.

Two tiger claws clawed at the burly man's head.

The burly man did not panic. He reached out and grabbed the tiger's leg. He exerted strength from his waist and threw the tiger out.


The tiger was directly smashed into the tree trunk, and many fallen leaves fell.

"What great strength."

Mei Changge could not help but sigh. The burly man in front of him was obviously born with divine strength, and this was because he had never cultivated before.

If he stepped into cultivation, he might be able to easily step into the Innate realm.


At this moment, the burly man's gaze was fierce as he looked directly at Mei Changge.

Mei Changge did not hide himself at all, so it was naturally easy for him to be noticed.

"I heard a beast roar and came to take a look."

Mei Changge sheathed his sword, indicating that he meant no harm.

"Are you a Ranger?"

The burly man looked at Mei Changge's attire and could not help but ask. However, his attention was still on the tiger.

Mei Changge pointed at the tiger that was crawling up from the ground and said, "Why don't you deal with that tiger first and we can talk later?"


When the burly man heard Mei Changge's words, he did not hesitate and strode towards the tiger.

One punch.

Two punches.

Three punches.

After three punches, the tiger was killed by the burly man.

"Are you a Ranger?"

The burly man looked at the tiger that was no longer breathing and asked Mei Changge.

Mei Changge shook his head. "No."

"By the way, is there a town nearby? And where is this place?"

"There aren't many towns nearby. There's only one manor nearby. As for this place, it belongs to Qiao County."

The burly man replied simply. Then, he picked up the tiger and prepared to leave.

"Qiao County?"

For some reason, Mei Changge found it familiar, as if he had heard it somewhere before.

"If you want to go to a nearby village, follow me."

The burly man carried the tiger and turned around to look at Mei Changge.

Judging from Mei Changge's appearance, he should not be a bad person. He was dressed like a ranger, but he had the temperament of a scholar.

The burly man was still willing to help scholars.

"Thanks a lot."

When Mei Changge heard this, he could not help but smile.

"By the way, my name is Xu Chu. What about you?"

When Mei Changge heard Xu Chu's words, he could not help but stop in his tracks with a surprised expression on his face.

"Wait, you said your name is Xu Chu?"

"Yeah, have you heard my name before?"

Xu Chu turned around and looked at Mei Changge with a puzzled expression. Although he, Xu Chu, was born with divine strength, he should not be famous.

After all, he had been living in the Xu family all these years and had never come into contact with outsiders.

"Do you have a brother named Xu Ding?"

Mei Changge asked again.

"That's right."

Hearing Xu Chu's answer, Mei Changge already had an answer in his heart.

That's right, the Xu Chu in front of him should be the Tiger Freak from the Three Kingdoms period.

Mei Changge did not expect that there would be someone from the Three Kingdoms Period in this stargate.

Most importantly, in the history of the Great Xia Kingdom, there was no Three Kingdoms period.

"According to the records of the stargates in the academy, it's not impossible."

Mei Changge had a vague guess. Everything was possible in the stargates, and the Three Kingdoms period might not be the only one. Perhaps he might even meet the First Emperor of Qin in the future.

Mei Changge followed Xu Chu all the way to the Xu Manor, and they chatted quite a bit along the way.

For example, the crack in the sky or something else.

Only then did Mei Changge realize that this world was not the complete Three Kingdoms.

Or rather, a fragment of the Three Kingdoms World.

As for the cracks in the sky, Xu Chu said that since some time ago, there had been many more cracks in the sky.

Moreover, various colors of light descended from the sky.

Mei Changge guessed that the light should be a rare treasure, but it was distributed in this broken world.

"Brother Mei, why don't you come to my house to eat tiger meat tonight and tell me about martial arts?"

On the way, Mei Changge not only asked for some information, but also told Xu Chu about martial arts. As expected, Xu Chu was very interested in martial arts.

"I'd like that."

Mei Changge nodded. It just so happened that he was also planning to ask about some rare treasures.

After all, after the treasure fell from the sky, it was unknown where it was hidden. Xu Chu was from this world, so he might know more.

Most importantly, it was Xu Chu.

He was a tiger fanatic.

The captain of the guards.

There might be a chance to bring him out of the stargates.

After all, with a Blessed Land, he still needed to nurture some subordinates.

At that time, the first lesson of the Python-Dragon class had ended. After returning, Mei Changge had also learned some general knowledge about the Blessed Land.

For example, nurturing soldiers, building some cities in the Blessed Land, and so on.

Of course, Mei Changge did not forget the characteristics of his Blessed Land.

Heart of Myriad Lotus.

Unfortunately, herbs like lotus flowers were a little expensive. Otherwise, he would have planted some in the Blessed Land long ago.

It couldn't be helped. He was still a poor man.

He wondered if he would have a chance to make a fortune after entering the stargates this time.

That night, Mei Changge and Xu Chu roasted the tiger meat together. It was indeed a different feeling.

Most importantly, Mei Changge learned from Xu Chu that there was a rare treasure that fell from the sky not far from the Xu Manor.

As for the Blessed Stone, he had never seen it before.

Early in the morning the next day, a series of shouts came from outside the manor.

"Oh no, something happened."

Xu Chu's expression was solemn as he quickly walked out. Mei Changge also walked out of another room in Xu Chu's house.

Outside the manor, dozens of strange figures appeared. Their upper bodies were human, but their lower bodies actually had a few black legs, and there were barbs flickering with black light at their tails.

It looked like a combination of a scorpion and a human.

"This is a foreign race?"

When Mei Changge arrived, he also had a solemn expression on his face.

Logically speaking, this world belonged to the fragment of the Three Kingdoms World. There shouldn't be any foreign races.

"Brother Mei, do you know these monsters?"

Not far away, Xu Chu held a large saber in his hand. When he heard Mei Changge's words, he could not help but ask.

"Let's deal with them first."

As soon as Mei Changge finished speaking, he pulled out the long sword at his waist. With a flash, he appeared in front of a scorpion-tailed man.

The pure qi in his body was mobilized, and the sword light split apart, directly killing one at the waist.

"He's not very strong. He's probably at the first or second level of the Postnatal realm."

Surprise flashed across Mei Changge's eyes. He did not expect these scorpion-tailed people to be so weak.

In the distance, Xu Chu saw Mei Changge's actions with his own eyes. A look of surprise and passion flashed in his eyes.

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