Global Beast Taming: Awakening Top 10 SSS Talents at the Beginning

In the era of the Universal Beastmaster, demonic beasts rampage, but thankfully everyone in the human race can awaken their talents and enter contracts with beasts to resist them when they come of age. Some individuals awaken F-ranked talents, doomed to a common life without any hope of beast evolution. Some awaken to C-ranked talents, their beasts are able to exert power beyond their own, becoming immensely strong. Others awaken to S-ranked talents, and with their beasts, become top-tier forces contributing to humanity's power. Struggling on his way across, Ye Feng began by awakening ten top-tier SSS-ranked talents, choosing his beast at will. [Eye of the Soul: Examine strengths and weaknesses of beasts while identifying their ultimate evolution path]. [Cultivation Reciprocation: Infusing cultivation base to the beast, the host gets an equal share, triggering a chance for a critical hit]. [Horrific Swallow: Beasts can permanently obtain the skills of the creatures they devour; weaker beings can be killed directly by devouring]. [Talent Plunder: Each time a life is taken, a random talent of the deceased is acquired]. ... Despite odds stacked against him, Ye Feng chose to forsake choosing a high-star beast, instead contracting with the Earth Ape King and cultivating it into a Great Saint Qi Tian. The mythical Great Saint Qi Tian, the world-embracing World Tree, the world-consuming Great Golden Sun Crow, and the Kun Peng which controls the way of space and force; This is an era exclusive to Ye Feng, where gods retreat, and all realms bow down.

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Chapter 12 Impossible, How Could It Be a Seven-Star Titan Giant Ape!_1

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If he didn't remember it wrongly, one of the two items needed for one of the three ultimate evolution paths of the Titan Giant Ape was the Supreme Gold Bone.

At this point, Ye Feng was suddenly excited!

It felt as if he had finally found what he was clumsily searching for. He had to participate in this peak competition, and not only participate, he had to win the championship!

On the other hand, seeing Ye Feng's excitement on the other side of the screen, Gao Wenwu's mood became even worse. He couldn't dampen Ye Feng's enthusiasm and tell him not to hold too high hopes for the championship, and that participation mattered more.

He just couldn't say those words.


Soon, news of the peak championship spread throughout the numerous cities of the Human World in three days.

And the officials of the major cities also started to build the competition venues after receiving the news.

Due to the help of strong individuals and Imperial Beasts, there wasn't much restriction on the preliminary competition venues. Most of the cities had set up the venues within five days.

Meanwhile, in Class 3 of the third year of Jiang City Senior High School, all students were gathered around Zhang Yang who had awakened A-level Talent.

"Brother Yang, I didn't expect your family to get you a Seven-Star Beast!"

"Yeah, Brother Yang, you are the real dark horse!"

"Brother Yang, you have to win the first place in our Jiang City's preliminary competition!"

"Yeah, even though Ye Feng has awakened an SSS-level talent, I heard that he only contracted with a Five-Star Beast."

"I can't understand why he would choose a Five-Star Beast over a Seven-Star Beast. He is really letting himself go."

Zhang Yang felt greatly satisfied with his vanity amidst everyone's praise. He didn't even know that his father was in fact the second young master of a major family in the Federation's Main City.

When his father reported Zhang Yang's A-level Talent to the family, they quickly arranged for him to choose from five Seven-Star Beasts.

Moreover, they said that they would use all the family resources to help him get into Star Academy in one month.

Zhang Yang, who was used to ordinary life, felt as if he was dreaming.

The feeling was like when you were preparing to ask for money from your parents for a house down payment, and your father suddenly gave you a fully paid villa the next moment. It felt utterly surreal.

"Well, even though Ye Feng only has a Five-Star Beast, his talent is an SSS-level God-tier Talent, which is much stronger than mine. I may not be able to beat him."

Although Zhang Yang was vainglorious, he remained humble on the surface.

In fact, his Seven-Star Beast had progressed to the Silver Realm under the help of his family. Therefore, he felt very confident about winning the first place in the Jiang City Preliminary Competition.

"It's your own fault for pretending to be more than you are, Ye Feng. I am claiming the first place," Zhang Yang's eyes flashed with a sharp light.


Time flew, and in the blink of an eye, a week later, all students who registered to participate in the peak championship gathered at the Jiang City Beast Square.

The previously empty Beast Square now had ten huge stages built. Each stage was no less than a kilometer square, and each had a referee chosen by the Jiang City officials.

Right in front of the stages was a tall grandstand. At the moment, all upper-level figures in Jiang City, including principals and administrative staff from various high schools, were seated.

Meanwhile, the participating students were drawing numbers under the orderly organization of the officials.

Each number was unique, and the numbers for the opposing sides were drawn by a machine in front of the stage.

"Ah, Gao, I heard that the God-tier genius of your school contracted with a Five-Star Earth Ape King? Such a pity, the City Lord had two Seven-Star Beasts for him to choose from!"

At this point, the principal of the Second Advanced Middle School, who was sitting to the right of Gao Wenwu, looked at Gao Wenwu and said with a faint smile.

"We have God-tier geniuses and senior talents. Your Second Advanced Middle School does not!"

Gao Wenwu didn't tolerate it and retorted immediately!

"See, Gao, you are not right. Principal Chen was just concerned about the God-tier genius in your school!"

The principal of the First Advanced School frowned and said, sitting to the right of the Second Advanced School.

"We have God-tier geniuses and senior talents. Your First Advanced Middle School does not!"

"You!!" The principal of the First Advanced School was so angry that his hands were trembling.

Gao Wenwu's words immediately silenced the two sardonic individuals!

No matter how far Ye Feng could go, he could not lose his momentum before these two old rivals. He needed to be tough.

On the other side, Ye Feng drew his number, sixteen, which was quite auspicious.

Because of the high threshold for participating in the peak championship, requiring D-level Talent to participate, there were only around a hundred students participating in the entire Jiang City.

Just then, two numbers appeared at one of the stage machines.

Thirty-two, sixteen!

Meanwhile, Ye Feng and another person came to the stage.


Zhao Wen, seeing Ye Feng standing opposite him, clenched his teeth in frustration!

Initially, he was the only student with B-level talent in the Second Advanced Middle School. He thought that he could make it into the top three in the preliminary competition this time, and if he was lucky, he could even compete for the first place.

But in the end, he had to confront Ye Feng, a famous God-tier genius in Jiang City, in the first round.

Meanwhile, on the grandstand, all upper-level figures of Jiang City, including the principals and administrative staff of various high schools, were looking at Ye Feng.

"Is this that Ye Feng who contracted with a Five-Star Beast?" The principal of the Second Advanced Middle School deliberately pronounced the word "Five-Star" in emphasis.

"What a pity!" The principal of the First Advanced Middle School slowly uttered four words.

"Those two sardonic bastards!" Gao Wenwu cursed internally, with a trace of iron-blue passing over his face.


The next moment, under the referee's signal, both of them summoned their respective beasts!


Instantly, there was a low rumble on the stage, making the entire stage vibrate slightly.

Even the students spectating beneath the stage could feel the vibration under their feet.

"What, that's not a Five-Star Earth Ape King!"

"Impossible, how can it be a Seven-Star Titan Giant Ape?"

The principals of the First and Second Advanced Schools shouted in surprise and stood up from their seats.