54 Boss Room!


Opening the boss room doors, a pungent wave of burning oil struck Ye Tian right in the face

Covered with all kinds of murals and drawings, what seemed to be a huge throne room was displayed in front of him

With torches held in golden chalices and a golden throne in front of him, it was obvious that this throne room was owned by someone wealthy 

And after taking a look at the throne, Te Tian knew his guess was spot on

At a huge height of about five meter tall, green skin and kinds of jewelry laced all over its body

A huge goblin was on his throne as he held a golden sword looking at Ye Tian who at just entered his domain with interest 

"Oh? A human?"

"How dare you break into this great one's throne room, could it be that you came here to die?"

Looking at Ye Tian who had just entered without any armour or weapons, the goblin couldn't help but ask in confusion 


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