Global Beast Taming: Awakening Top 10 SSS Talents at the Beginning

In the era of the Universal Beastmaster, demonic beasts rampage, but thankfully everyone in the human race can awaken their talents and enter contracts with beasts to resist them when they come of age. Some individuals awaken F-ranked talents, doomed to a common life without any hope of beast evolution. Some awaken to C-ranked talents, their beasts are able to exert power beyond their own, becoming immensely strong. Others awaken to S-ranked talents, and with their beasts, become top-tier forces contributing to humanity's power. Struggling on his way across, Ye Feng began by awakening ten top-tier SSS-ranked talents, choosing his beast at will. [Eye of the Soul: Examine strengths and weaknesses of beasts while identifying their ultimate evolution path]. [Cultivation Reciprocation: Infusing cultivation base to the beast, the host gets an equal share, triggering a chance for a critical hit]. [Horrific Swallow: Beasts can permanently obtain the skills of the creatures they devour; weaker beings can be killed directly by devouring]. [Talent Plunder: Each time a life is taken, a random talent of the deceased is acquired]. ... Despite odds stacked against him, Ye Feng chose to forsake choosing a high-star beast, instead contracting with the Earth Ape King and cultivating it into a Great Saint Qi Tian. The mythical Great Saint Qi Tian, the world-embracing World Tree, the world-consuming Great Golden Sun Crow, and the Kun Peng which controls the way of space and force; This is an era exclusive to Ye Feng, where gods retreat, and all realms bow down.

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Chapter 10: Nine-star Titan Giant Ape, The Pinnacle Championship!

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"What, what did you say!"

"Say that again!"

"I said, the second God-tier genius of the Human Race has emerged in a Satellite City!" The figure said excitedly to the eleven figures present.

"Hahaha, heaven blesses our Human Race!"

"Phew~ My hands are all sweaty, just from that moment!"

Instantly, the mood of everyone present was lifted considerably, at least a God-tier genius had been born to the Human Race this year, and it had happened in a Satellite City.

If they remembered correctly, the last God-tier genius to emerge from a Satellite City had already become one of the top powerhouses of the Human Race.

"Given this, this year's apex championship competition must be held!"

"That's right, every peak championship competition in the past was held to allow God-tier talents to grow quickly."

"This year is a special case; we were originally going to push through with it, but who would have thought, this small Satellite City Jiang City gave us such a huge surprise!"

"Since the news came from Xuanyuan City, shall we set this year's championship competition finals to take place in Xuanyuan City?" The figure at the three o'clock direction proposed to the others.


"I concur!"


"Since it's settled, let's quickly spread the news to all the major cities of the Human Race!"

"In one week, preliminary contests will be held in each main city, base city, and Satellite City!"

"After two weeks, the winners of the preliminaries from the Satellite Cities, base cities, and main cities' districts will proceed to their respective base cities and main cities for the semi-finals!"

"In three weeks, the winners of the semi-finals will compete in Xuanyuan City for the finals, and the winner of the finals will be the champion of the apex championship competition!" declared the figure at the twelve o'clock direction, finalizing the plan.


In just an instant, the twelve figures in the room swiftly dispersed.


Meanwhile, Ye Feng, who was on the outskirts of Jiang City, had no idea that the news of his awakening of a God-tier talent had reached the ears of the Federation's upper echelons.

Moreover, the news of a competition that could only be held because of him spread quickly throughout all the major cities of the Federation.

All his attention was focused on himself and the Earth Ape King, or rather, on the evolved Titan Giant Ape.

[Name: Ye Feng]

[Level: Bronze (Level 9)]

[Talent: Eye of the Soul, Cultivation Reciprocation, Infinite Space, Holy Domain (restriction not lifted), No Escape (restriction not lifted), Horrific Swallow (restriction not lifted), Destiny (restriction not lifted), Beast Taming Fusion (restriction not lifted), Talent Plunder (restriction not lifted), Time and Space Dao (restriction not lifted)]

[Imperial Beast: Titan Giant Ape]

[Attributes: Earth, Fire]

[Potential Talent: ★★★★★★★★★]

[Cultivation Level: Level Nine Silver Realm]

[Skills: Infinite Gravity (10,000 times), Wall of Sighs, Elemental Armor, Strength Amplification, Titan Sky Cannon, Quicksand Burial, Heavenly Obstacle Star, Earth Spike Formation]

[Innate Talent Skill: World-covering Divine Dragon]

"The restriction on Infinite Space has been lifted!"

Ye Feng looked at his third talent. The ability to allow his beasts to grow their experience infinitely and return them to their perfect states, Infinite Space, was now usable.

It meant that in the future, he wouldn't need to store his Imperial Beasts in the Beast Tamer's Space but could instead keep them in Infinite Space.

Moreover, the Imperial Beasts in Infinite Space would have a significantly increased chance of evolving.

And to be honest, Ye Feng felt the biggest beneficiary of this event wasn't himself but the evolved Titan Giant Ape.

The latter's talent rank had not only improved by a whole four stars from the Earth Ape King, reaching a terrifying nine-star talent level, but all its skills had also undergone transformation and enhancement, along with the addition of several new skills.

The original Gravity Domain had evolved into Infinite Gravity.

Although presently, it could only exert gravity a maximum of 10,000 times greater, Ye Feng knew that all the Titan Giant Ape's skills could strengthen as its power increased.

Furthermore, the Strength Amplification skill had also improved greatly. If the original skill was able to increase strength by 1.5 times, the current skill could enhance it by a full 3 times.

The Rock Armor and Earth Spike had evolved into Elemental Armor and Earth Spike Formation too.

Besides these, the evolved Titan Giant Ape had gained four new skills and one Innate Talent Skill.

[Titan Sky Cannon: A skill of unmatched ferocity that combines gravity and strength, exploding through the fist, crushing everything!]

[Wall of Sighs: A massive wall created from Earth elements, capable of withstanding formidable attacks!]

[Quicksand Burial: The ground stomped by the Titan Ape instantly turns into endless quicksand, burying the enemy!]

[Heavenly Obstacle Star: Calls down meteors from beyond the domain to deliver fatal blows to the enemy!]

[World-covering Divine Dragon: The Titan Giant Ape summons a giant dragon composed of both Earth and Fire elements from beneath the ground to attack the enemy, proving to be the strongest attack among all skills!]

For a brief moment, Ye Feng was truly amazed by the skill panel of the Titan Giant Ape.

Having lived in this world for eighteen years, he was well-acquainted with the basic knowledge of Demonic Beasts and Beast Tamers.

In fact, according to Human Race research, it was possible for an Earth Ape King to evolve into a Titan Giant Ape.

But the evolved Titan Giant Ape's talent was supposed to be only seven to eight stars; there was no record of a Titan Giant Ape with nine-star talent.

And Innate Talent Skills were exclusive to Imperial Beasts with talents above nine stars.

This time, he achieved both his objectives. Seeing the sky darken, Ye Feng didn't stay any longer. He stored the Titan Giant Ape in Infinite Space and left the outskirts.


On the other hand, within the City Lord's Mansion of Jiang City, Zhou Wenlong, Gao Wenwu, and a host of high-ranking officials from Jiang City, who should have been elated, looked at the news before them with a mixture of complexity and vexation.